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What size power cable?
Most of the posts are listing to use heavy gage wires.  The wires from your circuit breaker to your outlet are most likely Romex 14-2. These are solid copper.  We use stranded power cords because they are flexible,  not because they are better.... 
What size power cable?
I would recommend using a Tesla Power Wall. Then regenerate AC to a dedicated circuit to power your system.    Sounds fantastic.   
Go Ahead and Laugh at Me
That type of voltage switch is used on lots of equipment.  It measly changes the taps on the transformer. It's designed to visually show you what the device is set to by just looking at it.   
New Topping D90SE DAC
Thanks for your thoughts SRKBEAR. I agree that with a DAC that should be the case.  But some people might differ and I do respect their opinion. The chain of source to ear has many steps and each one tweeks the sound a bit.    Pretty complicate... 
Audiophiles on Audiogon.
Oh my   
Roon/Bluesound Node - adding new DAC (non Roon-Ready)
If you have the Node why buy Roon?  If you don't like the Node DAC,  use an external DAC.   
Another MC402 Question
Mcintosh makes well built long lasting amplifiers that sound great but not lively and detailed.    I own a 452 and a rebuild 2300. My other amplifiers like my jc5 just sound more like a live performance.  However,  I would not give up my Mac am... 
Do you spend more time analyzing the sound of your system, worrying it could be better?
I spend time finding new music and artists that I enjoy.  I'm done spending money on the system.  It's like someone spending too much worrying about their cameras equipment and not looking for wonderful things to photograph.   
Burning in question
Buy a used amp.  
Move from Parasound A23 to A21/A21+ or Something Else?
I had to have a Mc452 repaired under warranty last year which took 5 months.  In the interim,  I recapped parasound HCA855 to run the front speakers.  My God it sounded great. When my MC452 came back home I thought it sounded lifeless.    On a ... 
Is it me? Will I ever be satisfied?
I have the mc452 with BW speakers but only use it to run the subwoofer.  JC 5 runs the main speakers. Bluesound is good but they need an external DAC to really sing. Since you are in a garage,  try a room correction software.  That really helps     
I miss my Loudness Button and Tone Controls....
I use BW speakers and they sound wonderful at any volume.   
An electrical engineer on how power cables can impact sound quality
My power supply in my amplifier has over 120,000uf of capacitance.  That should filter out any noise.   
An electrical engineer on how power cables can impact sound quality
I recently purchased a used amplifier and the previous owner included a high end power cord as well as the original cord.    I must say that the high end cord certainly looks nice.   
An electrical engineer on how power cables can impact sound quality
If power cables do make a difference then why don't expensive amplifiers come with the best power cords already included in the box?  The manufacturer would have tested the best one for their product and added already.