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Speaker Treatment To Resist Negative External Infuence
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Speaker Treatment To Resist Negative External Infuence
" I also use magnets to alter material direction of the coating but this can only be done on some material combinations.Tom"  I can see that and to bad there is no copper magnet. I have seen copper wire jump under capacitor discharge before and ma... 
Can flexible power cables sound good?
Sure there is. 12g zip cord from Monoprice works very well and if you hide it and tell people you have a $10,000 speaker cable they will believe it. Cheap and the fidelity is great. The only thing it lacks is bragging rights. 
Does pin hole in woofer affect sound quality?
A dab of black speaker cement from Parts Express which is used to recone speakers will work and just enough to cover the hole. I have fixed a number of tears, cat claw holes and accidents with this stuff. 
Trying to get Sound Stage with Klipsch Tower Speakers
How are both the speakers placed? identical corners and same toe in and distance from walls? I find that pointing Klipsch speakers to a point behind where I am sitting yields the best definition. Do you have a DB meter to measure actual output? Wh... 
Recommendation for a replacement speaker cable
"" Solution: small diameter solid core strands, individually insulated, twisted, within exterior jacket "  I know a couple of electrical engineers that tried this and seemed pleased with results. Problem is with real life practical solutions ther... 
The importance of frequency response
I guess I kind of scratch my head over threads like this. So much of the commentary discusses problems and how to fix it and not a mention of something like a Xilica DSP which can address every single problem brought up and do so with any speaker ... 
McIntosh fuse changeout to make better sound
Interesting fuse pictures. Looks almost like the last one lost it's seal a bit. 
McIntosh fuse changeout to make better sound
'That may be partially true, but I suspect many of the naysayer measurementalists don’t even own systems. They’re just here to argue and disrupt and by that measure they are doing a great job.' What's in an unverified forum claim when you can ... 
McIntosh fuse changeout to make better sound
If you are reading this thread and new here make sure you also visit other forums just to realize how crazy some of this stuff is here and the zealotry which surrounds it by the proponents of psuedo science. Of course real tweaks do real things an... 
Does Power Cord Require Burn-In To Sound Good?
Well what I think is that burn in is not enough. I put a heat strip around my power cables to maintain a minimum of 150 degrees F. If you do not do this the burn in reverts to unburn in and then you are back to square one. If you ever let your pow... 
Are Shakti Stones effective?
Yes beyond any doubt and proven by my personal experience. If you take one of these and face the top side down and hurl it just right I have found I get more skips across the pond than any other stone I have used. I think the electronics help stab... 
Are Shakti Stones effective?
Today's winner of the "Audio Onion" is the OP.  A fool and his money are soon parted is the real life corollary to this.  
Millercarbon's Mega Vibration Control Journey
I use machined depleted Uranium cone vibration dampeners with 98 durometer virgin polyurethane vibration absorbers. These rest on 4" thick Italian marble slabs which themselves have an additional set of the above mentioned. It is not just the indu... 
Are cable recommendations worth anything?
12g zip cord and keep the money in your pocket. On the other hand if someone insists maybe I can cook something up and apply lots of flowery words and a big price tag and since you will spend lots of money that alone means it is superior.