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Stock Voyager GaN amp (350/600) Contrasted with my EVS1200 (600/1200)
Very cool review. Eventually I will get a modded V, but Im very happy with the stock one, especially once I lifted the chassis off the rubber feet with Nobsound springs and took the top off. It would still likely benefit from some damping material... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
@ricevs +1 on your last comments 
Solid state amp to go with tube preamp; used ok; budget: $3k max
Forget all these suggestions, they’re all old tech. This is the 21st Century where GaN amplifiers are about to make all these obsolete, but not all GaNs are built the same, or sound the same. LSA took almost 2 years of R & D before releasing t... 
LSA Voyager GAN Amplifier
Great report/review Chorus!!!IMHO, they should have named it David for all the giants it slaysOne of the many things that surprised me was the V plays louder in my large room than the twice as powerful EVS 1200Depending on when your V was made, it... 
LSA Voyager GAN Amplifier
@chorus +1 
Upgrade my CD player or futile effort?
The Technics SL-G700 doesn’t fit into any neat category. It straddles across generations of digital formats by playing discs – in CD and SACD form – as well as streaming music from across a network or via Bluetooth. AirPlay, Chromecast and even... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Jay, this speaker company is local to you Best in show! Scaena Loudspeakers, High Fidelity Cables, dCS Vivaldi, Axpona 2019 
Best way to spend $1000 on used bookshelf speakers?
See Underwoodhifi END OF SUMMER SALE    LSA-10 Signatures Only $999.00 a pair Our lowest price ever Save $1500.00 36Hz bass from a monitor that sounds like a floor-stander 
Looking for a store in Miami for SACD
I doubt seriously you will find new or used SACDs anywhere other than Amazon, or direct from sources like MoFi, or from Paul McGowans new recording studio  
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
@petland I think what you’re misinterpreting is that proper class D amps have spooky jet black backgrounds. assuming the rest of the system is highly revealing, you can hear an ant fart deep into the sound stage. Well, not really, but compare the ... 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Lou Reed Greatest Hits 
LSA Voyager GAN Amplifier
My stock V has no graininess that I notice 
@digitalviperWhy do you say that? WW is a well known highly respected company selling internationally for well over a decade 
What's your dream speaker?
If my listening area was a dedicated room I would probably still have Accoustat 2+2s, but in a room that is multipurpose their height cut the room up (bad feng shui). I also had Maggie 3.4Rs, but the visual issue was very similar, also the lack of... 
Economical CD Transport - Thoughts?
+1 for the Marantz HD-CD1