What’s Voodoo power cords signature sounding?

What’s Voodoo’s signature sounding in your 1 or 2 words?

Which cable company that has such similar house sound to Voodoo or vice versa.

lastly, which power cord(s) model did you own?



I have actually owned several Voodoo cables. They seem well made and I think their Black Magic power cord is an absolute steal at its’ price point. I found them to have more of an almost darker sound in my system. I was using their Essence XLR IC’s connecting my DAC to my preamp. I ended up selling them and replaced them with Transparent and once I did that everything seemed to come alive and just had more snap. I should say mention that the Transparent XLR’s were their Super line so not at all a fair comparison. I’m a fan of Transparent and Shunyata but I wanted to try Voodoo…Hope this helps…

Look at how long the Crusades lasted.  And look at how effective they were...

I looked on cable co and it looks like VooDoo has joined the higher end market and has some pretty expensive power cords now.

Look at how long the Crusades lasted. 

LOL! Passion serving absolute truth knows no limit!


Power cables are important, but they aren't a tuner.  Those who give wine reviews of cables are really giving a review of the wine they had while listening.



@carlsbad +1 the best post on the topic!

would be cool to see posts on "blind test" results from ppl who "can hear power cables".

I'm a new member and just assembling a decent system, although I have had stereo since about 1970. I simply don't know if a new power cord enhances sound. Unless the old one was defective. Since reading some posts on the topic I have a question. I know audio and video are different realms, although they appear together in a home theater. So, does replacing the power cord on my tv or bluray player result in either better sound or picture?

If you live in a high rise in the middle of a metropolis, you will likely benefit from power cords and power conditioners. If you live in a rural area with a dedicated power feed to your listening room, the power cords or conditioners will likely be unnecessary additions. So both camps are right if they understand the logistics of it. Unfortunately that hardly seems to be the case. They prefer stating their personal experience as fact for everyone rather than thinking it through.

If you compare a $10 power cord and a $30 power cord, I doubt you will hear a difference, but it you compare a $30 power cord and a $1000 power cord there will be a huge difference. If your system is revealing enough. I have a Denon AVR (cheap) going to Klispch speakers.  And I can’t hear any difference. I changed the power cord on my Hegel amp going to KEF Reference speakers and I can easily hear the difference. 

Things like cables offer minimal differences, 

However good a quality connection will prevent higher resistance and therefore can be justified. 


Just be reasonable compared to the price of your equipment and net worth. 

@curiousjim You delineate by price? Really? So if I price a $10 cable at $4000 it will perform better? And, considering the power cord is not even in the signal path makes the assertion even more impressive  

Im in the wrong business!


If you are looking for an argument with that logic, you’re barking up the wrong tree! 

Keep on drinking that cable Koolade!

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"@curiousjim You delineate by price? Really? So if I price a $10 cable at $4000 it will perform better? And, considering the power cord is not even in the signal path makes the assertion even more impressive  

Im in the wrong business!"

Nice try with your straw man technique.  Too bad it doesn't fly.  Perhaps a course in remedial reading would help. 

We should all agree that power cords are not equalizers used to change musical characteristics, but they can definitely change subtleties in the noise floor among other things. My system and room are extremely quiet and any changes in the power supply can definitely be heard. By me and any one willing to really listen. Nordost and Audio Envy are what I like in my system. Yours will be different. That is the fun of it.

@jasonbourne52 I’m in your camp here, but like they say, you’re never a prophet in your home town.

Well for a long time, i thougt that it is bullshit to use any money on powercables.
But i got wiser.
I started with Xindac pc-05 and Xindac pc-03.
Immediatly i got more sound, more room more dynamics.
Later i would notch it up with the Xindac FP-05. That was a bad suprise. Everything bacame sibliant, so away with that.
Then i tried LAB12 knack and some other fancy powercables, but the sun went up with the Ludic Polaris.
My wife asked, what i did with the sound, and me WHY??
It sounds mere alive, clean and smoth, and i continued and more dynamic with ekstra good timing now.
So I can only say, ypu dont know what you are taking about, if you havent tried it.
If you cant hear the difference, you music system aint that good, or your ears aint what they used to be.

