How many still listen to CD's daily.

Just a pole to see how many folks still listen to CD's on a regular basis, and if so how often?
I do every day. Its basically all I use, other than some satellite. I'll always have one.
every week day in the office via headphone rig.
Every day.
50% vinyl, 50% CDs
Several daily.
Hi Tmsorosk,

every day (90% CDs - 10% vinyl).

I listen to my CDs, and SACDs, every time that i do my listening for pleasure which can vary from everyday to once a week. For work I have to use MP3s, iTunes, tracks sent in e-mails, and burned CDs, etc. I try to always avoid headphones. I think that next year will be the year that I assemble a server/database of High-res files and play thru my Esoteric K0-1 DAC.
Every day and loving it.
That is all I listen to since I happen to own close to 500.
me, every single day. I listen to LP's in the morning, CD's the rest of the day, except late at night I may put LP's on again.
Daily. I've gone full circle from CDs to an attempt at computer audio and couldn't be happier now that I'm back to CDs.

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I mostly listen to vinyl, but I do listen to CDs/SACDs daily. I prefer listening to CDs/SACDs while working out, and when listening late at night in the (likely) event I fall asleep while listening! Better to wake up to a CD player that has automatically stopped then a turntable that has been at the end of the LP for God knows how long . . .
Daily, along with sacd's as well!
2-3 hrs daily, mixed in w/SACDs
every day
split between my music server; and the actual silver discs; no vinyl for me at time...some high quality CD's sound better than my server; other times; especially on hi-res sources; the server does it better....
every day of every week of every year. it is to dumb and easy to use.
CD all day every day. Maybe once a week i will use LPs for several hours.
No other formats in my setup.
Another one split between music server and cds. The way it works for me is I'll listen to the server for a week or two and then switch back to cds. The switch to cds usually happens when I buy a bunch of new stuff. But generally listen to one or the other daily.
Cd every day
Mostly to my modified Squeeze Box Touch.
It's just so easy to pick several songs to relax to with having to get up to change disc's.
Have a CD-only sourced, like all the time...!
I listen every weekend, mostly all weekend, beginning Friday evenings. Squeezebox is regular background music when distracted; CDs are played every day; Vinyl is the real treat and is also played every day. I can't explain why, but I always feel better if the last session is done with vinyl, late into the evening, just before bed. Very satisfying.
CD every day, vinyl every week. Also lucky to have good NPR music station, so tuner every day too.
98%...Streaming...50/50 Pandora and my hard drive
1%....CD's........I own over 1,000 cd's
1%....Vinyl.......I own over 3,000 LP's

As you can see, I rarely use any original discs. But, I
will never get rid of my cd's or vinyl....just in case.
100% CD, Never sounded better..
CD/Vinyl split; both media spin each and every day.

CD is my only source, so daily.
CD 90% of the time, Streaming from internet 10%
About 60% vinyl: 40% CD these days. A little Pandora streaming now and then on weekend mornings (I like Steve Roach radio with coffee in the morning after being out the night before).
Every single day between 2-4 hours. It's my medicine.
60% CD/SACD/DVD-A/Blu-Ray, 20% vinyl, rest hard disc based
100% music server. At this point I do not have a CD transport/player installed in my rack. New music immediately goes on the server.
I do.
I listen to CD's every day, usually for several hours. I also play some record albums every week.
I listen to cd's daily...
Surprising poll results. I thought I was in the minority as someone who really enjoys a redbook based system.I`d assume most folks here would overwhelmingly use a computer/music server instead.CDs sound wonderful in my system and apparently many others feel the same.The vast majority of my jazz CDs sound 'very good' and some are simply excellent(can`t comment on pop and rock in redbook format,I`ve much less exposure).
With me, it is no longer an issue of whether my server sounds better than my cd player or not. Without question, my cd player sounds better, but, my server sounds excellent too. I listen to a lot more music via server because of its convenience. My cd's and vinyl will always be there whenever I get into my 'purist' moods....but for everyday listening, the server is where it's at for me and it sounds outstanding. The convenience is a godsend.
Me too
Most of my CD listening is done in my car .When I buy a CD,first thing that happens is it is downloaded into my computer.
When I am listening I only want to use the best source. The only place for a server is a party or if you are working and not able to sit in the sweet spot for more than a few minutes.
daily, in the car
Count me into the daily listener of CD's camp. I listen to CDs at work and at home. Sometimes in the car. Vinyl only at home. If I ever get a nice office I would listen to vinyl at work too.
When someone pays me for it
I usually alternate days of listening to vinyl and cds.
I listen to CDs every weeknight after work as they sound great and are very convenient. I have to do my evening chores and cook dinner etc. so cleaning LPs and jumping up every 20 minutes is too inconvenient. I play more vinyl on weekends when listening sessions are longer and less interruptive. I also work in Information Technology and have no desire to screw around with a server at home so no computer audio for me.
It's my only source at home. Daily, and many.
Interesting responses, I expected many more sarcastic answers from the vinyl groupies. I have to admit we still listen to vinyl when audiophile type friends are by. But most of the time it's CD, and as much for the sound as the convenience.
Interesting question. Unfortunately, for me it has probably been years since I listened to CD's daily. Way back in the good ol' days probably.

Just don't seem to have the time these days for daily listening. And when I do have free time there are other items besided listening to music seeking my attention. (Oh, how I miss "the good ol' days. (If they ever really existed.). And when I do listen, sometimes it's vinyl and sometimes it's CD's. And sometimes it's an IPod. And, unlike possibly others that are in one "camp" or the other, I really have no preference for vinyl vs. CD, or vice versa. Neither really sounds better to me, just different.

Probably a few times a week listening to all of the aforementioned.
I listen to cd/sacd's several times a week. No vinyl since I sold my LP12 20 years ago, which I don't regret. Use an iPod when working out several hours a week. Starting to look into getting a music server setup going, but just starting to look now.