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1973 one year out of High School.Living in my Folks’ basement. Waterbead, Marantz 2270, Rectilinear 3s, Technics TT.Smoke, women, music good times.a friend had a pair of Bose 901s suspended from ceiling driven by McIntosh. I was astounded by the s... 
Your favourite music movie?
“The Harder They Come” my favorite by far 
Do posters intend to hurt the feelings of other members?
Keyboard Ninjas Internet courage  
Does anyone use white gloves to handle records?
good grief just enjoy the music.been listening to, and handling records, over 50 years. never once thought about wearing gloves.  
best interconnect at decent price
Crimson Audio makes decently priced good sounding cables 
Linn question..
Tukans have very different kind of speaker terminals. Banana plugs only.Check here: make sure you don't unscrew all the rings at the same time, the positive and negative from left to right. ... 
Agree with 1markr...all about the price. I see a lot of people lately, advertising a used piece for just a small fraction off retail new price.Sorry, but used audio value is only about 1/2 retail price if that 
I like Steve Guttenberg.
What does hair have to do with anything? Come on you old guys have turned into your parents, and I don’t mean that in a good way.I am almost 64 and letting my hair grow long, who cares?BTW, I like Steve Guttenberg. He takes audio lightly 
When you suddenly realize....
I love Tidal, but find that it drops out during peak hours. I have upgraded to fiber optic internet, still happens.listening to it through Naim ND5XS  
Price to list ad
Well, I’ve been around here a long time. Not trading so much as of late, but since the beginning. Prices to post ads here are pretty reasonable it seems to me. I mean there are no other sites that truly compare. Think about it, there are a very sm... 
How important is the rack you use for your components
The rack is part of the system. Nuff said 
stereo receiver recommendations
My son has an Onkyo receiver with phono preamp. I forgot the model. It’s a couple of years old, sounds really nice.I bought it for him for Christmas online...Crutchfields maybe.believe it was in the $500- 600 range 
Shindo Labs Amps and Preamps
Unfortunately I emailed him and never even got a response  
Shindo Labs Amps and Preamps
I got plenty of 6v6 tubes from EBay, just not the exact brand, which were originally put in the amp. They were NOS I think from the 50's. probably not that much difference, but some say there is. 
Shindo Labs Amps and Preamps
Well in my case I was trying to find the original 6v6 tubes. Which I understand there is a stockpile of NOS 6v6 held by Shindo as that particular one is not made anymore. I had contact with Shindo Labs. They referred me to the US dealers. I contac...