Does anybody make...

I am looking for a quality preamp where there are multiple, say 3 outputs of the main output, 4 total, each channel with independent volume control... 



Independent volume control, or independent gain? Different things. Doubtful you will find anything with “volume” on each channel.

What do you need them for?

no such thing in our market


multiroom audio yes

That is an odd requirement. Just out of interest… what is the application? You have four different amps and sets of speakers?

My Coincident Statement pre has two independent  transformer based volume, control, only two outs, however.

Yes, adjustable gain would be correct.

I am building some Open Baffle speakers and I want to control each driver separately, I am just looking at options, My SSP-800 is in the shop again, ready to get kicked that into the closest. McIntosh C2700 offers one with 3 channels, which I believe the two outputs are adjustable... My OB are 3 drivers I was thinking 4 would give me some flexibility... I know a DSP would work, just looking at various options since I need a new preamp. 


Good luck with that one.

I think the Pass Labs XP-32 can do what you want. 

In its normal config each channel has two outputs. One has the ability to be adjusted via a smaller gain knob on the front of the chassis. 

You can order additional units to stack and control from the one main volume unit. 

Would be $$$$$ though.

Higher end surround sound processors with matrix routing would work.

Would an active x-over work?

Check out Marchand Electronics. If they don't already have what you want they can probably build it........



@roadwhorerecords ...yes , I believe so, thx

@jrpnde ,,, Awesome... Thanks

Okto Dac 8pro dac, 8 channels dsp. I owned Dac8 stereo, 2 channel version. One great dac, price performance ratio out of this world. Unfortunately, I heard not taking orders at present due to excessive demand.

   sc2....I was looking for a device for my system and didn't quite know how to proceed. By chance I came across the name of Marchand Electronics. It is based in Rochester,NY which is where I live. COINCIDENCE! I sent am email to them and explained what I was looking for. Since they have quite a large catalog I didn't where to start. Got a reply from the owner (Phil Marchand) and he explained what they could do.

    It is a class operation and do all necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Can't go wrong if you decide to deal with them.


Your looking for an Active Crossover. What you're trying to do won't work. All the Macs have the outlets they are not separate. If you turn down one pair of outlets you turn them all down. First Watt make two active crossovers, one for OB and a 2 way.  One as a standard 3 way crossover.

STL makes an active tube 2-3 or 4 way crossover. 

In the 70s I ran a pair of C8s (I think) mono tube preamps. 

You can run more than one preamp.. I've ran a pair of C20 one for Bass and one for mids and highs..


I think what you want is a "Audio Distribution Amplifier", which connect among the preamp stereo outputs to the inputs of power amps.


What you want is called a trim pot. However I am certain this will be rejected in favor of something inordinately complicated. 

I am not Rube Goldberg.

...time for Audio Heresy <Hour...*L*

One OTW means would be a mix panel feeding 4 amps of varied watts ( the Mac on ’buss’) to your drivers. The 3 (or more?) 2 ch amps could be a distribution amp.

Which in themselves can do remarkable things...or just be amps... ;)

Help I’m a rock’bot.

....since you're just diy'ing for the moment, @sc2 

Good luck, however your approach... 👍

I wonder what a Distribution amplifier sounds like. If you want to go inexpensive use a 2496 Behringer. I personally wouldn’t use it for anything other than bass management. It will however let you work out the kinks in a system a lot easier than anything else I know.. 300.00 or so. Cables and amps are required for every XO point. So Lows Mids and highs. I use a passive on mids and highs.. so it works perfect for me. The subs are servos.

I still used the active XO to worked out the model. It made it super easy to make the passive mids and highs XO.
Mine did incorporate LPads in leu of fixed resistors for DB matching..

I think I understand what you want to do? I think..

If you can live with a balance control instead of separate left and right volume pots, most McIntosh preamps will fit the bill.

Thanks all for your suggestions!

The ideal rolling around in the back of my head... a minimalist point of view, not sure if its a good ideal though... I am thinking of using the preamp to control the volume/gain sent to the amps, the amps will have to be somewhat different I suspect to match the speakers I am using, ( my W & M drivers are unique as they are old school field coils 18" & 10", and I am not sure of their sensitivity yet.) I thought about an active xo, and I have a new minidsp here in a box. The less in the food chain, the better, I am thinking, it's a starting point. As I said earlier, I am just considering my options, gaining info, looking at different paths.

This has been a project mired in difficulty, especially since I am not technically inclined, but it's audio and it's my hobby of choice!  Incidentally, I have investigated in using pots aka L-Pads, and have not counted them out, if one can find the proper spec, which is not as easy as you think... 


Thanks again!



