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I want more bass…
Your pass is more than adequate.  Either: 1.  your problem isn't in your amp, perhaps power supply, perhaps in the signal path. 2.  You don't really have a problem.  your system is making a accurate reproduction of the recording.  You can still ... 
Speakers with deep/powerful bass
@gregdude Sounds like I hit a nerve.  Sorry about that,  good luck.  
Speaker of My House…!
Well, I'm a function over form guy...but I think the speakers you have proposed are beautiful.  I enjoyed reading your enthusiastic description of what you want and hope you find the perfect speaker.   
Audiophile sound quality from a more "mainstream" company?
I tend not to follow the crowds.    
Testing for Dirty Electrical Power
It would be the rare exception to find power that isn't "dirty" in your outlet.  I live in a well developed area with supposedly robust power supply.  My power runs 4-5% THD. And don't try to "filter" it. that does more harm than good.  The only ... 
Gigawatt LS2 EVO power cord
Wires do not break in.  Your ears and mind does.   Unlike JB, I do appreciate a quality power cord but if it isn't working for you, the only thing that can change is your mind.    
Yggdrasil OG dac anologue 2 possible problem
I have a bifrost II that does the same thing. It only does it when the sample rate changes---play two songs in a row that are the same sampler rate, e.g., an album recorded the same from song to song, and you won’t hear it. Schiit says clearly on... 
Speakers with deep/powerful bass
So do you want it to sound like it was recorded or do you want it to shake the floor.  Very seldom do those 2 choices overlap.  
Bi-Amping: How can I determine relative output?
I like what Erik described above but in the end, you'll have to go with your ears.  My thought is that the songs that sound normal have room for more bass in them.  They might even sound better with the more bass to many or most people.  I would u... 
Balanced Inputs
Does the implementation of your XLR input use a jensen transformer?  
Anyone tried fiber into EtherRegen SFP?
I use quality silver plated cable into my etherregen.   Fiber may be good but I feel like people to ignore the need to convert the signal to optical and back to electrical in order to use fiber.  Generally these two converters are basic IT grade ... 
Solid core OFC vs stranded OCC copper
@goodlistening64 I tend to go the other way. I would not try a cable that was only 15 awg. That said, it would probably be fine on low power systems or systems with an active bass driver. Edit to add:  I am intrigued by a speaker cable that is s... 
Have ~12K to spend on a new setup. Help!
12K for a multichannel HT setup won't go far.... What I did that I am very happy with (full disclosure, I'm 90% music and 10% TV/movies): My 2 channel HIFi system stands alone.  I have over $12K invested just in my DAC but you can do well for mu... 
Why Switches Influence The Sound Quality
For those who don't want to spend the money on an audiophile switch, he gives in inexpensive cicco option apparently available used in numbers. I have the etherregen switch.  thinking about an external clock.  
Solid core OFC vs stranded OCC copper
OK.  So talking speaker cables.  I'm not aware of anyone using solid core cables for speaker cables.  Speaker cables should be at least 12 awg and preferably 10 awg.  That would be very stiff.   Speaker cables can be made by weaving individual st...