VooDoo Power Cables

Just curious if anyone would like to share their experiences with VooDoo cables. Specifically the power cords. There is not much info in the discussion section of Audiogon or online for a company that been around for this long. Price point to features seems to be more reasonable but how do the compare to say Shunyata or Cardas?

Thanks in advance
I had an experience with Voodoo Tesla 2,their top of the line model.It really fleshed out the bass in my system and improved male vocals.Unfortunately i had to sell it because it was too short and applied too much tension on my AC outlet.Haven't seen it since on the used market.
I have a VooDoo Mana in my system. Is it OK - ya,
but I'm one of those who have a deep suspicion of the hype given to power cords, so I use that and some Transparent cords for reasonable price to try to "do no harm".
For the money, I'd say they are an exceptional value, and given the number available on the used market, apparently their owners think the same.
I have used the Siver Dragon, Mana, original Tesla and Special Edition (a Silver Dragon prototype w/smaller gauge wire). I still use the Special Edition on my sub and Tesla on my cdp. I sold the SD and and the Mana is in my closet only because it's too short. I can't find fault with any that I've used. If you have specific questions, email me. Otherwise talk to Bruce at Voodoo, he's great to talk with. As far as comparing to Shunyata, you're talking about a loyalty club that believes that Shunyata is the audio "second coming" and I have no interest, really, in Cardas anything.
I wrote up a review on VooDoo Reference speaker cable last year. It was my real speaker wire and I noticed a big difference in the way my system sounded. Okay, I was replacing some Monster speaker wire. A few months ago, I spent an entire day A/B listening between my VooDoo and a pair of NBS Signature II speaker cable. All I can say is that the VooDoo were every bit as good as the NBS Signature II's. The only area the NBS had a slight edge in was the mids. However, the VooDoo had much better top and bottom extension. I had to go up the NBS chain to the Master III's to get better performance. It also came at a cost of 5 times the cost of my VooDoo's (that is saying alot about price/performance). While my VooDoo Reference speaker cables are now for sale, I know that I will buy more VooDoo products later on.

Bruce is a fantastic guy to deal with and his products are built with great craftmanship.
Hi everybody. I recently had the opportunity to measure - test - try out some power cords from both VooDoo, and Shynyata at the same time.... more or less... they were all here at the same time, anyway. It's too late for me to get into any great detail just now but I thought I would leave my impressions about them here.

I tried Taipan Alphas, Mana's, and Black Dragons, on the vk500 amp. I tried Taipan vx, Python vx, and Silver Dragon on the CdP.

What was better on the amp? Black Dragons would be the pick if I had to choose soley between those two pairs. Better in the staging arena and dynamics. Decent bass extension as well.

Up on the CDP, thigs got a bit more dicey. Here's where taste will play a big role. I Like a deeper level of sonic reproduction as a rule. It comes across to me as more natural. While smoothness and detail also play a lrge part too. Sound stageing and placement figure in as making for a more realistic presentation. Earthy you might say. If smooth detail is the ticket, the Taipan will suffice for a CDP. Up a notch the Silver Dragon provides more extension across the board while maintaining presence and coming across as most listenable. I would have to say however, given my taste for sonic and overall reproduction of the sound stage and the fashion it is presented the Python VX provides another level of detail, air, and space. It also loses some of the smoothness the others possess. Not harsh, or grainy, just a tad bit of edge though not a distraction. Maybe sharper is a more fitting word.

I will say that as a mix & match session took place after some considerable break in on all the cords... the overall best combination I found was with the Python VX on the CdP, the Silver Dragon on the vk5i, and the Black Dragons running the amp.... Ina word, "REMARKABLE'. Why did I put the Silver on the preamp? Beats me. Just did. Actually I put it there to run it in a bit faster up front but didn't listen to it right off while it was in that position.... till later. Much later.

I will get back with more on that little 'cord fest' with more detail later on.... but having seen first hand, you don't have to hock the first born to get great sound, perhaps a bit more looking around will allow a better or equal fit and hopefully easier touch to the wallet than the Shunyata offerings including the much hearlded Python. As much as I loved what it did with the VooDoo cords in my system, there may yet be one to best it as the lesser priced VooDoo Dragons did the Taipan Alphas & VX. The VooDoo's didn't just edge out the Shunyata Taipans. They shoved them out of the way by a pretty good margin, both in performance, and price.....

Lest I forget the Manas... the first pair of upgrded power cords to be put on the vk500. They provided a much needed improvement across the board in all areas. Noticeably, though, the mid range was fuller than the top or bottom... this may well be as a result of the compnents and ID's, (Cardass Neutral Refs), I have in place. The Cardass do butter their bread in the mids. With solid bass, and really easy to take highs, the Manas were a plaesant addition to the amp. The Black Dragons simply offer more. Just more in terms of refinement, and presentation... though not much if any of the dynamics are diminished. Possibly The Black Dragons don't the overt punch the Manas do in the bottom end, but they pull off the show with a more restrained impact. Never the less, the Dragons have the footprint in the bottom end that provides a solid and forceful foundation to the musical reproduction.