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Low buzzing through speaks
I also just got brand new Revel Performa3 ... My power amp is a Simaudio Titan HT200 5 channel. If the Titan is more than 15 years old, there could be a possibility the power supply filtering capacitors causing the noise. You can disconnect al... 
Right match
I was using luxman 505ux11 it sounds much better than the m8 preamp Seems like a luxman preamp will be a better match. http://www.luxman.com/product/#Control    
Control amps: suggestions needed
The matching preamp is Yamaha CX-600.  
Right match
What source, integrated amp and speakers connected to your M8-500?  
Cartridge question
This is the specs of CONCORD CIM 50:  
Harmon Kardon citation 2 bias question
@kellymack  Remember the Marantz 8b bias thread? https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/what-is-the-voltage-to-bias-a-marantz-8b Do you still have the Nobsound 8-Pin Dual Bias Current Probes Tester Meter? You can use it to check the bias.    
Crackling in right channel, what do I do? Help, please.
Who makes a good 150w into 8ohms Class AB amplifier for about $3k? I need to be able to lift the thing. It has to have balanced inputs. Check out the Benchmark ABH2 power amplifier, 100w x2 @ 8Ω, 190w x2 @ 4Ω, should has enough power to drive y... 
Harmon Kardon citation 2 bias question
Measure voltage across the 15 ohm cathode resistor, use Ohm’s law to calculate the current ( I = V / R ). 1V across 15 ohm cathode resistor = 0.067A Plate dissipation = B+ voltage x current Assuming B+ is 470V, 470 x 0.067 = 31.3Watt. On the s... 
Cambridge Azur 851A Problem! Help!!
@cs9314  Measure the rectangle cutout size and find the correct replacement spst rocker switch. https://www.parts-express.com/electronic-parts/switches/rocker-switches  
Question about Cary Audio SLP-05 Preamp
Hi @xcool, I don’t know any one manufacturing such Y cable, it’s quite simple to make one. I attached the schematic for your reference, the function of the diode is to block backfeed voltage from the inputs. Any power diode like the 1N4001 - 1N400... 
Question about Cary Audio SLP-05 Preamp
If it is indeed true that the SLP-05 can be powered off for the Cinema bypass, then my problem becomes what is the best way to turn on my stereo power amp that will be connected to the SLP-05. If the power amp equipped with audio signal sensing... 
Voltage conversion of Accuphase E-650
@fiesta75 Thank you for the kind words, glad to be of service.☺  
Cayin A-200 Integrated Amplifier
This is some google translated informations from a Chinese website: The Cayin A-200P launched by Zhuhai Spark Electronics Co., Ltd. Although the appearance of the Cayin A-200P appears unpretentious, the excellent production level gives peopl... 
Doubt about coil (inductor) and capacitor!
Are you sure the inductor is 1.5mH and not 0.15mH?    
Ancient History ADS
Have you check out this thread at audiokarma forum? ADS models, an impromptu rollcall Post #348 More to explore: http://sportsbil.com/ads/