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Canary Audio
I recently purchased the Canary 350 mono blocks.  I have had many amps and integrated one the last fifty years from Bat to Conrad Johnson to Pathi.  I would have to say that the Canarys are about the best I've owned.  I've also recently purchased ... 
Pathos Classic One MK3 versus McIntosh MA 252?
Have had the Pathi  monoblocked for several years now used with various speakers from sonus faber to magnepans.  Very musical  integrateds.  And a good buy generally.  I still recommend them.  Good luck. 
Marantz SA-11S1 SACD player not reading hybrid SACDs
I had the same problem about five years ago with my 11s1.  I had the laser replaced at a Marantz repair center outside of Chicago.   Its worked fine since.  Check with Marantz if there is a repair center near you or where could you send it to get ... 
SACD/CD player update
In answer to jafants question---I purchase my modded 8005 a little over a year ago.  I bought one of Dan's units from last year's axpona show.  He gave me a show discount.  As I said above, I've been very happy with the player. 
SACD/CD player update
I have Dan Wright's modded Marantz player also.  It's my second go around on a mod with Dan.  He does great work.  I'd certainly talk to him about a mod for your player before I moved on to another brand. 
How to bridge a Pathos Classic One
I have always used my Pathi as mono blocks.  There was a switch my dealer flipped to do it. The Manuel clearly tells you what to do.  When you turn the integrateds on you have to set the volume for each one. Just stand in the middle and use one of... 
Can anyone recommend a great tube preamp that also has a headphone out?
I've had a Manley 300 for a few years.  If your budget can handle it, it's a fine preamp. I just made my first audio purchase since the Manley and I'm pairing the Manley with nat mono blocks.  Like them together very much.  I looked at linear tube... 
SACD advice: is the Marantz SA-14S1 that much better than the SA8005?
Like Hifiman I have a tube modified 8005 from Dan Wright.   He's great to deal with and he does excellent work.  The tubes and separate power supply make a decent player so much better.  Get a good price on a 8005 and talk to Dan.  The player will... 
Since Dennis Had left Cary has the company built any new tube equipment?
Linn, I am using them with sonus faber Cremona ms now and they work fine.  I've also used them with Maggie's.  The amps have a four ohm switch and punch above their weight.  Of, course, i don't listen to rock or at very high levels.  I use EH el 3... 
Since Dennis Had left Cary has the company built any new tube equipment?
Linn, I have the AES amps.  I bought them used several years ago and have used them in various systems since.  I like them a lot.  In fact, I'm using them in my main system now.  They interact well with various speakers and are a good value. 
Pathos Classic One MKiII vs. my separates
Mensch, I'm very happy to hear you like your Pathos.  I really enjoy them monblocked, but my room is much larger.  I do know that two of them gives you power to spare and an even fuller sound. It all depends on what you need. 
Reference disc player...UDP 205 or Marantz?
Hifiman, you are correct, of course I am referring to the Marantz 8005. Old age is hell.  A good player made great by Dans mods.  For the money it plays beautiful music. 
Reference disc player...UDP 205 or Marantz?
I have been a Marantz person for years.  I have the sa11s1 and the 7s1.  Once the fuses were changed, they have been very musical and enjoyable players.  But its been years since I've changed my digital footprint.  And I' m too old for streaming, ... 
Pathos Classic One MKiII vs. my separates
I've had two pathi mono blocked for ten years and have been very happy with them.  In fact, I just received a new modded Marantz cd player from Dan Wright and have been listening all day to the player through the Pathi.  Great sound.  Good choice ... 
KJ, When I bought my sa11s1, the dealer suggested we change out the two primary fuses.  I readily agreed and he took care of it after I had it for a couple of weeks.  I could tell the difference right away.  I bought my sa7 used and the previous o...