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Getting into tubes
Cary Audio SLI-80 or if you want Single Ended Triode Cary CAD300SEI.  Both are Point to Point wired and you can tube roll to your hearts content.  
Shipping out of country.
I have and have not had any issues Europe, England & Austrailia. 
Sony HAP-Z1ES - Is there an upgraded model coming from Sony?
Currently there is no direct way to stream SACD(DSD) files to this player? So with my hybrid discs it will stream the redbook layer to the player then the player up samples them to dsd? Thanks Chuck  
Iphone 7 as a source
You could try an Audiengine B1 Bluetooth muscic streamer. They have a 30day return policy if you don't like it. I have one and I stream internet radio from my Samsung Tablet and it works and sounds very good. Pretty surprising actually.https://aud... 
Which preamp for a pass labs?
mizioa you are most welcome and glad I could help. Chuck  
Tube Amp Questions
I would suggest a Pass X..5 or .8  series amplifier size would depend on budget. Thiels like current and need to be feed properly to sound their best. Chuck  
Which preamp for a pass labs?
I would suggest Pass  either an xp10 or 20 would be a perfect match. As for cables I am using these and they are excellent regardless of price. the musicChuck  
Integrated amp for Focal Aria 948 speakers? SS or tube
I have a pair of 1008Be's that were powered by a Cary SLI-80 and then a Pass INT30.  The Cary was fun rolling tubes in and out. The Pass was a better amp much more dynamic. I liked the Pass so much that I moved up their line to a pair of xa100.5's... 
preamp to pair with pass xa30.5
At your budget level you could afford an xp10 or perhaps stretch to an xp20.Chuck  
preamp to pair with pass xa30.5
Why not just buy a Pass Pre-amp? They sound great and you don't have to worry about synergy issues. For best performance use the XLR connection between the Amp and Pre-Amp. I use a pair of XA1005's paired with an XP20 driving a pair Focal 1008Be m... 
Phono Stage Recommendation $3000
I also suggest the Herron VTPH-2.  I have NOS Telefunkens in mine and it sounds wonderful. Plus Keith will let you try it in your system for 30 days only had to pay shipping if I decided to return it; obviously I didn't.Chuck  
Why not a Pass XP10 or 20 ? 
AR ES-1 Transport Bolt Needed
Hi Have you tried this person? 
Herron Audio VTPH-2A Question
Yes it would I use a Benz Micro Wood SL with a VPI Classic One Table. Keith will let you audition the VTPH-2 for like 30 days just have to pay shipping to and fro if you return it.Chuck 
Herron Audio VTPH-2A Question
I own the Herron and have not heard the Manley.  The Herron is very neutral sounding and accurate. I would not describe it as harsh or warm. I listen primarily to Classical and Female Jazz vocals. Also I use NOS Telefunkens in my VTPH-2 and felt i...