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High end Class D amps?
Most hi end class D amps pretty much use the Danish company ICEpower class D amplifiers. Bang & Olufsen also used to use them. I dont know if they still do, but they are all ok.  They are extremely efficient & space saving.For the perfecti... 
Integrated Amp Question for a Newbie to the Forum
Add Pass Labs INT250 to your list of integrated amplifiers.It is in a league of its own. 
Coax Digital Out -> XLR Digital Input cable?
Coax cable provides DIGITAL signals.  XLR cable is ANALOG.  Never the two shall meet :-) 
What is the Silliest Accessory You Have Ever Seen.
roxy54,Do you have eyes ?I said "proportionally priced".No need to pay over 20 bucks for ANY digital cable. As long as they are within spec, which almost all of them are, you will be fine.Esoteric digital cables are a waste of money.There is error... 
What is the Silliest Accessory You Have Ever Seen.
In descending order of ridiculousness, proportional to its price:- cable lifters- boutique fuses- power cables- digital cables 
To re-cap or not to re-cap? That is the question
You can pretty much leave all the film capacitors intact, unless they are showing any sign that they may have a problem.  If you MUST change them, a good brand is Mundorf.  But you dont have to go too fancy.  Some of them are ridiculously priced a... 
Uneven soundstage help, please.
Angling the speakers differently combined with adjusting the balance works wonders sometimes. 
Amp/Preamp Recommendations
Go SS and if you can find a used Pass Labs INT250 within your budget, grab it and dont look back. 
Difference between amps
Everything comes down to the power supply.You need to scale amps like they are welding machines :-)A proper amp needs to be able to have about 300-400 watts of supply for every 100 real watts rms class A/B, 600-700 watts of class A of output, all ... 
Does Age Matter?
That is not quite so true. I am 63 and prefer digital. The soundstage is better, dynamic response is better, no background noise whatsoever, convenience is off the charts. What is not to like ? 
Can Static Destroy Electronics?
Typically, complete and ready consumer electronics devices should be immune from static if properly grounded.  Only bare semiconductors & integrated circuits are very sensitive to this.  You may have a grounding problem.Check with a mains sock... 
Does Anyone Think CD is Better Than Vinyl/Analog?
In terms of music quality, of course CD is better....In terms of nostalgia, perhaps vinyl will win.For music, CD offers:- Much less noise.- Much wider dynamic range.- No RIAA curve matching which in itself is an inadequacy of vinyl which needs to ... 
Article: "Spin Me Round: Why Vinyl is Better Than Digital"
mahgisterMy "Utter rubbish" comment was for the article, not your response.Happy holidays :-) 
Cables 101, new student, first question
The lower the signal stage voltages, the more shielded and less capacitive the cable should be. As you move further towards the power, at the higher current stages, the lower the resistance and inductance should be. This is approximately the golde... 
DAC's Made in the USA
Try Schiit Audio.They are excellent for the price and completely made in the USA.