VooDoo Power Cords...What s the verdict?

Has anyone tried these cables and if so what have you compared them against. Thanks...
I recently compared the Voodoo Mana and Shunyata Viper V2 to my Syn. Res. Master Couplers,. And in the last year, have auditioned seven other power cords. The Mana is detailed, a bit mellow, good bass, good tonal balance-- and relatively neutral. It's a PC I could be satisfied with. But having to make a choice, I would definitely keep the SR-MCs for their slight warmth, richness, clarity, and PRaT-- and their non-fatiguing character. They're also not too far from neutral.

The Viper was more interesting. It yielded great detail and I found it a somewhat analytical throughout the whole music range, with an "edge" especially in the low treble that was fatiguing to me. Because it was so analytical, I also could not connect with the rhytum of music. Good Luck. Craig
I would just like to echo Garfish's point. The Master Couplers may not be "cable of the month" but in my experience they have a particular (almost said unique) way about them that connects you to the music. I recently came across a power cable that objectively seemed to sound almost identical to the Master Coupler and I put them in place for a few days. Then I found that the system had somehow become boring.

This was not an issue of highs being rolled off or any other such tonal abberation or any compression of dynamics, but somehow the music had become mechanical in some indefinable way. Putting the Master Couplers back in place brought a sigh of relief. Seemingly no change to the sound, but the music moved me again. I don't think I would call it PRAT, but more like the Master Coupler doing a better job of preserving the subtleties of the real event. Perhaps Garfish is right and it is about very subtle timing clues, but he is certainly right that there is still something quite special about the Master Couplers.