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Which higher end HDMI cable for new OLED TV?
Get the new DH Labs hdmi 2.1 and be set for the future and enjoy incredible sound and video now. I upgrade from the Silver Sonic last month on my Sony 940e and am highly impressed !  
AKM makes the best DACs
AKM all day ! I picked up a Gustard dac A18 when released which uses the 4499 and will be hanging on to it. feel in love with AKM through my last two Marantz pre/pro's which the latest 8805 caused me to drop plans to get an Oppo 205 but 203 and so... 
Parasound JC2-Bypass or Backert Labs Rhumba 1.3 or??? for Halo Jc5
@milpai  That's one killer setup you have there! I had wondered if you got to try a properly functioning JC2 but see you moved on, its great to hear the Rhumba works well with Parasound, did you need to set the gain on each a specific way or just... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
I was surprised when a few post back the mention of Sir John Barbrioli's Mahler as it was a series I planed to look into years back after a sample of the 4th from HD Tracks. I received a complete box set offered on Amazon at a great price and I'm ... 
Best sounding processor
@big_greg  I do you like the KI-Pearl SACD player, I've always wanted to take the plunge and now is looking like a good time but would need to put off my preamp venture I was going to try next.  
Classical Music for Aficionados
New to me but has been on my radar for a listen, Should have gotten to it sooner!  
Best sounding processor
^^^^ That wasn’t the 8805 series but the 8802 and after owing the last three Marantz pre/pro’s coming from Anthem pre/pro’s (No native DSD so said bye bye) The 8805 is more on the transparent side and no warmish but closer to neutral, it was tuned... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
Recommendation for Digital Coax
DH Labs D750 simply the best sounding coax I've heard, I've owned the D60 and yes it's a phenomenal cable but when it comes to musicality which is hard to do in the digital realm by nature the D750 is balanced from top to bottom  showcasing layer ... 
XLR cable with warmth without losing resolution
Warmth without sacrificing Dynamics and scale? Morrow Audio MA5 XLR's  
To extend Ethernet to remote location, are Powerline extenders or Mesh systems better?
I've been using the top of the line TP -Link powerline adapter for a few years now , it's noise free and flat out stable and reliable, it also sounds fantastic.  
@maxima95  Transparent and  top to bottom coherence is the direction I'm headed and any cable equipment etc.. I add needs to further that.  The fusions took away a tad to much spaciousness and resolution between notes and added to much bottom end... 
@lalitk I purchased the XLR's so the shell was at the amp end, I use a 70% rule these days for break in , I expect 70% out the box of what a product will sound like and after the first 100 hrs or so I expect swings fits etc..  The fusion's tilted ... 
How long are most letting the Fusion's burn in ? I have about 70hrs(counting the 40 from factory) Out the box they sound good but one cavet still present is the upper midrange bloom lacks in comparison to the upper highs and lower bass, the bass i... 
I need a Marantz (or Denon flavor) AV8805 GEEK!!! (HEOS through HDMI?)
No way to get Heos out of the 8805! I have an outboard dac that I plan to mate with a Blusound node 2 once usb is working on it , I currently use the XLR inputs form the Gustard dac to my 8805. I must say though if it were not for the Heos interfa...