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Class D Amplification Announcement
  I always knew the word "compare" was a dirty word, esp. in audio. I never read a negative review either, I'm sure that would cause major turmoil, financially or otherwise🙄  
Tron Atlantic dac disrupts both Audiophile and The Audiophile’s Wife.
Colin at Gestalt carries some unheard-of, real game changing gear and what a great guy he is. Way to go Bill!!  
Wow....just look at this guy's car audio.....
I like reading the comments below the video.  
Lloyd Walker has passed away.
Great gentleman and talent, R.I.P.🙏 Lloyd D. Walker Obituary (tributearchive.com)  
VU JÀDÉ AUDIO Lampizator Upgrades
Pete and Karl drove to my place with their DHT Dac. It changed my way of listening so greatly, I asked if they could leave it in my system for a short while longer. Pete told me they could not sell me their demo model at that time, so they built ... 
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
That's putting the🔨down!  
聖HIJIRI Users thread
I was introduced to Gestalt Audio by Grannyring. To say Colin is an *Honest* stand-up gentleman, no-pressure dealer, would be an understatement. I ordered cables from him and he delivered on a dime, always answered or returned calls immediately.... 
Member Make Zero Sense
I rub jeanie out pop barbara eden my cricket chirpin pants tighten luvin it  
USPS records delivery delays
Discog CD ordered from Romania, USPS tracking NEVER updated, thought it was still in transit or stuck in some bullshit customs.Checked P.O. Box for the hell of it today, sitting between junk mail for 3 weeks, way to go USPS. 
DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
Nice, intelligent thread, Verdant jumped a lot of hoops in keeping things relevant and in-line, thank you.I can imagine what turntable owners with multiple arms and cartridge combinations go through for various recordings and preferences!FWIW, I o... 
Lousy IEC Connections
A piece of heat shrink worked good for me. 
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
Drunken, drug impaired, lousy performances.I’ll save the grief, $$ and listen at home. 
Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling
Steve, TL-3NI’m already hearing what you describe, a car horn blowing outside, someone scuffling or coughing in studio.Haven’t heard a mouse fart yet🙄You’re totally correct about power supplies, good, better, best will pretty much determine percen... 
Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling
Aside from the variable wire type selections, the sonic attributes of the Helix design concept in general enabled me to actually re-discover my "older" (80’s) CD recordings in a very analogue, musical way, big surprise🙄I’m a huge Frank Marino/Maho... 
Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling
I also replaced the 5 runs of VH Audio 18 gauge on the live conductor for the power cord used on my conditioner with two runs of the Neotech 12 gauge solid core copper in Teflon.I dry-crimped the copper spade ends, then soldered where the wire pok...