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Are you getting ridiculous offers from new members
Ask if "they" would be willing to sell one of "their" items to a lowball offer. 
Buyer wants copy of passport?
I like Georgehifi’s suggestions, Cheers! 
How was the sound of your TDSS upgrade to your Nuforce Ref 9 amps?
I'll try and give a complete follow-up from my brief post above the best I can:    It has been a while since I had Bob at TDSS upgrade my Ref-9 V2s. TDSS has been doing the upgrades for a while now, but I guess they are really starting to catch on... 
How was the sound of your TDSS upgrade to your Nuforce Ref 9 amps?
Bob did the TDSS mods to my Ref-9 V2se, they're substantially better across the board, while retaining the inherent qualities that put them on the map originally.I can’t recommend Bob highly enough, he knows his stuff about what makes NuForce/NuPr... 
CEC TL5 Belt Drive CD Transport
It has better and more defined bass, greater dynamics and clarity without sacrificing the original, inherent qualities CEC is known for.This is due to technological advancements in circuitry and execution.I’m quite sure the TL-5 will suffice in co... 
CEC TL5 Belt Drive CD Transport
I used to run a CEC TL-2N (older discontinued) and it was a really nice transport, very non-digital, analogue presentation.My current TL-3N (top shelf of moniker) is way better in every respect, twin belt drive, one for motor/spindle, the other fo... 
Vu Jade Audio at Capital AudioFest
I’ll echo what danet2 says about Pete and Karls DHT Dac. The "way you always wanted" your music to sound like.One example, I can play Rock music at high or low volume and it remains completely intelligible with all the audio adjectives included wi... 
Finally stepping into the hobby after 30 years of watching from the sidelines
Not to be condescending, but Frogman really speaks truth of the matter. 
Randy Hansen Machine Gun
Funny you mentioned Frank, I have all his stuff, another very underrated. 
Is anyone familiar with the process to bias the TRL Dude Preamp
335VDC is where mine’s at, there will be a plus-minus 5 volt swing or so during your dial-in, that is normal, the trim pot is sensitive, as long as it’s in that range your good. 
Is anyone familiar with the process to bias the TRL Dude Preamp
I only checked when I replaced Sprague electrolytics for MR Clarity film caps, same procedure though.I have a 2nd generation Dude (liked looks better, no big deal)The pot actually sets voltage for the power supply section overall, not any particul... 
Inna gadda da Vida long version
Whart, thanks for the link, went to my fave list b/c I'm into cars too. 
Audio Research D79C Amp
ARC D79 & CJ Premier 1 are awesome, I know a guy who owns both and swears by them.Newer technology now, but something about that sound from the era that’s missing. 
Austrailian rock and roll
Raindog got it right, The Cruel Sea IMO, is the best I ever heard.I bought the two he mentioned as soon as they were released in 91 and 93. 
Has anyone found Audio Nirvana?
After 25 long years, I feel pretty close with CEC Transport, Direct Heated Triode Dac, Tube Research Labs Preamp, NuForce Ref9 V2 SE Amps, Intuitive Design Summit Speakers.