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Sound quality vs. volume
Peachtree is nice gear but IMHO not meant for your primary listening system if that is where you go to rock out. Peachtree is good for near field or a pretty sound at moderate volumes in a social setting. I think you will benefit from a true high ... 
Do any of your Rolling Stones recordings bring "Satisfaction"?
Japanese remasters on CD circa 2009.  Nice balance of mild compression for punch with clarity and dynamic range. 
Who are some of elite sub woofers?
Uhh...your speakers? Nevermind.  I had read your first post to me as being a bit condescending but maybe you really intended to be helpful. So I will holster my sarcasm this morning. Sorry if I baited you.  My point was, REL subwoofers are desi... 
Who are some of elite sub woofers?
You are crossing over way too high if you can hear vocals from your subwoofer. Crossing over? I just have subwoofers.  I'm supposed to have other speakers? 
Want to upgrade my cartridge from 2m blue to black
@jji666 why do you think a tube phono stage (especially a cheap one) is a good idea ? A few responses: (1) I introduced this as a pro-fun suggestion. Tube rolling, especially if one has never done it, is pretty fun. Plus with a relatively inexpens... 
Who are some of elite sub woofers?
For music it is Rel, Rel, Rel.  They're not amazing home theater subs as they don't scare the heck out of you when something explodes on screen.  But they're awesome for music - they don't make the room shake, they make vocals sound real.  I also ... 
Want to upgrade my cartridge from 2m blue to black
Here is a pro-fun suggestion.  It may not exactly be about a direct path to the highest upgrade, but as implied by the budget of the OP I actually think it will in the end be a good milestone in the ascension to higher audio:(1) Upgrade to an Orto... 
What area or country do you live in ?
2/3 Chicago 1/3 SW Michigan.  Chicago is a great place to try and buy HiFi.  Home of Saturday Audio Exchange! 
Can this be good first tube amplifier?
Don’t listen to all the elites!  As a first tube experience, Yaqin is great.  I had a tube line stage preamp and it was really fun to roll with it.  I’d suggest you start with just a preamp as then you don’t have the variable of the power stage tu... 
Difference in sound using different carts when digitizing vinyl record?
I feel like a device like the sugar cube will clean up the sound but at the expense of the true analog character. 
Which band IS really America's Greatest (rock & roll band)?
Ramones, Nirvana, Cheap Trick, Kiss 
Why didn't DAT tape decks succeed in the market?
DATs were well before recordable compact disc players. But there was never any significant (or any at all?) content for DAT commercially, so it would be only for recording vinyl. You couldn’t even record a CD to DAT because of the (breakable) copy... 
Is there actually a difference?
Tone vs dynamics.  Not everyone knows what to listen for. 
Does hearing the best in high end audio make your opinions more valid?
I’m not sure if I’d ever want to be trapped in an elevator with you folks, or not.  Might make a good reality show... 
My experience after lost of 20k$
Like any other source components, good sound starts with the best versions of the title.  As the quality of different CD or vinyl releases varies, remastering may be better or worse, etc., you have to seek out the best versions to have the best so...