Recommed a medium sized monitors that can go loud

I want to downsize my speakers from a floor stander (Acoustic Zen Adagios)to a "medium size" monitor or "MAYBE" a slim profile and light weight floor stander that can play loud, but also sound clean, transparent, and musical.

I have a Rogue integrated hybrid amp(100RMS) and a Ayre CX-7e mp CD player. So far, I have considered: KEF LS-50; Harbeth 30.1;.... Harbeth new SHL Super Plus( too expensive).... Monitor Audio Gold GX-100; Devore O/93 ( too expensive and possibly overrated) Scansonic MB-2.5; B&W's 804 or 805; KEF 300R; I can spend about $3000-3500 for used mint speakers, possibly a little more.

Please note: I saw two separate ads on Audiogon for KEF LS-50's that sold within a week; yet. I cannot believe that these speakers have any real bass or don't sound bright or lean..... Thank you.

Try Omega's Super Alnico monitors. Fantastic single driver, efficient speakers that will make you forget your floor standers. Louis has a generous 30 day audition policy. In my 600+ sq ft. room, they certainly play loud enough for me (92+db)
+1 on the Omega's. I own the Super MK2 and they play plenty loud in my 12 X 15 X 9 room.

I would also suggest the Ascend Acoustic Sierra Monitor 1s.

Bryston Mini T. Known for its dynamics and bass extension in a larger but standmount speaker.
Monitors I've heard in recent years that made a very good impression but did not hit stratospheric pricing;

Legacy Audio StudioHD
Legacy Audio VictoriaHD (if you can find a pair,...)
LSA1 Statement or LSA1 Signature
Adam Audio S3XV
Adam Audio A7X
Adam Audio A8X
Adam Audio Compact MK3
Joseph Audio Pulsar
Triangle Comete EZ
Triangle Signature THETA
Decapos are a good bet. So are Green Mountain Audio monitors.

Yes on the De Capos. I don't own them but a good friend does.

See the current listing for Kef Ref One? Just bought a pair after selling my Triton Ones. I'll quote one reviewer: 'they play astoundingly loud.' This is indeed the case.
My skinny Silverline Preludes (with REL subs helping out) can get loud enough for me, but only really loud when I feel like blasting something while I'm not in the room with them ("loud" for simply listening from the designated ideal "sweet spot" seems like something with ear health risk…"dynamic" might be a better goal)…loud is a relative thing anyway, and it's a rare hifi speaker that will get as loud as pro PA stuff (which I also have), which has to be able to play loud to cover audience spaces…there's your clean and loud.
FInd a good pair of Advent, KLH or AR speakers
Thanks to all who have responded so far. However. I may have overstated or over emphasized the "loudness" factor. The reason is I play a lot of classic 60's rock, some jazz/rock fusion,some classical music, and big band. But not head banging crazy loud, but more importantly a speaker that is both transparent and musical.

I happened to notice the other day playing Elton John's track called "Hercules" an excellent piece of straight ahead "rock and roll", that the electric guitars jam got lost a bit in the mix and sounded a bit congested. I realize there are too many reasons to recount for that to happen. The issue is both smoothness and clarity. This may not be possible in many so-called high-end monitors Though, I happened to run across a review of the Raidho M-1 which claimed that its electrostatic(?)tweeter can unravel much of the high frequency mix on excellent CD recordings. Nice, but $14,000 plus is not my budget.

I am curious if any of the British monitors have a similar resolving power, like the new Harbeth SLH -5 Super Plus, or the previous 30.1 even though both use traditional dome tweeter. Lastly, I got to consider budget, speaker size, the anomalies of room acoustics, and my current electronics. Rogue is very good, but it is not PASS, AR or other top shelf electronics

A review I saw in "Soundstage(2012) of Monitor Audio's GX-100 praised it across the board, though also implied that it can sound bright. However, M.A. has a new series of speakers. The equivalent to the GX-100 is now called G-100 and supposedly improved. The Monitor Audio speakers I have heard over the last 10 years were very good, however, I get a bit suspicious when a big company like M.A. keeps pouring out new series every 2-3 years. This marketing plan always suggested to me a mid-fi strategy, and not necessarily an attempted to produce a high-end speakers, but I could be very wrong about that assumption. Cheers to all !!!!

