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Looking for phono preamp suggestions
Herron VTPH2 Aexcellent phono stage irrespective of price. I have one and use Telefunken NOS tubes which was a nice upgrade. Chuck  
Which Integrated Amp For Tannoy Turnberry Prestige GR Speakers
A Pass INT30A if you can find one. The Luxman and AR are also ggod segestions.Chuck  
Herron VTPH-2A final thoughts.
I had my VTPH 2 upgraded to the 2A and as good as it was it is exceptional now. Quite possible one of the finest phono-stages available irregardless of price and most certainly competitive with the top tier products. It would have been a shame had... 
Best pre-amp with a C-J Premier 11a Amp
I used a cj premier 16lsII with a cj 11a and it was an excellent combination. You can't go wrong with a cj pre mated to a cj amp as system synergy will not be an issue and cj makes one of the finest pre-amps in the business.Chuck  
SS preamps with two XLR inputs and at least four outputs [two of them XLR]
I believe Pass offers both XLR & RCA inputs on their pre-amps.Chuck  
Audioengine B1 Premium Bluetooth Music Receiver
I have one and stream Radio Swiss Classic and like it very much. Actually I am quite impressed with the quality of sound it achieves given what it is and  depending on the quality of your digital front end it may or may not compete favoribly. As t... 
Starting Over...Need help finding the perfect integrated to replace everything
Pass Labs INT 60 or 250 although neither one offers an onboard DAC or Phono Stage but they sound great.  
recommendation needed-upgrade power receptacle- monster power htps7000 outlet 15amp or 20
I would also recommend the Porter Ports or these from Voo-Doo Audio.  
Amplifier for a Focal Electra 1008 BE
In the past I used a Cary SLI-80 tubed integrated now I use a pair of ss Pass XA100.5's. Matching an amplifier with the Focal's is very important as that tweeter can be ruthlessly revealing and sound harsh. I have also heard them mated to a Pass I... 
What is best as wall plug : HMS Furutech Oyaide please
I use these and I am very leased with them. could also go with Porter Ports sold on this site. They are a cryo treated Hospital Grade Hubble if I am not mistaken. I have used P... 
thoughts on phono stage
Herron Audio VTPH-2. The Herron is a vacuum tube design and plays well above its price point.Chuck  
Who wants to return to the previous Audiogon list format?
I agree with the above posters as I don't like it either too cumbersome and not user friendly.Chuck  
Integrated tube amplifier for large speakers
I would buy the speakers first and see how well your Jolida drives them. As far as which taps to use try both to see which gives you the better sound. If you decide to change out the amp you might want to research a Cary SLI-80. There are a couple... 
need help for speaker cable
This person makes some very nice and affordable cables. I use his interconnects and I am very pleased with their performance. 
Need advice on subwoofer for maggies
I was thinking of trying a pair of SVS with my Focal 1008 monitors. They offer a free home trial along with free shipping to and fro so hard to beat. I have not heard them so I can't comment on the sound but they do seem to get good reviews and ar...