"If you can live with a balance control instead of separate left and right volume pots, most McIntosh preamps will fit the bill."

McIntosh does sell the Mi128, which does have volume for each channel, this too, I have considered.


You can get a multi-speaker switcher with volume controls for each channel

I don't have a preamp and I'm quite happy with the level of control I have at hand.

Eq and balance, DSP as desired (or not).....a 2496, or not...🤷‍♂️

Distrib amps can be as simple or as complex as one could ask for of late, wallet thickness being ones' guide or limit.

I've 6 amps in a 50ish lb. lump.  2chan each, buss or stand-alone input, bal & vol each, delay each, and any can be mono'd for sub or just the bang of it.

Each amp can drive up to 4 drivers, if you don't ask the impossible from it.

No, it's not likely you'll discern the sweat on the palms of the 1st violinist in the midst of that solo...but I don't kid myself into thinking I can hear such....

But, it pleases me in the OTW I'm up to, and it didn't require a 2nd mortgage that I couldn't do anyway....

(No, I've not tried 24 drivers.  I've enough cables already just for the nonsense I'm doing anyway...and suspending that many cables off the floor would look like a WW2 tank trap to maneuver around....I'm not insane, just....'odd'....*L* ;)...)

...a physical therapist once called me 'Gumby'.....little did she know.....*L*


@asvjerry  I'm not insane, just....'odd'....*L* ;)...)

No, just someone with character, LOL... I suspect your setup/suggestion is a bit above me, thx.

@rbstehno thx, that's new to me, I will look into it...

Marchand Electronics, I wish I new about them sooner, they would have saved me a huge headache getting a power supply made for the field coils. But I will look into it for the preamp...

Received an email from McIntosh,.. their C2700 does not have adjustable gain, bummer. But I do want a tube preamp...


@sc2  *L*  I will thank you for noting that observation.... ;)

And my setup is a tad 'above & beyond' what most would strive for, but is driven by intent & budget restrictions for the most part.  It scratches my particular itch....

...ought to allow for the flexibility you'd desire, but will require separate amps for each output obviously.  You could 'dial in' what works for the separate elements in your quest, which is similar to what I'm about with my meanderings....

It does come down to what you hope to accomplish, by ear or directed by measurement and analysis.  Either way, good luck with the project. *S*

Nobody has said one can't think outside of the box, esp. when dealing with flat panel arrays.... ;)  You're into dipole territory, which is decidedly different than the conventional; the space you're working within will 'have a say' in results as well...

"Life: Your results Will vary...."

Have fun, J

@millercarbon I think has the most practical solution to what you described assuming your pre-amp I assume has low enough output impedance to run essentially 4 passive volume controls. You could use a trim-pot to get the balance right, then some good quality resistors for the final implementation. We are only talking 1/2 watt resistors so cost is minimal.

Oh Oh …… HaaaaaHaaaaaaaa 

@cakyol @imhififan  

I saw that earlier cakyol, and noted it, looks worth a try, thx

Yes, covers the 'splitting' and 'levels' functions, but still lacks amplification and xover functions.  Bi-amp, tri-amp, rabbit holes....:(

Anytime one wanders off the beaten path into the weeds, expect rocks....cliffs, even.


I've spent a few years amassing Precisely what you'd want for your efforts.
Albeit, not 'perfect', not SOTA, just what I want for what I expect it to do.
Although still a project in progress in the larger scheme of 'things', it has a focus in some ways similar to yours towards a different resolution....or not.

There is no simple approach in the final analysis....what one pays for when buying the item from the B&M/online/reseller is that 'someone' has done all this trudging through those weeds towards what you've bought....with the hope that 'it' will do what is desired....or not.

(At the risk of sounding like He Whose Name Starts With 'k' & Ends With 't'....)

IM(not so)HO....Pursuit of Perfection is quixotic from Word One.

Imperfect devices in imperfect spaces listened to by imperfect beings with outrageous opinions about their 'perfect renditions' of 'pleasant noises'.

(There...having dumped a bucket of ice water into everyone's' lap, at least I feel better.,,,;)...)

I'm not inferring that one shouldn't 'try' the attempt; but the means to a result will vary what one hopes to do, and how successful the result may be....

...and how it registers to that gook between the ears. *L*

Have at it, J

Defiantly not a 'bot tonight...

I'm not sure how this DIY project works without an active crossover.  Marchand is the right call.  Their X-overs can adjust gain into each channel and pass.  

OP - You have all of your answers above, pick one and start working. You have a limited time on earth.


Thank you for your contribution and I will take it too heart!😊


Steve Deckert explains all the different ways to use this preamp, just read past the first page… it’s on my shortlist. 

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@tuckerllc that rings the bell !!