When is it to hot to cut the grass?

Here in Jersey it's been hovering in the high nineties, probably hit 100* today. We are having heat advisories. Should I cut my lawn? What do people do in Arizona?
I was an arborist tree climber in N. NJ for many years. All year long in the coldest and hottest of days. We advertised for hazardous BIG removals. No bucket or cherry picker (?) Build some testosterone levels, do your lawn and have a lemonaid. HA
Screw the grass, put on some Jerry Lee Lewis and rock out.
First of all, don't come here for gardening and/or medical advice. That said, if you are worried about your grass, I would leave it long until it cools down. What people do in AZ is not relevant, since if they have grass, its not the cool season bluegrass/fescue/rye you probably have.
I have asthma and found it is best to take a puff on the Albuterol before mowing (not after) that way my symptoms never happen at all!

fkn hot in Michigan too and I have to mow tonight...

Sorry, I was a bit abrupt. I imagine those in Arizona can employ workers from south of the border that can work with the heat and appreciate the job opportunity. (nothing wrong with that) It IS hot in NJ, I agree. So, put on a skirt, plug in your mower. Then you can come over and hear what 1.5 watts can do. Real men don't need much wattage!! HA HA
I'm retired but I have a lawn business to keep me busy. When it is hot, the grass does better to be left at least 3" high. It keeps it moist and helps it stay healthy. With the high heat, water the grass often. Cut, no more that 1/3" the length and make sure that the mowers blades are sharp. Cut in the late PM when it's cooler. You cover your head, wear a dust mask if dusty and keep hydrated just like the grass. I cut grass all summer and the dust/dirt is more trouble than the heat.
Cut the cheese; smoke the grass.
It is always too hot to mow the grass except when it is too cold. I gave up yard work when my kids were old enough to do it and now hire a service. Weekends are too short already.
To mow or not to mow is the question!!!!!
I say let it grow until it cools down

Or, you can set the mower to the lowest height setting and let the grass fry. Then you don't have to worry about mowing it
Flit the mower over and try to make a turntable out of it. Just watch your fingers.
Cut your grass at the highest setting and do it after dinner when the sun starts to go down. I cut mine once a week even though it could use it every 4 days or so. I ALWAYS do it on a Thursday or Friday night so the weekend can be kept open for fun things.
Problem Solved
You need advice on whether or not it's too hot to cut your lawn?

Hope you figure it out. That's a tough one.
I'll ask my wife. I'm not supposed to touch her new John Deere, and I don't! Sucks that I have to golf every night, but, it is what is. Gotta love those farm girls. BTW, its Africa hot in upper Michigan now too. (no offense ladies, my wife actually loves doing the lawn)
Another solution.
Having moved from South Jersey to The Phoenix suburbs a bit less than 2 years ago, I can tell you that it is not fun to cut the grass in the dead of summer in either of those states. That said, the same rules apply. Do it as early in the morning as possible, or when the sun is setting here in AZ. In New Jersey, the mosquitos come out at sunset, so it isn't possible.
I was lucky to get a house that only has what we call a "putting green" of grass in the back, and decorative gravel everywhere else. That is the best way to avoid cutting grass.
110 degrees in Phoenix is not the same as 90 degrees in Jersey. Leave your grass alone until the temp drops below 85 and drink a lot of water. The humidity level in the Northeast is not something to take lightly.
PLOW it, PAVE it and PAINT it green!
I lived in No NJ for 10 years and my hatred for cutting the grass was legendary, followed closely by my hatred for raking leaves which then had to be bagged and transported to a mulch center. Given that the teenagers in No NJ stopped cutting lawns for pay 35 years ago, HIRE a service and ditch the lawn mower. Money should not be an obstacle, given the type of green you need to pay for a house and taxes in that part of the state. Unless of course, you enjoy trucking ye olde Craftsman to Paramus for Sears to maintain.

It hit 102* yesterday with more of the same expected today. Needless to say the lawn will have to wait.
Right now it's too hot!
The best thing I ever did was get rid of the front lawn and install desert landscape. The backyard is still grass but it is not visible from the street. So if I'm lazy or the heat is excessive, I can always blow off mowing for awhile without receiving complaints.
During monsoon season it is humid and hot with lows in the upper eighties. I always mow early before the sun is up beating heat rays at me.
I like the look of a bit of lawn from the backyard deck but mowing is not an activity I look forward to.
Exactly! Right now.
Most of us in Arizona don't have any grass, it's a waste of water.
I grew up and live in Eastern South Jersey near the coast. My wife is from the Phoenix area, and her Dad had her cut the grass as a kid. He sat in the shade with a cold one and a stogie "coaching" her on the fine points of yard management. To her it was torture and the heat would wipe her out! I cut my grass whenever it needs it usually after work in the evening. She'll come out of the ac with Chardonnay in hand to pass on some of his indubitable wisdom. "The beer stays colder the faster you drink it!" Hmmm smart guy, problem is my tractor only has one beer holder, and then there's the Green Heads! Damn things are so tough, when you swat them they look up and laugh at you. I love summer in S.Jersey.
"You need advice on whether or not it's too hot to cut your lawn?

