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Counterfeit Chinese Cables
 I am a fan of Viborg's stuff.  They're not counterfeiting or taking anyone's IP, and it seems to be very fine.  I have their silver interconnects, and like them and will buy more, and their power plugs are as good or better than anything else on ... 
Roger Waters and Graham Nash on The Band.
@bdp24: Oh, come on.  You went to their show.  No one could hear the Beatles in concert, thanks to all the screaming girls.  It's why they quit playing live.   
The science of why we like — and dislike — certain music
This is why 12-tone, bebop and modern jazz are failed experiments which have only tiny audiences.  
what kind of power conditioner for front end?
Thanks for the suggestions!  
Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
I’m curious why the Atmasphere Cl D amps are so low powered, compared to many others.   Most D’s seem to claim fairly high power. I guess the switching power supplies are not so constrained by size and weight limitations.  I had a D-Sonic, based o... 
Recommendations for the best headphones with equalization after severe acoustic injury
I find headphones to be very isolating, and don’t like them at all.  If you want music listening yo be a social event, hearing aids is the only way to go.  they might help in the car too. btw, the Lyric is very expensive, but they are still analo... 
Recommendations for the best headphones with equalization after severe acoustic injury
your hearing loss is in the range where speech differentiation occurs, and mist of the midrange and low treble, so if you don’t have a pair yet, you will.  The best ones cost around $6k per pair, last time I checked.  My hearing aids have 4 eq cu... 
Class D Amplification Announcement
If any Class D amp is “good enough” for you, you’re lucky.  Not being able to hear the differences will save you lots of money.  Unless you buy an Aavik.   
What I really hate about some music
Bob Dylan,  Jerry Garcia and Lou Reed were terrible at singing, but it didn’t stop them from singing some great songs.  
New Dedicated Line - Almost No improvement
Be aware that large isolation transformers hum.  I got rid of mine for that reason alone - could not keep it in the listening room.  I understand that they may not be so objectionable if based on a toroid, but that those have other limitations.  
Rogers High Fidelity EHF 200 MK2
I really like my EHF 200 mk 2.  There’s a clarity to the sound that I’ve never had before. tried it with my tube preamp (a very fine Modwright LS 36.5); surprised to find I prefer using the Rogers’ attenuator, it was slightly quieter and had a be... 
Counterfeit Chinese Cables
This thread sure went off the rails, especially juan of the members.  There are some chinese cable companies that have their own branding.  They make some fine cables that are not priced as rip-offs (e.g. viborg, mps).  Buy  those if you’re worrie... 
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
Amazing how many answers were about planar speakers. They never sounded musical to me, kind of tinny. klipschorns with McIntosh amps, and Bose 901’s, woke me up to high end, around 1970.    i’s a pair of Phase Linear speakers from c. 1980 I miss... 
Simens EL34
I have 12 matched Siemens EL-34’s from Mesa Boogie that I used for a few hundred hours (for “special occasions”, that is, having friends over) plus 2 unused (spares) if you’re interested.  Sold that amp, no longer need them.      
Best resistors for use in phono stage?
"hoping to get a consensus opinion".  LOL.