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Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
@mayoradamwest I think you meant to say the dCS approach does not have the hint of brittleness that you heard with the Mytek? 
Pass Labs or Devialet
They sound completely different. What type of sound are you looking for? 
Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
@david_ten well, Lumin is using output transformers as part of their analog stage which adds some color but otherwise retains the detail provided by the ESS DAC chips.To a large degree the goal and result is similar to that of the DAC I designed, ... 
Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
I carry Lumin and have the X1 here, and was just at a client's place last week who has a dCS Vivaldi stack. I'd say the sound character goals of Lumin and dCS are probably best considered as different, so you'd need to hear them to decide which di... 
Lumin U1 Mini - LPS vs upgraded power cord
The engineering and science comparing a linear power supply to a switching power supply is documented. 
Headphone Amp for Focal Clear Headphones (Bryston BHA-1?)
I can't speak specifically to the Bryston BHA-1 with the Focal Clear, but we use the BHA-1 as our reference headphone amp because they can drive everything to their fullest potential and transparently. The Audeze LCD headphone line benefits a lot ... 
Room correction help
I've had bad luck with keeping Flokati rugs clean and in good condition. Even though the thick pile seems attractive, it isn't necessarily as dense as other rugs and the density of absorption is what you care about.In terms of rug size, covering t... 
Any Love for Magico S5 Original Version?
IIRC, one of my clients had an original pair of S3 speakers (from some other dealer, not from me) and was very happy with them. I’m pretty sure they were the original model but I could be mistaken.People’s budgets are people’s budgets, so it all d... 
Chinese Power conditioners
The only way to be sure would be to try and get a look at the internals to evaluate it yourself.At a lower price point you could look at APC. 
Musical Fidelity M6i/M6si to drive 4Ohm Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor
Amplifiers having greater power capacity than the maximum recommended rating for a speaker doesn't mean you will damage the speaker or that it will be incompatible. On the contrary it typically means you have less to worry about in terms of the am... 
Keep SVS SB16 or change to REL S5 music only
You could also try changing the placement or PEQ settings of the SB16-Ultra. There's a fair chance it sounds boomy because of placement. 
Separate DAC or continue using the Oppo UDP-205
If you like the way the OPPO UDP-205 DAC sounds, and you're not looking for a change, I wouldn't recommend trying too hard to better it. Yes, there are people who don't like the way it sounds and so either mod it or would prefer a different DAC. O... 
Meridian G68 and MiniDSP
Use a miniDSP unit that does all the work in the digital domain? 
Do standalone digital-to-digital EQ and Room Correction products exist? SPDIF in SPDIF out
+1 for the miniDSP SHD Studio. It's very flexible and has a lot of functionality in addition to PEQ and Dirac Live. I don't think you can beat it in terms of bang for your buck.A couple of more expensive options are the Trinnov ST2-HiFi or DEQX Pr... 
Apple TV 4K vs Network Player for streaming via Air Play
I believe all generations of Apple TV devices will indeed resample audio to 16-bit/48kHz, for all use cases. I haven't seen anything contrary to that yet.Given your specific setup, I think it is unlikely you will get a different sound by swapping ...