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To pricey
To be honest, if I didnt use my own money and ears to listen to speakers and simply asked strangers online for their opinion I’d be lost all day and forever.  I currently own a pair of 802D4’s… theyre absolutely incredible speakers, both build wis... 
NAIM 282/250DR/HC2DR against Accuphase E5000
Ryder hit the nail on the head here, I have either had or currently own both of the systems youre comparing.  Both are powerful, but the Accu is more refined and grown up sounding, the Naim is more energetic and presents a big stage.  What was mis... 
will Lumin T2 drive a power amp and powered subwoofer?
Send an email to Lumin, why ask strangers on a forum when you could potentially damage something.  
The Economy.. will hi end audio mfgs lower prices?
Way to bump 13 year old threads!  
Lumin Ap on Lumin players - not so good?
“I’m too stupid”   Hit the nail on the head!  
Meitner MA-3 Firmware
Did you ever consider picking up the phone and calling EMM Labs?  
Bricasti M3 w/network card vs USB
^ Um what? so without the Evo front end the Bricasti is no good?  How about my Melco N1Z feeding the Bicasti by Ethernet? Also no good?  
The review wehave been promising is up
Anyone who states that the Paradigm Persona are bright and harsh has never owned them, and if theyve atleast listened to them they mustve been powered by a receiver.  Its silly comments like this that reaffirm that most people here dont have the s... 
Are the KEF Blade/Blade 2 Metas a Significant Upgrade from Blade?
Have you even tried phoning KEF USA to see if any Dealers have even received a pair?  My understanding is that no-one has them right now.  
Audiophile Grade Wall Receptacle
Im surprised no one has mentioned the damage that recepatcle can cause to the spades on your expensive cables.  Furutech’s are the only ones that will not damage your connectors.  Take that for what its worth to you.  
Legacy Aeris
Chances are they are brad nailed in… the ones on my Calibres were.  If so, they are not removeable.  
Wilson Benesch-Great or just Okay?
I owned the Discovery 2 for some time.  Great speakers but matching is important as they have no crossovers on the midrange and the top end definitely leans toward the warm side.  
What do you think is the best power-amp between B&W speakers and Chord DAVE
You made the right choice, Chord amps and Bowers speakers go very well together.  Another great pairing, although different sounding, is Accuphase.  
Lumin Ap on Lumin players - not so good?
The Lumin AP is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.  Its you! 
Gryphon Diable 300 DAC vs. Lumin X1 DAC
What does Gryphon know about digital?  They're a small Company... meanwhile Lumin (Pixel Magic) has been in the Digital segment and Broadcasting (digital bandwidth exceeding 10X or 100x what is required for audio) for quite some time.  If you can ...