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Speakers under $50k that rival $200k+ speakers?
Should Kharma brand be added on this list? Some used ones can be had for less than $50k 
Moving speakers from downstairs to upstairs, degrading ?
Thank you everyone for inserting in your inputs. Greatly [email protected] What are all options for Decoupling the speakers from the floor?  
Moving speakers from downstairs to upstairs, degrading ?
All the same. Just the foundation diff which is my main concern. 
Careful if buying Purist Audio Neptune fluid cables.
Wow took them 2 months to service it. But glad you have them back. PAD rocks 
Just got AQ Niagara 1200 ...
I’m just curious if you were upgrading from a diff power cond or was this a add-on power cond? Please share findings.I, myself, critically tested/ compared both AQ Thunder and Tornado cords going from wall to my Richard Gray Pwr Cond and the Torna... 
Jeff Rowland Capri VS Capri S2
I like using Richard Gray Power conditioner. It has the warmth and mellow that I like. I did have everything hooked up to Richard Gray including my integrated amp, but my new tube amp now goes direct to wall outlet instead of Richard Gray. Cheers 
Jeff Rowland Capri VS Capri S2
To OP, At the beginning, I too had JRDG 102 amp to mate with Capri original and many small bookshelves in a small room- good result(very) sweet sounding and ease to the eyes. Good combo. I now have VTL ST-150 tube amp to drive Sonus Faber Cremonas... 
Jeff Rowland Capri VS Capri S2
Hi, I had both same time, side by side. The original unit has more organic sounding that I spent hours and hours without getting tired of- just listen and enjoy music But side by side, the S2 is a better unit; more refine and define across the sou... 
Cardas XLR to RCA adapter comparison?
@david_ten Thank you. I'm glad the differences is noticeable. I really like those Clear XLR connectors, except the price. 
Cardas XLR to RCA adapter comparison?
@almarg thank [email protected] my application is exactly that, preamp xlr out- amp rca [email protected] I hope it’s more than that otherwise, that’s a lot of mark up $$$. However, Cardas has 1 beautiful design names Clear. I like them but Each pair is $200... 
Purist Audio Design PAD / Aqueous Aureus Praesto Rev.
Hi, do you have experience with ANY Purist cables, cords? 
Purist Audio Design in One word
After 4 days of hard listening my brand spanking new Purist interconnect, I have one word for it; it is "Magical".I’m done searching. It’s a jaw dropping. How the heck Jim did it? 
NEW Cerious Technologies Upgrade - Graphene Matrix Cables
@rgrost Thank you Bob. Looking into it. 
Purist Audio Design in One word
I’m OP, So my brand spanking new PAD Musaeus Luminis version XLR just arrived and from the first 5 min plugged in (I know, I couldn’t wait), it’s definitely sweeter, rounder, QUITER and slightly more polite; fully magical- easier to the ears which... 
Transparent Ultra or Super?
Q, is Gen 5 same version as MM2 or Gen 5 is Transparent's newer and the latest?