CD new or used ? in the $700 range best value?

would you recomend Rotel 971, Cal Labs Dx-2 or a used Nami cd-3 for $350? or ? thanks David 714 215-5367.
The Naim cd-3 is a pretty good deal at this price. Smooth and among the best for the dynamics (like all Naims). And I love that sexy revolving door. I would (re)buy one. But the Rotel will be superior (lively too, lots of details and more), one of the best deal these days. (And it is HDCD...)
If you found a Naim CD-3 for $350, grab it and if you don't like it turn it around and double your money.
The Sony CDP-XA20ES is without question the most sophisticated CD player it it's price range. It shares the CD player mechanism with the $3000 Sony XA7ES, without question the finest CD player, period. Best chip set, best linearity, longest life, easiest to use.
The Naim is an absolute steal at that price. I think it listed for 1800. I have an all Naim system and think it's way ahead of other brands.
Try listening to the Linn Mimik in a local retail store. $1700 retail. If you like what you here call me. I have a Linn Mimik for sal--see post in CD players. I am very satisfied with the unit--just bought a transport only so it's got to go. Happy hunting--Jeff 909-245-2838
The Rega Planet is a fine choice. If you decide you want to buy it, look inside the transport...what do you see? Does it say, "Sony"? If Rega thinks its the best, why not just go with the best (at this price) - Sony CDP-XA20ES. I've also heard good things about the Marantz CD-63SE.
If you can get a CD-3 for 350.00 you may be arrested,because stealing is a crime.No contest,anything Naim.
The Pioneer PD-65 is an amazing deal used. Being a serious audiophile I never thought I would own anything Pioneer. But this player can outperform the best of them. Don't let the name fool ya. People will be selling this thing as a classic many years from now!