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I agree with your approach.  I had a plate amplifier die and then bypassed it and ran directly into the woofer from a amp connected to the sub out.Worked fine. Keep experimenting until you are either out of ideas or out of money. 😁I eventually bui... 
McIntosh MC2300 as a sub amp
It sounds great in stereo as well. I love McIntosh equipment. I used it for my main amp for years. Using a mc452 now.Many people snub this product but have never owned and spent time really living with them. Give them a chance  
CD or Streaming... am I missing out?
Tidal and other quality services kick ass on any CD player.No question about that! 
CD or Streaming... am I missing out?
Time to step back. A CD is a digital file limited to 44khz.A streamer is a digital file and is at least 44khz or greater Streamers have thousands of tracks and one month subscription is the price of one CD.The most determining sound quality factor... 
Trying to understand B&W’s trickle down strategy
I had a pair of 705s and also had a pair of 805s.Both were brand new with a free return for refund. Only way to truly test a product is in your home. They both had the same mid driver but different tweeter.  Also the bass port was in the front vs ... 
BlueSound Stinks(!), anyone?
I found the node 2i worked great.  I did use the ethernet connection and if you want the best sound that should be standard. An external DAC does help with sound quality as well. Overall very satisfied with bluesound.  
Bluesound Vault 2i, with external DAC and hi-end CD player
I have a Node2i and agree with the feedback regarding that using an external DAC improves the definition and clarity. I tried several DACs and they all sounded differently. It's a matter of finding the best match to the rest of your system.It's ki...