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Need Tube Preamp Warmth
Shindo Aurieges. 
Need recommendations on phono amp upgrade
+1 on the Nagra VPS which I own and like very much. There is a used on for sale right now on the Gon that is close to your budget limit.Another excellent choice would be one of the battery-powered offerings from Sutherland.Good Luck! 
Help with Turntable/arm/cart decision
The Well Tempered Amadeus/equivalent includes a phenomenal tonearm and costs in the low to mid $3K range. (Certainly I am hooked as I have three of them in various systems!) That leaves you with a significant amount of money to spend on many excel... 
TUBE AMP LOVERS - What SS amp makes you smile???
Ayre, SPEC, and Gamut. 
Most enjoyable speaker you heard under $800??
Mirror-imaged version of the Dahlquist DQ-10 (used). 
Luxman PD-441 Needs Service
Thanks, Dgarretson! I have really enjoyed my 441 and hope it can be saved. 
Luxman PD-441 Needs Service
Yes, all of the caps were replaced along with several other parts. The problem appeared to be corrected; the table ran at 33 and at 45 for hours-long periods without a hitch. Then the next day when the table was turned on and tested, the speed loc... 
Considering Upgrade to Shindo 753 Speakers, or ???
Mikirob - Thank you for the well wishes!Best Regards,Steven 
Considering Upgrade to Shindo 753 Speakers, or ???
Well, since I am not getting any replies to my question on this forum or on audioaficionado, I will change the question to approach an upgrade path in plan B mode. If I were to keep the Solovox speakers, what Shindo amplifier(s) would any of you c... 
Thinking about buying a different tube preamp...
A Shindo Aurieges could very well prevent you from thinking about a better preamp for a very long time. 
"Warm Sounding" Solid State Amplifiers
Another thumbs up for Bedini amps having a very tube-like sonic signature, but in my case, it is my Bedini 25/25. I have not had the pleasure of hearing a Bedini BA-801. 
Anyone audition Spec RSA M3 amp
Leicachamp - Thank you for posting the link! A most informative read. I am intrigued by this integrated amp, even though its power is on the low side. That said, my Verity Amadis could still be a good match with this amp. It would be very interest... 
Rec a 300B for Wavelength Cardinal Monoblocks
Abill - Thank you for your follow-up reply and tube characterization comments. At this point I want the best tubes regardless of the cost and so am leaning toward WE, but I also will do some research on all of the tubes recommended thus far, hopef... 
Rec a 300B for Wavelength Cardinal Monoblocks
Hi Charles - Thank you for your guidance on all of those tubes, many of which I knew nothing about. Completely agree that listening in my amp and in my system is the best way to go. Hopefully I can find "the tube" without too much $$$ lost to tria... 
Rec a 300B for Wavelength Cardinal Monoblocks
Abill - I'll bet your Trition Blue sounds wonderful with those WE 300B's. One of the options I am considering is the less costly 300B tubes made(?)/used by Line Magnetic in some of their amplifier offerings. If I understand correctly, the LM 300B ...