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NAD T763
I have an onkyo tx-nr809.  Retailed new for $1100.   I tried it with a home theater speaker set up and I didn’t  like any of the theater modes, DTS….. none of it.   But I tried it in direct mode for 2 channel that bypasses all signal processing, t... 
What is your take on high efficient speakers vs. low efficient speakers?
I had Usher speakers with proper amplification.  I enjoyed the sound but they had to be played at a moderate to high volume to provide full sound, proper bass.    I now have Tekton speakers and find the sound full, with proper bass at lower volume... 
Your experience in "in their day" brands/components that you remember foundly?
My first leap into audio started at 13 - was a GE am/fm 8 track.   I then built some 3 way speakers using radio shack components.  Obviously low fi at best.   At 19 or so I bought a NAD 7155 receiver and a Sony CD player.   By mid 20s I moved onto... 
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Ridin’ in my car  
Loudness or high sensitive speakers?
I can only offer what I experienced first hand.   I had a large pair of Usher floor standers and even with beefy, mono block amps the speakers needed to played at moderate volume to sound full and have proper bass.   I now have Tekton Lore speaker... 
What Is Most Important?
As previously stated by others - as I’ve gotten older I’ve stopped trying to chase the next component for more detail, imaging…….  The system I have is matched well and is musical.   At 56 I can now say good enough and focus more so on the music i... 
looking for a more efficient speaker.....
I had a pair of Usher speakers.  Sounded pretty good but I had to drive at moderate  levels for them to sound good.    I now have Tekton Lore which is a small floor stander.    The big difference is these speakers provide full sound even at low vo... 
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
Mirage M5si.   These were leaps and bounds superior to anything I had prior.   I switched over to hybrid tube power which proved a great combo with these speakers.     
Your experience in "in their day" brands/components that you remember foundly?
30 years back I made one last purchase as a single man before marriage. Counterpoint sa-2000 & sa-220. Nad 5000, Mirage M5si.   Compared to my prior Nad receiver and home made speakers using radio shack drivers and crossover I felt like I went... 
Best first track
Jeff Beck - live at Ronnie Scott’s - Bolero.   Actually entire show is awesome.   Jeff played with Tal Wilkenfeld, Jason Rebello, and Vinnie C.   Great show and you know you are on top when Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are in the audience.  And Cla... 
Best first track
Chris Rea - Auberge.   Actually the entire album  
80 years old - Paul McCartney & Brian Wilson
I also saw Phil Collins via you tube from a recent show.   He walks with a cane and has serious issues.  Can’t play drums anymore.  Voice is gone.   Sad actually but same ole story of an artist hanging on way longer than he/she should.  
Mirage M1 Speakers.
I’ve owned a few pairs - m7si & M5si over the years.  They love power.   I powered with larger Emotiva amp and also an older Counterpoint SA-220 with good results.   I also used Monarchy Audio class A Mono blocks too.    
Rega Brio integrated - buzzzzz
What power conditioner are you using?  
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