To Wolf-Garcia, a worthy correction, "dynamic" is a excellent substitute for loud or loudness
Selah Audio Tempesta or Verita. Both very competitive with the best stand mounts at 2x the price, IMOj.
If you want to save a few bucks, look for a gently used pair of Revel M22s. They sound great, very detailed with very good bass. Can play loud and can be gotten for under 1000 dollars now because they never received any press. An outstanding speaker period.
I own Scansonic MB2.5, need careful positioning and still the bass is excessive.
You might consider Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2's. When I listen to mine I hear dynamic, clean, transparent, and musical.
To Murgeshj: Thank you for heads up about the bass of the Scansonic MB-2.5. Scansonic like many other grands are not readily available in most audio shops. And with demise of mortar and brick showrooms it becomes almost impossible to hear them unless you want to travel to another city

To Mtbrider. Thanks for the comment, but Ascend is not a speaker that is know by many people. However, I will google up a few reviews if they exist.
"unravel much of the high frequency mix"

The crescendo at the end of 'Bridge over Troubled Water' comes to mind. It took a while for me to build a system that was resolving enough to 'unravel' it well. Recently, I was surprised that dynamics were improved even more when swapping positions with existing power cords that had been in my system for years. LOL!

Also, cross-overs are probably involved with 'unravleing'. My Acoustic Zen Adagio Jrs (with a powered sub) started out as mellow speakers. Not any more. Bill Baker's (Response Audio) custom cross-overs changed that.
I would recommend a pair of Focal monitors from the electra line 1008Be's. However your electronics may not bring out the best in them and they may even sound harsh. I have a pair and drive them with all Pass electronics xp-20 / xa100.5 combination and they sound fantastic. They are very detailed and transparent and not harsh and can play very loudly; depending on room size. I listen primarily to classical large symphonic works, female jazz vocals and classic rock (zeppelin, floyd).

Good Luck in your search.
i just bought bryston mini t's sight unseen or heard,i also  have kef ls 50,,, and r 300's i have a small listening room �and was going to get merlins,,,,,but WOW bryston has made one hell of a speaker for nothing! man these are awesome i highly recommend  them!! these have PUNCH and as clear as anything i have had even planar and ribbon speakers,, although they are not pretty ,i did put lipstick on a pig.. i put brass feet on them and brass screws on the face of them or u would never even knotice them ,, the rest of my system is cary audio plus onkyo m 510 , audio note and mcintosh, i have many systems with tube and without,,,,,,,,GREAT JOB BRYSTON!!! i have not heard there amps but they're next,,,i am stunned at what i am hearing and seeing ,ok good luck!,,,,next on the list model t's for the living room!!!!
If you like monitor audio dont be shy. They represent great value and are very musical and neutral. The 2nd tier is especially wallet and ear friendly.  they will never be praised like kef or b&w im afraid, bit i care more abour my ears than anyone else. ;-)

If i couldnt build my own speakers, monitor audio is one of the very few big name brands that wouldnt make me feel cheated.
If I were going to buy a small speaker, I'd go with the Harbeth line. Forget "loud." Harbeth speakers make music. 
The B&W line will play loud and are a good choice with rock music because they can produce low bass. Most stand mount speakers will not really produce any low bass that works for rock. The B&W will also do a good job with any other music. The new series 3 are a definite improvement over their prior speakers.

I have owned Harbeth and would not recommend them for rock music. Just my opinion which may not be yours.

Good luck with your search.
I would highly recommend Dynaudio for anyone looking to play loud rock music. You will not be disappointed at the high volumes you can achieve either :-)  They need lots of power for this. They open up when given good clean power. Also, they make some of the sweetest sounding voice coils. This makes for a very engaging experience indeed.

Matt M

I agree with the Dynaudio recommendations, they will go loud and still sound sweet given the right juice and provide plenty of clean tight bass.

yes dynaudio shines when played loud,dynaudio contour s1.4 LE (new)and confidence c1 (used)
For under 3k kef 201/2 or paradigm s4v.2. Had both, like both quite a bit. Currently have the Paradigm. I would say the Paradigm sounds more like a floor stander and better if your collection includes any rock or metal and may not be as picky with amplification. 
Legacy just announced a new monitor speaker called the Callibre (sp?). Info is on their website and it will be shown at RMAF if memory serves.  It looks capable and of a design worth considering.


I good friend of mine has a pair of Focal MINI UTOPIAS  He picked up used for about 2500   Impressive for a monitor as good sounding as many floor standing speakers 

Well iv heard alot and the worse Monitor speakers were the Vapor Audio.
Used Monitor Audio Silver series speakers would be your best value I think.

Look into the PMC Twenty series.  I just purchased a set of the 22's and all I'll say is WOW!  
I have a pair of Dynaudio focus 160s for sale. While not as efficient as some of the others mentioned, you can feed them many many watts, and they will play loud. They strike a nice balance between hi fi and listen all day. They really are the jack of all trades.
I'll second the Ascend Sierra 2.  They are a brand that flies under the radar as they don't have the brand appeal of a Focal or Monitor Audio.  But that's just marketing strategy, and Ascend spends their money on the product instead.  The Sierra 2 puts many bookshelf speakers to shame.  If one wants detail with clear effortless reproduction, then these should be on the short list.
I need you to rate one of the wall-mounted speaker announcements here , give me the best advice. Thank you!