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Anyone else interested in ordering these? No 
Music lover or audiophile?
Music lover is the one who enjoys listening to music even via car radio.An Audiophile is someone who can hear differences in cables. 
How far have ss amps really come in the last twenty years?
I think, there is no definitive answer. On one side, the business lives from the impression that the latest design is better than the model before.On the other side, you buy/bought brain. With some luck you own a unit done right. From design, layo... 
Turntables and Trusting Online Reviews
Is this common place? Are there reviewers who are more trustworthy than others?Or it really does come down to audition with your own ears because not only can you not know what another prefers, they may or may not be honest in their own right?Help... 
So just how much vinyl do YOU own?
Obviously too much. 2018 I threw 300 more or less new reissues away. I hate the wrong reviews about them, the lousy, digital mastering..I was even too lazy to sell them at eBay.I feel better now. 
Price vs performance
Good post from Kenjit, so true.I would like to add "Brain"A Product from someone who knows 'what is responsible for what', can do easily something which outperforms way more expensive units. 
Rega RB250 Tonearm Upgrade Options/Opinions
The best - and cheapest - improvement is to rewire the Arm cabling (inside). 
Not Enjoying My Turntable
A sign of god to throw it away 
A DAC that can make digital sound analog?
Years ago a lot of people tried to change dirt into gold. Now the same with DAC...the problem is the source. 
Lyra Kleos vs Koetsu Urushi
.... Resolution! IMHO.YMMV etc.,  Of course!Lyra has nearly twice the output of the Koetsu. 
linn sondek tt
Do you guys seriously believe that if the LP12 wasn’t a great sounding table that it would have garnered the success it has? Yes.The LP12 is THE example for perfect marketing.Most audiophiles have no clue and are deaf like a stone. Independent fro... 
Is it time to just quit?
Come on ... listening to music? Are you serious? It is so boring....He he :-)But listening to digital is like having a shower with thousands of tiny ice cubes, listening to vinyl is having the shower with water. And vinyl is a long road (from doin... 
Tube amp for Verity Audio Parsifal Encore?
Not tube but a good amp: Lamm M1.2RI think, with tubes will will go a long way to get good results.... 
Klyne + Aleph 5
Don't worry, sonically it is a super match.I owned for a few years Klyne 7, 3.5 connected Aleph 0 monos. One of the best transistor sound I ever listened to.i tried both connections, Xlo Signature Rca and XLRBoth identical, finally went to XLR bas... 
music matters blue note reissues - better in mono?
Yes, indeed I prefer to play these with a modern mono cartridge.mono records which are remastered to stereo all have a complete different sonic fingerprint.Normally a weak Bass, strong left and right separation with a sonic hole in the middle and ...