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Benefits of adding a 10MHz Master Clock to a digital system
@big_greg great article. Refreshing read. Thanks :)Tom 
Best skiinny floorstanders
Another +1 for GoldenEar 
A stupid question for which there's no sensible answer.
1. The room (50%)2. The setup (20%)3. The speakers (20%)4. All the rest (10%) 
Shopping for new speakers-need ideas... Selling old DQ-10's...
Another + for Vandersteen. They are not bright. They have a laid-back sound. They are not fatiguing. They are easy to listen to for all the time you want. They are soundstaging and imaging champs, having that elusive 3D quality typically found wit... 
Rotel 1572 no sound until volume is cranked to 40 percent
Possibly. It depends on the sensitivity of your speakers. My wife and I have three systems and none of them make any sound until the volume is turned up. The bedroom system has the least-powerful amp. Its volume control goes to 99. It makes no sou... 
Remarkably better sound possible with just 1 system component change?
Just saw your room. Wow! I must admit it is very impressive. It looks perfect for watching TV. It looks awful for listening to music.Don't buy different gear, it won't help. I promise that. 
Remarkably better sound possible with just 1 system component change?
Don't spend any more money if you're not willing to treat the room.You're wasting time, money and effort without a treated space.It's the same mistake most audiophiles make.I did the same thing for 40+ years.Finally treated the room and got a majo... 
Room Treatment, Panel Sound Diffusers
I have no affiliation with Primacoustic or Sweetwater Sound 
Room Treatment, Panel Sound Diffusers
+1 millercarbon.However, if you don't want to DIY, I used a product called Primacoustic.They were purchased from Sweetwater Sound. Treated all four walls plus the ceiling in a dedicated room.Placed panels at all first reflection points, plus other... 
Sorry, it’s not me, it’s you?
I have. Bought an integrated amp from a very well-known manufacturer who was testing having this product made in China instead of the USA. Low cost (for the make), still a fairly high cost for me. Big mistake. Never liked the sound. Tried for a ye... 
What Do You Think?
Maggies need current and space. Without those two things they will not sound as good as they are capable of.You said you "don't really have the room for (them)".The room and the setup will give half of what you will hear.Don't buy them. 
More power for moderate listening levels?
Klipsch makes wonderful-sounding, efficient speakers.My thought is keep the current Pass, get different speakers.Not an owner (I prefer Vandersteens).Just my 2c... 
Can someone tell me what wrong
Let us know what fixes the problem :) 
Can someone tell me what wrong
+1 oldhvymecMy guess is noisy valve only because he said he just noticed it... 
Vandersteen Moel 2Ce better than Model 1B used in midsize room
+1 tomic601 keeping 1s and adding subs/2s won't be able to couple with roomOP, adding subs will drastically clean up the midrange since the lone woofer in the 1 won't be handling the lowest frequencies. As far as subs go, check out the "swarm" type.