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SME release new Garrard 301
Let me guess....price doesn’t include speed box because five figure turntables just can’t regulate their own speed out of the box. 
Monitors with big sound and deep bass
Buchardt s400 
Bass management with stand alone preamps
I always laugh when people bash tone controls but then roll in different tubes to flavor the sound.  
Spatial Audio M3 Tubo S open baffle speaker review
Agreed @falconquest y Focals havebeen described as revealing so I wonder how much more the Spatials are. Im not after ruthless fidelity, I’d rather have musicality and fun.  
Spatial Audio M3 Tubo S open baffle speaker review
I’d be curious to hear the weaknesses of the m3’s. Types of music where things go south, [email protected] 
Spatial Audio M3 Tubo S open baffle speaker review
 @roxy54Sorry for the late reply.i listen to mostly classic punk, 60’s and 70’s reggae and 80’s and 90’s alt, rockand industrial. In the last year I’ve been really into “black ambient” music (Trepaneringsritualen, Nordvargr, Cremation Lily, et al)... 
Speakers under $50k that rival $200k+ speakers?
The only speakers on those price ranges I’ve heard were Wilsons. Not impressed.That said if I had $50k speakers there’d be an investigation. Or $10k for that matter. 
Phoenix Metro Area ARIZONA
I don't do facebook. Oh well.I saw the meeting at D'Augustino's  what's he charge to have people there, like $1,000 a head? 
?Morrow or ZenWave Power and interconnects?
I'm happy with any morrow items I've purchased. When researching I had a few suggestions for Purist but none of the dealers on their dealer page sell their cables (I tried about 8 dealers, they either didn't sell them or just the cd and lp-no cabl... 
What is they best album out there for showing off the sound quality of your system.
Dead Can Dance Into The Labyrinth (new pressings). I think my system sounds pretty good (for mid-fi at best) given its a mish mash of stuff waiting to be replaced (total cost $3300) but this record just........holy crap! 
Best 80s New Wave
Duran Duran's first few were pretty great. I agree with all listed except that DM's pre-Violator stuff so much better. I know Violator got them new fans but Black Celebration, Music For The Masses, 101 Live...all way better IMO 
Anybody have experience with Vinyl Me Pllease or is that on the for pay forum?
I was an early VMP joiner. The reason was to discover things I wouldn't think to look at and I wanted to find new music. I did get a few really cool titles but what I want is so specific....I cancelled but never had any issue. They have grown a lo... 
Good starter amp recommendation
As mentioned before, call Klaus at Odyssey. He will ask the right questions and get you squared away. 
Odyssey "Khartago" Stereo Extreme" amp compared to Schitt's "Vidar" amp
Odyssey all the way. Zero question.Here, I’ll dial the phone for youKlaus ran Maggie’s and the Khartago CAN. dish the current. I am not so sure the Vidar can. Call him. He will shoot you straight answers. 
Axpona reviewers perceptions and reality
I wanted to hear the Buchardts but somehow got turned around and never found the room.s400’s or Spatial M3’s are top contenders to be my next speakers. I never made it to the Spatial room and have never heard them.