High value, giant killer speakers?

What speakers have you heard at any price did you find are fairly priced or a great deal and competed with offerings much more expensive (2x, 3x, 4x etc)? 
unfortunately when it is all said and done we tend to get what we pay for more or less. 
not to say that a $7000 pair of Spendors sounds $6500 better than a $500 pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers -  but we usually get better sound for the dollar as we spend more.  the market has a way of working things out that way.  
Easy. SoundLabs 845 $40,000  vs  Magico Q7  $229,000.
the market has a way of working things out that way.  
The price is fixed from the start. The manufacturer works it out not the market 
Sure. It's all a big conspiracy, right kenjit? 
Uh, it’s not really the speakers, it’s the SYSTEM. Hel-loo! And the best SYSTEM I’ve heard (by about a light year) is just a couple Metro stops away. Hurray for me! 🤗

Very high quality parts, unique crossovers with minimalist parts. I've seen Wilson and Gamut put similar quality parts in, achieve less and charge more.
achieve less
how do they achieve less?
@kenjit ,I believe Fritz is trying to say that despite using the best parts, they don't achieve the greatest potential.-Only a talented designer can make full use of such parts and implement them far beyond what they offer at face value.
-Kind of a 'Pearls before swine', situation.
The Fritz “secret sauce” is his “series” crossover designs that provide a benign load for amps to drive which gets more bang per buck out of the amp.

It works! I’ve heard not particularly efficient Fritz Carerra run off a flea power headphone tube amp rival most anything else heard at same show. Very impressive!

Check his his website for charts that demonstrate.
Perhaps search for a high quality USED speaker for 1/2 price when new.

Spatial Audio's speakers can compete with many at 2X the price, not so sure about 3X the price. 

There are plenty of vintage and near-vintage speakers that compete with current offerings of 3 and 4X the price, Spendor SP100s for example. 
kef r3 and the buchardt s400
@mapman , Map you heard the Carrera’s at CAF, correct? I bought those very ones you listened to.
Yes at Capital Audio Fest. 
@kenjit the dealers all get together and price fix??

To answer the OP question I was really impressed with VOXATIV, specifically the Hagen model.  For people in smaller spaces, or want a less pronounced visual system, - I was really impressed.  
At the less expensive (not inexpensive) Endeavor  E3 or E5, more expensive is Von Schweikert VR55 Aktives which are better than many at twice the price. Key with speakers and much other equipment is to agree with the designer's ear that you like what they like in terms of musical priorities. Also I tend to prefer designers with decades of experience to hone their craft
I have to give a nod to GoldenEar Triton Reference for being as good as loudspeakers that are roughly twice the price.
Scansonic the poor man's Raidho! 
It’s a hyperbolic cliche. Name the giant being slayed. 
Tekton Design and Spatial both punch above their weight. 
Infinity Kappa 7’s and 8’s if you drive them properly. They can be had from $500 to $2,000. Can easily play with $3,000 to $5,000 speakers.

Don’t believe those that say there are no giant killers, there are plenty.
RBH Sound makes high value speakers that punch way outside their weight. They also produce the limited edition Status Acoustic line of speakers. Their Voce Fina is the best bookshelf speaker I've ever heard. I own a pair. Below is a review of their SV Reference tower speaker. I've heard it. I want it. YMMV but take a listen if you get the chance.

Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S . Sensational 
+ 1 for Maggie’s with a proper sub
Another vote for Maggie’s. The 1.7is are $2,200. I added a bass panel DWM to mine - all in at $3,000. They out preform speakers I have heard costing $20,000.  Use the savings for some good Class A or AB power and you are done. I bi amp my base panel and 1.7s for much bettter sound. Use Tidal HiFi with MQA for a source via a LUMIN. The whole system is under $10,000, and you blow away the $20,000 speakers - IMO. Queuing up Diana Krall as we speak!

Happy Listening!

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Most all modern speaker cabinets come from china and even the most ambitious have some box resonance. I put my max at $10k then listened to the top 3 new offerings the C60, Kanta 2 and 3, and persona 3f, then started looking at what $10k would get me here used. I wanted full range floorstanders so didn’t try any 2 ways.There was a pair of Vienna Acoustics 'The Music' I could have had for $10k I let get away, but my experience with some other speakers had me concerned I wouldn’t be able to afford the amplification necessary to make them sing so when an owner of a paor of immaculate dsp8000’s accepted my offer I had no such worries and bought them.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Another yes to Maggie's 1.7i or 3.7i with a sub very hard to beat in the price range especially if you find a great used pair.
Maggies sound AMAZING, but are a bit limited in spl.
No longer in production but Mirage M1si and M3si are incredible speakers for the money. They come up on the used market occasionally for under $1500 or so (mine were $2300 new). I have a pair of M3si's and after attending two audio shows I can safely say they easily compete with many speakers that cost 5 figures. I just got a pair of Thiel CS 6 speakers and they certainly have their strengths but I would not call them better overall. One downside is that both of these speakers eat amps for breakfast. You need big solid state wattage with the ability to drive difficult loads.

I would also put in a second vote for the Golden Ear Triton Reference but I would go so far as to call it a giant slayer. To my ears in two different occasions the Tritons sounded as good or better than several speakers that cost 5 times as much. Unlike the Mirages or the Thiels these speakers are very easy to drive meaning that you have an infinite selection of amps - both tube and SS.
This is a great way to end up with a mediocre speaker. :(

We're fans of the old Acoustic electrostatic speakers.  The 2MH hybrid predated the Martin Logan Monolith by a couple of years, and at less than a third of the price.  Huge bang for the buck.  2+2's and 1+1s are also great examples.  Panels aren't for everyone, but in this particular area, Acoustat definitely delivered.  
Magnepan the whole line.  LRS is the new small offering $650. It is designed to work well with high end electronics but a quality receiver is an acceptiable starting point.  They are 4' tall and work well with quality fast subwoofers.
Used Verity speakers, if you can find them.

