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Bryston BDP-3 VS Aesthetix Romulus Eclipse
The main benefit to balanced interconnects is to mitigate / reject noise picked up from the environment. There are lots of good articles going into detail if you do a web search.  
I am streaming , how can I play music when provider goes down.
Roon 2.0 requires an active Internet connection at all times to work. And obviously Qobuz does as well. If your Internet connection goes down, use different software to access and play the locally stored music.  
LUMIN app question
1. I'm not sure about this one. If the LUMIN U2 Mini is still on (you haven't flipped the power switch on the back) then leaving or closing the LUMIN app should not affect the unit. It will still be on, and stay on, playing music you already queue... 
The history behind that is that TOSLink transmitters would often have measurably high jitter. But if your streamer does not exhibit that or if your DAC's receiver mitigates jitter then that shouldn't be an issue for you. The other benefit of TOSLi... 
Really Long XLR
+1 to what Erik listed. Since you're willing to build your own, order some Belden cable from Raw Cable, and Neutrik connectors from Markertek.  
Difference between Acoustic zen Satori l vs Satori ll cables ?
I'm an Acoustic Zen dealer. The Satori II changes the center copper strand from a round wire to a ribbon/flat wire, for better transmission of the higher audio frequencies.  
Question about Shipping
When I talked to Fedex today, they stated that if a product goes missing or damaged, they try to find the same product for sale or something similar and what ever price they come across, that is what they reimburse. @jay73 that could be the cas... 
Lumin P1 or Pre / Streamer / DAC separates?
The Lumin P1 is excellent as both a preamp and as a DAC. You should definitely consider it.  
Question about Shipping
If it's not super large/heavy or super expensive then FedEx should be fine, insured through FedEx. Are you sure you went to a FedEx Kinko's Office Center (or the equivalent depending on what country you're in) and not a third-party store that is a... 
ARC repair needed
In Southern California, you might ask George Meyer AV. They do repairs but I don't know if they'd have the parts and information needed for your specific model.  
Curious to know your streaming and dac set up and the best recommended streamer under $15k
@woots if you do end up looking at the Lumin U1, since you wouldn't have need of the X1 DAC, it may also be worth looking at the X1 power supply upgrade for the U1. The outboard U1 power supply is already excellent, but the X1 power supply further... 
Curious to know your streaming and dac set up and the best recommended streamer under $15k
You've probably already thought about it since you're familiar with the Lumin T2, but have you considered the Lumin X1? The physical design upgrades and the use of output transformers in the X1, compared to the T2, have a significant impact on the... 
Qobuz Payment Question
Maybe one of the online privacy card services would accept a gift card as a source of funding? I'm not sure though, I think they all need to be backed by a bank account. But these services can give you a unique card number that is suitable for use... 
Is there an affordable all in one Flac burning appliance?
Is there any particular reason you have a lot of steps to deal with, and your can’t use your Mac while it is ripping? Something like XLD configured to automatically rip upon insertion and then eject when complete, with one or more CD drives attac... 
MSB DAC's Popularity
I’ve heard the MSB Select DAC a few times and have always thought it sounded outstanding.