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New Musical Fidelity M8 pre - anyone heard this
 Any M8 preamp users still around / I have one on order and curious about it's longevity and also does the M8 need to on for HT bypass? Really excited to hear it with my Parasound JC 5 amp.  
Cary Audio SLP-05 First Impression
Yes more time will be needed as others have said , usually bass shows up 3/4 to just about the end of burn in and highs and depth during the final stages.   hang in there and keep us posted!  
Cary Audio SLP-05 First Impression
How's the Cary doing?  Still living the tube dream?  
I do agree Morrow is a " Different Class of cables" I find them the one’s to beat with my setup.  
Furutech GTX-D NCF or Power Cord
@divertiti  No cover here as well just the outlet.  
Furutech GTX-D NCF or Power Cord
@divertiti  Sorry for the late response ! I also currently have in the same 4gang box the AQ Edison outlet which replaced an PS Audio premier . The AQ Edison is no slouch by any means and could easily live with it I give an edge to the NCF due to ... 
DH labs versus audio quest, HDMI
I've compared  Wire World AQ's Mocha and the DH labs silver sonic , the DH labs came out on top for both video and audio. I Recently got the newer hybrid optical hdmi and can't recommend it enough as I went back and replaced all the silver sonics ... 
Cary Audio SLP-05 First Impression
@xcool Thanks for that as I have a JC2 on order for my JC5 but the thought of a tube based preamp has been grabbing my attention lately ,your comments and others on the Cary slpo5 does give one a clear path to work my way up to. Thanks again !  
Cary Audio SLP-05 First Impression
Nice write up! Are you running the Cary with the JC5 and does the JC2/JC5 combo have the punch your hoping the Cary will have once settled in?  
Which Preamp with JC5? Rogue Audio RP-9 or Parasound JC2
Forgot about the Cary! but do do to budget constraints at the present time as I've spent a good chunk on a new media stand for the hometheater side of things along with the purchase of an Marantz 30n sacd player the Jc2 will end up being my choice... 
Which Preamp with JC5? Rogue Audio RP-9 or Parasound JC2
I'm in the same boat but the only Tube pre/amp on my radar is the Backert Labs Rumba 1.3. I'm most likely gonna save tubes for another day and get the Jc2 bypass as I'm curious to hear it with my Jc5 than anything else. The Rogue does sound like a... 
What power cord do you use for your processor?
I use an PS Audio AC10 on my Marantz 8805 and yes it makes a significant difference.  
Recommended Power Amps For Focal Sopra 2 Towers. $10K Budget. GO
Get a Parasound Halo JC5  and cable them up and enjoy!  
Which higher end HDMI cable for new OLED TV?
Get the new DH Labs hdmi 2.1 and be set for the future and enjoy incredible sound and video now. I upgrade from the Silver Sonic last month on my Sony 940e and am highly impressed !  
AKM makes the best DACs
AKM all day ! I picked up a Gustard dac A18 when released which uses the 4499 and will be hanging on to it. feel in love with AKM through my last two Marantz pre/pro's which the latest 8805 caused me to drop plans to get an Oppo 205 but 203 and so...