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Audio Science Review = "The better the measurement, the better the sound" philosophy
Conversely … How are we to discern whether to accept your somewhat contrived  back story ( having already displayed a taste for duplicity) of being an established member of this forum and not merely another 1st poster ASR drone teleporting in to s... 
Audio Science Review = "The better the measurement, the better the sound" philosophy
@crymeanaudioriver  So you created a sock puppet account in order hide behind a secondary alias in order to pass judgment upon other fellow members and by extension this forum  because you wished to preserve your ability to make money out of the ... 
Transformer..? Moving To TheUK
Or perhaps not bother LoL   
Transformer..? Moving To TheUK
@jomonhifi When you relocate to the UK I would highly recommend the purchase of one if these : Not only are you able to set the voltage but also importantly the unit auto detects the frequency required, otherwise your smaller made for US transfo... 
Thoughts on the Linn LP12 turntable
@mijostyn … You are a modern day Hans Christian Andersen,      
New equipment
An insightful post there @pesky_wabbit    
Thoughts on the Linn LP12 turntable
“ IMHO, basically polishing a turd for 50 years. And yes, I've owned one and have worked on several others.“   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Pretty much this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   
For those that have separate Streamers & DACS
Taiko Extreme  
How did you get started in this hobby
I took a tumble resulting in a bump to the head … The rest is history.  
Tannoy Turnberry Gr
Hi Oleg, I would say that you have put together a well balanced system from carefully chosen quality electronics and components bravo. Stay safe.  
Luxman vs Hegal
Oh dear , More than a whIff of the over defensive going on here …bordering on the Butt Hurt, go with quality build Japanese moving onwards and upwards imho.   
ARC Reference 6 or Cary SLP 05 with upgrade?
@markmuse , A most excellent choice, do post your considerations once your REF6SE has settled in 😎  
New PrimaLuna versus used Audio Research preamp?
ARC REF5 SE is a no brainer, If you can source some genuine pre 1990 Reflector Corps 6h30- DR’s and GEC 6550A for the regulator you will take the units musical performance up another level.  
Missing Members
If my Kenwood KD decks can't be repaired?
Nope, its a DJ thing.