Grass IS greener right here:

I have been looking for a second set of 'cheap' ($200used) speaker just for whatever... So I was looking diligently every day in AudiogoN for weeks (why I have been back in the forums...) So many of the items now remind me of E-Bay... overpriced.
I was doodling around and just by accident I saw a web page of a local dealer with some Magnepan MG-IIb for $200.
I was like WOW... So I ran over there this morning a grabbed them instantly! They even had new screens!
The moral of this post is (even though I have purchased some really nice stuff on the "Agon, sometimes a great deal can be found right at home!!!
Not having to pay for - or risk - shipping 'em is a nice bonus too...enjoy! :-)
Have you heard them yet? I used to own a pair and still remember how much enjoyment they provided. I would love to hear about your experience with them.
Good deal! I'm glad for you. The prices on E-bay are all over the board. Some electronic pieces go for really reasonable prices while others are WAY over-bidded/priced.