The OP said $10k, so I’m pushing the slider to the top and saying, try to get something from Verity at the $10k mark. This usually means a speaker pair that was maybe $20-25k when new.

Instructions were simple. Best universally recognized under $10k speaker.

The universally recognized bit is unspoken but when addressing someone’s desire to get the best they can and without information on their tastes and ear trained/innate skewing...then what we’ve got is the universal speaker, not my personal tastes or some other one sided predilection. 

Verity sort of flies under the radar but they are definitely among the best. The Europeans seem to note this, as they do far better in Europe than in north America, at least with respect to used items available.  Even with the higher premium that something like the Verity speakers would command, when available in Europe.

I like them because they are neutral in all the right ways, they are dynamic in all the right ways, and so on. No games, no colors, no new one trick wonders of the given audio moment or whatnot.
If you are looking for cabinets that nearly eliminate box resonance you might want to check out the carbon fiber cabinets that are made in England  from very high tech carbon fiber. Wilson Beseech. Pretty amazing if you are are annoyed by the sound of drivers in a box. 

@thecarpathian heard the Fritz at CAF too.  Really excellent.  Though doubtless that Modwright SET was adding some its magic sauce too.

A standmount that was only outdone at the show by the Gamut, which are orders of magnitude more expensive and definitely not high value.

Yes, I’m sure the Modwright set up was wonderful. I run them with Odyssey amp and pre. Sound is extremely detailed. But in all honesty, with my equipment and room, the beryllium tweeters can be a bit ’hot’ on certain songs. I’m certain the Modwright SET went a long way to eliminating that particular foible. Fritz’s very simple series crossover really stays out of the way of the music. Clarity and detail in spades....excellent for the money.
+1 for Voxativ since the OP is going up to $10K.  Their point source drivers paired with a SET amp create a special sound that I enjoy more than anything I have ever heard, your mileage may vary.   I listened to all the usual suspects (Raidho, Magico, YG, Wilson, etc.).  Good speakers but they couldn't match the quality of the sound.
Soundsrealaudio,   thanks for the recommendation.i found my baby's right used on the net for close to the price we're at here but many of us aren't interested in dsp's
Wilson Audio Sasha DAWs vs anything!
Magnepan are my absolute favorite for the money.  I just upgraded from 1.7i to 3.7i and couldn’t be happier! The sound is really hard to believe. Unfortunately, unless you have a truly powerful good quality amp, you will be very disappointed.  My best friend just received his new LRS Magnepans but is running them with a NAD M32 and the amp just won’t power them.  
Hifihandyman - you hit the nail on the head - Maggie’s need power to open up and perform well! Once you pour on the power they outshine speakers that cost 10X and above. That financial savings gets you a lot of quality sound if you spend it on a good preamp and amp - Maggie’s are not efficient, but if you pour on the power,  OMG. In my opinion!!

Happy listening

Magnepan LRS 1+
Wouldn’t the Dirty Weekend speaker fro Zu Audio fit the bill?
I have a pair of ADS L810's. I paid $400/pair plus $100 for the best packed shipment I've ever received, so well-worth the cost. 

These speakers are the best all-around sounding speakers I've ever heard. Can't seem to find a genre of music where they don't sound great. Metal to jazz, blues to pop. 

I'm using them as near-field monitors on this desktop, so even at 6ohms and 94db efficiency, I don't push them very hard at all. Recently replaced the mids and tweeters, rebuilt by THE ADS Man, Richard So. ( The x-overs were recently rebuilt/installed before I bought them, thus the "high" asking price.)

I can't think of any speakers that would match them for less than $1500-$2000. 
Magnepan are my absolute favorite for the money.  I just upgraded from 1.7i to 3.7i and couldn’t be happier! The sound is really hard to believe. Unfortunately, unless you have a truly powerful good quality amp, you will be very disappointed.  My best friend just received his new LRS Magnepans but is running them with a NAD M32 and the amp just won’t power them.
I don't think Maggies need a high-wattage amp so much as they need an amp with a very robust power supply. I had no problem running Maggies with a 90 watt/ch amp with 72,000 microfarads capacitance and huge EI Core transformer. 

The problem with the NAD M32 is its class D topology - a topology which always sounds weaker than the specs suggest. It's why it takes a 1000 watt class D sub to match the grunt of a 500 watt AB sub. I don't know the teachnical reasons for this phenomenon, but IME, class D always sounds/feels about 50% the strength of A or A/B amps.

Back on topic, I find the Maggie .7s are the greatest value of the brand - even preferable to the 1.7i.  I much prefer Spatial Audio's open-baffles to the 1.7s, but compared to the .7s, it's a tougher call. 
   Did that twice accompanied by great dissatisfaction once in the home. Not very well schooled on the giant killer thing. The venerable speaker system that I wanted was and still is fairly priced which is subjectively expensive. 
   As luck would have it an original owner pair popped up on the local Craig's List in Portola Valley priced to sell quickly by a very well healed young stock optioned millennial noid with a new baby. His cup runneth over right into my Land Cruiser. 

Save up, get what you want used and stay off that merry-go-round. 
Emerald Physics have won numerous awards and are very reasonably priced