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How good is MSB Discrete Dac?
thyname try the Bricasti M21 I think it will change your mind. 
Basis Audio Super Platter
Can the Basis Debut be upgraded to take this new platter? 
Machina Dynamica New Dark Matter CD and Blu Ray tray treatment?
Romy The Cat 
Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC
Steve I'm using J River DLNA like you through AQVOX SE to EN-70e and then to dac. How would you use Linn, Kinsky, bubble UPnP instead of J River with my PC and DAC? Thx Jeff 
Roon Vs JRIVER MC 24 sound quality comparison on PC to DAC
Everything was set up with J River as far as my music files. Can they easily be converted to Roon or would I have to start over. 
best preamps
Naim oy  
Oppo UDP-205 Availability
The Oppo Modright modded 105 beat the Play Back Designs MPD-5 dac which retailed for 15,000.00. It was not even close. So I still disagree with you that was a great player. 
Oppo UDP-205 Availability
I disagree. I use to own an Oppo 105 Modright modded player. It beat many higher priced dac's at that time.  
Audio Research VS110 Middle transformer gets very hot the 2 sides not so is this normal
I was told a long time ago that if the power transformer gets hot but the other transformers remain cool then it's a good tube amp design. 
Holo Audio Spring Dac, At last a Stereophile review and tests
I used it with the Singxer SU-1 and still didn't warm up to it. 
Holo Audio Spring Dac, At last a Stereophile review and tests
I had the level 3 
Holo Audio Spring Dac, At last a Stereophile review and tests
I had this dac and it was just mediocre at best. 
Home Theater Processor
I'm using the Oppo 205 through the Marantz 8802A. I don't know why, but 4K looks terrible compared to Blu ray. I may not have the settings right. 
Oppo Gone - Now What?
I’m surprised that oppo had only a few 205’s on hand. I would think they had 100’s. Why not make more. I was going to order one and didn’t think they had so few to begin with. Maybe I’ll sell the one I have now for 6 months  for 10,000.00. 
What 4K blu ray player to buy.
Oppo, of course, there is nothing better out there. Get them while you still can.