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Thoughts for Future Speaker Designers
The noise cancelation would be very difficult due to all the variations in frequency and volume. The takeaway from this video is how much  the cabinets add energy to the listening room. He also points out that a composite with low mass material wo... 
The best place to listen to music??
I am going to be visiting Tokyo in the Spring and will stop in to listen. I believe I have a responsibility to make suggestions as to how he can improve the sound ie. more watts for sure and a swarm of subwoofers at least. Suggestions please. The ... 
The best place to listen to music??
I wish koestner  would invite me to listen to his system in the yacht in Moracco. I wonder if they use bass busters in the bow?  
The best place to listen to music??
This post and the video asks the age old question.." can we just enjoy the music" ?   
The best place to listen to music??
mike do you serve any adult beverages to your guests  
Thoughts for Future Speaker Designers
Putting the motors aside it is easy to see how the panels of a speaker act as " their own speaker" when back waves strike them. The discussion is also about composite vs single material for enclosure, and high mass vs low mass materials. Lots to c... 
High value, giant killer speakers?
roxy54"Sure. It's all a big conspiracy, right kenjit? "kanjit has a point. Large manufactures start with their flagship and then price down from there. Those flag ships speakers are not their best selling speakers for sure and are mostly used for ... 
tube pre-amp for active monitors
Are you using the DAC part of your laptop or do you have a separate one? 
Which stereo amp to try under $30k
I had the Bricasti M28's with a pair of Wilson Beseech ACT Evolutions and they sounded very liquid and very natural with very  deep but not exaggerated. Wonderful sound 200 watts. Life time warranty and made in the USA.. 
Speakers for super sensitive ears?
Obviously you are not married or your exquisite ears would no longer be exquisite they would be more in line with the rest of us. 
Is flat frequency response a hoax?
kenjitYou are correct regarding all the myths.... my favorite is that xyz is going to make a speaker sound better, i.e. diamond coated tweeters.......perhaps but perhaps not......two layers of MDF used on the front panel....well it depends.....twe... 
Would switching amps make a big difference?
I think you would achieve much more bang for the buck by changing out your preamplifier. Give the deHavilland UltraVerve a shot, at the very least you will have a preamplifier you can keep for life. I have spent time with your current preamp and w... 
VPI Uni-Pivit Tone Arms
Sell it  
Do you guys like Adele's music?
I am aware that I should really like her however...... 
Is flat frequency response a hoax?
kenjit It is clear that if you put speakers with a "flat response" in a room that has been acoustically treated so that when a flat signal is projected into the room the listener will hear a perfectly flat response.....and if that sounds like BS t...