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Amplifiers weight
The answer you are looking for is EXACTLY here by Nelson Pass:  
Which is the most important part of a stereo system?
The power outlet.  Without it, nothing else would matter. 
Something For The Fuse Guys ...
What are you guys smoking again ? 
Anyone have this kind of problem with their amp?
Does your amp have a relay based DC protection circuit ?  It may be falsely kicking in & latching ? 
How to guarantee to lower noise- ground loops in your system
Ground loops occur when the resistance between any two or more grounding points is high enough to cause enough of a voltage drop to be detected & amplified. To reduce this:1) Attach ALL your devices that handle signal circuits to a STAR config... 
Sent Back the Pro-ject Turntable: What would be the best option in the $1800 range?
Also consider Schiit Sol brand new at $699 for a belt drive.Read the reviews. 
Sent Back the Pro-ject Turntable: What would be the best option in the $1800 range?
Go for a second hand Thorens TD125 Mk2 or a second hand Linn Sondek LP12 
Just Curious - About using a AV Receiver as main unit
older cambridge audio azur av receivers were very good.  
Is there a such too much power for speakers?
There is MORE danger to a speaker from an UNDER powered amplifier than the other way round.  This is because an under powered amplifier will CLIP and destroy a speaker if the amp does not have any DC protection circuit.  You can obviously destroy ... 
confused and don't know what to do
Try Anthem MRX series (especially MRX 720 (approx $2500)).  Great for music, great for AV/cinema 
Smoke on my power amp
You may have to send it to New Zealand.... 
Smoke on my power amp
Not good :-(When you say "speaker wire detached", do you mean BOTH the wires were uplugged from the right terminals or only one ?  Is it possible you could have shorted the speaker output ?  Typically, the amps should be protected against speaker ... 
Help in putting together my system with used equipment on Audiogon and eBay.
all in one (analog + digital):  Naim Audio Uniti Atom (about 3k)phono preamp: Schiit Mani (about $150)tt: Audio technica LP7 ($700)MM cartridge: Nagaoka MP150 (about 250)subwoofer: HSU research ULS 15 ($800) (600 watts RMS)main speakers: JBL Stud... 
Yet another turntable recommendation question
For an extra 100 or so, try Audio Techica ATLP7, a fully manual belt drive at an excellent price point. 
SME 3009 II Unimporved -- "Thin" Sound
Have you set the gain switches correctly on your Mani ?