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Single vs. Dual Subs
“Two or more subwoofers also help in reducing low-frequency distortion and offer improved dynamics over a single subwoofer. This is a simple function of having more radiating area, plus more power on tap.” I suspect that we all understand that big... 
An Objective Review of the Tekton Double Impact Speakers
This, “I am a sax player so I know better than the rest what audio gear should sound like” is utter bs.   
Uber expensive repair at United Radio
Considering that Classe went out of business at one point, I think you were fortunate to get it repaired at all. I go out of my way to buy US-made gear and prefer point to point design, in part because I want it to last and be repairable. Recently... 
Equalizer for hearing loss
If you eq your system to match your ears, every person who enters the room will hate it    I tried some very fine hearing aids, thinking of them as just one more amplification and eq component in my system.  The cost $6,000.  I don't use them n... 
Class D amps that are superior to all or most?
My D-sonic pascal-module amp will be nice to use in summer, sounds excellent on movies, but its sound quality isn’t comparable to a 16-tube Mesa Baron for music.  Less trouble, though. 
How do you know if you need to add a sub (without auditioning one, I mean)?
Which subs have high pass filter outputs that go to the speakers, to relieve them of reproducing very low frequencies?  I could see how that would reduce distortion.  An extra active crossover is too much cost and complexity for me. 
My conclusion: mid level $$ analog vs digital
Jeff,    I can't say exactly at what point my tt surpassed the cd. It was around the time I had a Muse model 2 dac and Pioneer elite cd (used only as transport) vs. Thorens TD-850 tt, Grado Statement cartridge, upgraded Rega arm.     The problem i... 
What Makes your System Special?
What makes it special: tubes.     I'd like more compact gear to replace the separates, as I age and move towards smaller living spaces, and newer gear, which could be more reliable.  But everything is a trade-off, and an integrated could not equal... 
Is it safe to use a higher amperage rating fuse?
@twoleftears thank you.  Littlefuse (or Buss) I trust, snake oil fuses not so much.  i tried expensive Furutech fuses in my amp, which kept blowing.  It seems to be a common experience with the expensive fuses of all brands, I can’t quite see why ... 
My conclusion: mid level $$ analog vs digital
my experience was that it took lots of $ before my analogue system equaled, then surpassed, the digital side.   
Ayre K-5xeMP vs. Electrocompaniet - EC 4.8 MK II, or others?
I have a Modwright 36.5, it’s great.  Tube preamps don’t require the attention power amps do.  Once you “hear” tubes, SS simply won’t do.   “Tube rush” refers to a faint “whooshing” sound, white noise, that you can hear if you turn the volume to m... 
I have been wanting to try using a tube amp.
Raven offers a home test period.   
Embarrassed....Audio furniture help
She hates your audio gear.Young women are indoctrinated with a minimalist aesthetic now.  Look at Architectural Digest: no rooms look like anyone ever lived there. What makes you think you will ever be allowed to listen in peace?  Have you heard t... 
Russian Tube Preamp, No Return, Here I go again
@ akg_cayou missed the humorous sarcasm.  Hilde45 knows very well those were American quotes 
Gave up my SET----looking for moderate to higher power replacement options
I got a D-Sonic to replace a Mesa Baron while it is under repair (blew a tube, etc.) and during the worst part of Houston summers (which run from about April through January.)  the D-sonic is very nice, lots of detail, virtually unlimited power, c...