The price 100 € only, and it had stod its test to cables 5 time the price.....
In my system.
So go out and try some power cables, and remember to get the polarity right.
There is a neutral and a hot and in Denmark also a ground.
You can measure in the powercable, before you plug it in.
Is there almost 0 volts its is neutral, and a lot more, it is hot.

All this talk, i think i will go ballistic, and go out and try the Ludic Aesir to 120 €

In Germany they are tired to hear people say, there is no difference in the sound of cables.
So we are going to PROVE it, and MEASURE it. Here they go with speaker cables.

And once again we see the BASHERS here in full force without one shred of evidence or expertise to back up their bashing. I guess they have never seen a recorded scope trace showing the current rise and decay down to a few nanoseconds. That also does not include the overall power carrying capability of a particular cable. Just because a particular cable is rates at a certain voltage or current doesn’t mean that it is capable or limited to those numbers at any particular time. Hopefully they are mostly UNDERATED for safety sake. Just like a breaker, a cable can handle much more in a burst but lesser quality cables may not that as good of a burst response as a better one And that is just one factor.
It is this type of Uneducated Unscientific blather that is making this forum less and less relivant and I totally believe they are just trying to destryoy the sigh.



”If you are looking for an argument with that logic, you’re barking up the wrong tree! “

+1 👍👍👍

Definitely the right answer.

Power cables do not make sound. The gear they power do. What they can do is deliver power reliably. Most of what happens then is up to the gear. So you want good quality wires that are up to the task. Don’t cheap out and don’t go overboard, at least to start. Power amps do best with power cords that can deliver more current better. Shielding also can help. Line level and phono gear do best with cords that are shielded. Current delivery is not an issue. Those are the fundamentals. Beyond that it is hit or miss and YMMV. Wires are the simplest things in the system to get right. The rest is mostly subjective. People make the mistake of correlating sound quality directly with wire cost which can easily be a costly mistake.  Common sense is always a plus. 

Power cable upgrades were arguably as big of a difference as speaker cables in my system. 

Anyone  who says power cords don’t matter hasn’t tried it and instead comes to the cable forum to release the unhappiness they feel in their lives on people trying to share info and experience.

I find it is very interesting that audiophile websites in the EU are doing testing (both analytical and blind tests) on cables, tweaks and power.  May need to use google translate for some of these pages. 



Just listened to the 12 cables playing through a couple songs.  Neither I nor my wife could hear when a cable change had been made.  With eys closed you would not be able to say if there was only 1 cable being played or any other number of cables.  Kind of proves the point that one good cable is the same as the next?

John I tried their ic many yrs ago, my recollection they are full sounding and smooth, with your HF cables and Sonus Faber Speakers, might not work. If your system is on dark side , they might add more meat darkness on your system. Cable co has them for Audition, but there is fee.



It will depend on your equipment and which 12 cables you compare.

If you have high quality components, you are comparing high quality interconnects  and you know your system well… like have listened to it for a thousand hours without change. Then a couple tunes will be enough to identify significant changes. If otherwise… maybe not.

There are levels of sonic changes in high end systems. The first question is: is this a high end system. These are like scientific instruments… they reveal very small changes. Then there is what you are testing… are they significantly different? Today I swapped a fake Nordost Odin 2 interconnect for my genuine Transparent Ultra XLR interconnect. Wow, the fake Odin 2 sounded terrible! Harsh, restricted sound stage, dynamics… it stayed in my system for about 2 minutes. 

You have to consider swapping interconnects or cables as a complex scientific experiment. Typically, if I know my system well and the interconnects are fairly close on price… I will allow a week of listening to each. If you know your system well, compare vastly different performance / value interconnects… then part of a tune is plenty to make a decision.



"Power cable upgrades were arguably as big of a difference as speaker cables in my system"


Same experience here