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Bookshelf Speakers with the decent bass
Funny, all this discussion and no mention of budget.You can buy bookshelf speakers from $199 to $10,000. That includes a lot of models.How much do you want to spend? 
Small room; Audio Physic Scorpio or WB Trinity??
BTW, I had WB Arcs in my room for awhile. They were quite nice, worked very well. 
Small room; Audio Physic Scorpio or WB Trinity??
Don't know about either of your speaker choices, but my audio gear lives in a room sized 11' X 12', so I do know your problem. I have tried many speakers. Monitors work the best, IMO.Not just sonically, but aesthetically as well. 
How are Crimson cables
I use them. IMO they are a great audio bargain. Don't have any flowery words to describe them. They just let the music flow with neutrality. Also nice size, never a fan of waterhose type cables.I have also used their preamp/amps, very nice too. 
This might just be the end of brick and mortar
I would like to share my experience with a 60 day return policy with a well known online speaker seller.I ordered and paid for the speakers in June 2014. After about a 6 week wait for them to be built, I received the speakers about mid July 2014.A... 
Where can I get a Linn LK140 repaired in US?
Where are you located ? 
KLH Model 35 replacement
You might find a decent KLH on Ebay.A couple of years ago I bought both my kids Model 20 and I think a Model 17 on Ebay. They still work well and sound great. Only spent a bit over $100 
need DNM-like bi-wire
just purchase another equal run of DNM and join them on the amp end. 
Bidding Frustration
agree with the above. nothing is sealed until BOTH parties agree and put it in the system. 
Cables for Creek Epos
DNM cabling works well with Creek. 
Most musical integrated amp you have heard?
Well I just read through this thread and have determined the most musical integrated amp is the one "you" like most. It is obvious by all the different brands mentioned that it is very subjective. 
Interesting read here
I'm keeping my CD players. Do computer audio as well. Room for both in my house 
thickest outer record sleeves, where to buy them?
Bags unlimited is a good source 
Does anyone really need to spend 10k on power
I do not believe in $10,000 power conditioners. I do believe in a person's right to spend their own money on a $10,000 power conditioner. A fool and his money... 
Outdoor speakers
I have the B&W outdoor monitors, I think WM1. Previous incarnations. Before them I had the Rock Solid monitors by B&W for 16 years on my deck. My son still uses them indoors, I can recommend them on durability alone, they sound good too.