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Accuphase c2410
@philip4444, Accuphase products typically feature multi-tap or dual primary windings and can be converted to 120V, 220V or 230/240V. If you could remove the C2410 bottom cover, take some close-up photos of the power transformer primary wiring an... 
Question about suitable fuse metals
Well, as long as you’re happy... I always keep in mind that we are in the entertainment business. - Nelson Pass  
Question about suitable fuse metals
I’m just wondering if using such a poor conductor as titanium could be a problem in itself. That’s the question please. Use a non-contact digital infrared laser thermometer gun to check the temperature of the titanium slug while playing music f... 
Leave system on or power everything down?
The Earthquake only has the 1 power switch unlike other amps which have a "standby". If you flip the front panel power switch to "OFF" position, it actually is in standby mode, you still can turn it on via 12V trigger.  To completely power off... 
Adding a power trigger to an amp that doesn't have one
I don't think such a device exists. However, it's basically a 12V trigger interface used to control a button of an IR learning remote control. That is a good DIY project!    
Adding a power trigger to an amp that doesn't have one
The problem is that almost all the amplifier with momentary Standby/On push button switch will only can put it into Standby if using AC mains switch, you still need to momentarily press the front panel button or use the remote to turn it on.  
Adding a power trigger to an amp that doesn't have one
NOTE: I need to press a button on my amp or its remote to turn it on, it will not turn on just from the powering on a power socket. What amplifier is it?    
Is the Marantz PM8006 powerful enough to power my B&W 802 Matrix Series 3?
What would you recommend around $1000 or below used on ebay? Classe CAP-150 Stereo Integrated Amplifier  
Replacement remote
Use your phone as remote control?    
Amplifier and Speaker A/B switcher
I'm looking for a well made switcher that has the ability to switch between two amps (rca cables) and two speaker pairs (using banana plugs). Check out the Niles SAS-1, it's obsoleted but can still be found regularly on eBay.      
After a long, long sleep: ML-335
To use a Variac, you need to bypass the control circuit .  
Question about setting up multi-zone with traditional amps
Is there such a think as a multi zone pre rather than power amp? It is a Line Level Audio Distribution amplifier. https://rolls.com/product/DA134  
joule la150mkII- preamp
You can do a simple test: Play some music just connect the source right channel to the preamp and leave the left channel disconnected, if sound come out from both left and right speakers that is the switch position of MONO.  
Help with Accuphase A-48 voltage conversion from 100V to 120V
Sometimes manufacturers change their specifications or components during production, is your amplifier power transformer has the same color wires connected in the same configuration as the 100V image? If the answer is yes, you can power up the am... 
Help with Accuphase A-48 voltage conversion from 100V to 120V
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