VooDoo Cables ?

Has anyone else here tried these cables? I have some of their video cables and they are the best I have ever tried, this have to be one of the best kept secrets out there! www.voodoocable.net
Yep and Bruce is a good guy to talk with also.
Dude, give it a rest.

You're constant cheerleading of VooDoo cables and Xtreme products without providing an in depth user review or putting into context your use of these products makes me avoid these items like fresh horse dung in the Rose Parade.

I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Maybe cut him a break. Everyone has their favorites (no matter how short lived). He could be promoting things a lot worse.
>>this have to be one of the best kept secrets out there<<

As good a secret as the Xtreme and Reality cables you've told us about. Give us a clue to your next secret. I love a good puzzle.
Maybe cut him a break. Everyone has their favorites (no matter how short lived).

True. Everyone has their favorites. Many folks offer insight into their favorite products based on personal experience by offering in-depth analysis and comparison with other products they have tried.

Tin_cup never offers more than a "They're Great!" comment with an accompanying link. He's no different than Tony the Tiger.
Damn Tvad, I like Tony the Tiger. If it wasn't for him, I'd never have found out how GREAT Frosted Flakes are. ;-0} Maybe Tin Cup will someday expand his descriptive analysis. Maybe his comparative baseline is limited. He's harmless.
Greetings and Happy New year

I am interested in purchasing a pair of Voodoo Reference Silver balanced IC's.
Bruce has been building cables for 13 years. There much be others on Audiogon that have tried or are using Voodoo cables.
Any comments about the cables would be appreciated.
He's harmless.

He strikes me as a shill.
He is harmless and excited about a product he feels others would love. We are not responsible for how articulate others may or may not be. I guess its just Tin cup's way.

No big issue here. Read on and enjoy the diversity of opinion and style.
Okey doke.

BTW, I love Cap'n Crunch.

Tvad, I also love them with the Crunch Berries. They are great.Only problem is they really muffle the sound of my system as I listen with my bowl and spoon in hand. Talk about background noise! Only Fruit Loops can generate more background noise.
Mmmm...Crunch Berries.

Just happens to be a new posting for vd cables. .......
I have to agree with Tvad.

T-Cup has been there, done that, many times now. Always the same, I think he (or she) have even had threads removed do to their nature.
Not sure why I am responding here, but I feel this is important. I have talked to two audiophile friends who don't post anymore on the Gon as they were attacked and thus "stay away" from the hassle. I thought nothing of it at the time and felt they were too sensitive. Both these gentlemen are great guys and full of integrity.

I am starting to be more active on posts and read many of them of late. I am now beginning to see why they "stay clear".

Tin Cup made a post here. You folks can read his comment and the ones which follow. Now I see someone is agreeing with anothers post which attacks Tin Cup. I don't know this Tin Cup or the other posters. My question is what is there to agree with? I looked up all Tin Cup's posts and he has mentioned VD cables 3 times. Almost every single active Agoner on these threads has mentioned a piece of gear they like 3 times. That passion for gear is why we here in the first place. His posts are normal and show me he likes cables and cryo. That's it.

I am really at a loss on this one. Can't understand the Tin Cup reaction at all. Just read his posts - all of them and if you still feel the same, then understand why more new posters don't join in. We are just regular dudes trying to learn, share passion and have fun on this site. Seems it's hard to get acceptance here on the Gon threads.

I hope these threads don't mirror the attitude we see in the poor examples of high end retail shops. You know what I mean.

Many posts and threads are just great. This one has me confused and wondering what I am missing.

To the posters involved. I have seen your names many times and respect your activity. Perhaps I am sensitive also as I don't want to see Tin Cup and others "give up" on Agon posts.
I have re-read Tin_cup's posts, and I find no valuable information regarding any product other than links and cheerleading. No details. No context. No system description.

Without a foundation, the house falls down. It may be innocent enthusiasm, but his/her posts read like puppy love to me.
I don’t know if Tin Cup is shilling or simply sharing his excitement for a product that works well in his system. Perhaps he simply wants to know how other VooDoo Cable products perform. I for one own their 15 amp IEC to 20 amp IEC adapter and find it to work very well. No degrading of sound quality, excellent fit, and good cosmetics.
Happy New Year To All
I have been curious about the Voodoo cables. Just the name makes you wonder...Voodoo ooohhh...

I just like Lak purchased a 15/20A IEC adapter from Vooddoo and am pleased. The adapter allowed me to try many different Power cords for my Hydra 8 before settling on one.
Seems to be the only place to buy such an item.

The Cable Company does not carry Voodoo cables.
Too bad you cant try them without shelling out cash first.
I also have the Voodoo 20amp IEC adaptor for my Hydra 8 and find it works great. I was planning to have my Shunyata Anaconda Alpha 15-amp power cord reterminated, but was so happy with the sound using the adaptor that I decided to leave well enough alone. The sound is well balanced and grainless.