Hope you figure it out. That's a tough one."

My thoughts exactly. Some people should never leave the house alone, it is so dangerous out there.

Could somebody tell me if it's ok to have oatmeal tomorrow?

The humidity will exceed 70% most of the day.
Most of us in Arizona don't have any grass, it's a waste of water.

True, but when my wife was a kid in the 70's water conservation wasn't as big a deal as it is today. The population was much smaller in The Valley Of The Sun and it was later that water conservation became the rule of the day. Reclaimed water (sewage) on golf courses, watering limits, grasses that require less water, and natural desert landscaping. My father-in-law loved to brag about how the town paid him to put lava rock in his front yard.

When it get's to hot here in NJ I hit the beach for a dip. The Ocean was nice today, and the scenery was good to.
We Piney's aint so dum!
Hey,if you can afford this hobby you can afford a gardener,

"When is it too hot to cut the grass?"

When you see a dog chasing a cat...... and they're both walking.

Quote from Uncle Briggs, Paducah, Ky.

Heard this while attending college in 1976 and still enjoy it and mentioning it whenever I can.


Thanks Tim. That's the answer we've been looking for.
I cut the grass last evening.
Kept the buds then chucked the stems and seeds.

Gotta go, I'm starving.
I'm in Mass., & it's been 90 degrees+ here. I've been going out in the a.m. & mowing for 20-30-40 minutes a day. Since I have almost 1/2 an acre, it takes a while, but that's OK.

Today, afterwards, I found the film "Tree's Lounge" (Highly recommended) on cable, & I've opened up a Bud Light. See, it's all about pacing, & balance......
Zydo, I was once married to a lovely farm girl, as well. Then, one moring I woke and found that she left me for a tractor salesman.... Yeah, on the nightstand she left me a John Deere letter!
Rodge827, Your lovely wife is enjoying the last laugh now!! Cheers to her!! :)
Rodge827, Your lovely wife is enjoying the last laugh now!! Cheers to her!! :)
True dat!

Like you I have a love/hate relationship with my John Deere. I had to pick up a new PTO switch at our local dealer. I walked in the store and my heart almost stopped! I was in Green and Yellow Heaven! Brand spakin' new Green Machines in all sizes with all kinds of attachments Mmmmm...took me an hour to buy a stupid little switch.
Iso, I'm not sure if that was serious or not. It's either sad, or funny. Went through a nasty divorce once myself. My first wife wouldn't have known which side of the mower to stand on. As luck would have it, my father in law is a Deere salesman, so I have an "in" there. Truth be told, I was ready to buy a Toro zero turn. He would have killed me, she might have divorced me. Not necessarily in that order.
Update: after a week of extreme temps topping out at 106* there is no grass left to cut. Just a yellow dried up piece of land that looks like a desert. All that's missing is a long horned cattle skull.
It's interesting to note that of very recent times I have experienced my first earthquake, a devastating hurricane followed directly by an early October snowstorm and tornados in the middle of the country over 2 miles wide causing death and destruction. I am in my late fifties and I'm confident to suggest that something is changing in the world weather patterns.
I wish everyone had your confidence.
Heat finally broke last night in the Philadelphia suburbs. I have to say the cold front brought the most beautiful lightning show I have witnessed. With the sun going lower, the lightning lit up the enormous cotton white clouds building in the bright blue sky in unbelievable yellow, pink, and red hues.

I do 2.25 acres with a push mower in three stages, 2X - 3X per week. Have a tractor, but have pushing the mower this year. With all of the rain this year, the grass is as lush as I can remember. So far, I haven't taken a break from mowing this year, and cut the grass in the backyard Friday night in 95+ degree heat. 90 minutes of pushing the mower didn't bother me at all.
Forget cutting the lawn , go listen to some music .
Zydo, that was just a joke. Sorry about that nasty divorce, It is sad how love can go from one extreme to the other. I bet then you felt like telling her which side of the mower to stand on.... another joke. I thankfully never divorced.... of course, never marrying was my savior.... no joke.
FWIW, wear ear protection or forget listening.
I just cut my grass and let me tell you the truth, it's too freakin' hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!