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Integrated amp recommendation for Focal 1038
Just saying if you step up to an Pass INT30A you may find you don't want to sell it and if you do you will get your money back out of it. I am driving a pair of 1008 Be's with a pair of XA100.5's and XP20 combo my previous amp (s) were a Cary SLI-... 
Amp for Focal Diablo Utopia Colour Evo
Now I better understand your situation and not being able to try it out in your system in your environment makes it difficult. I would look at upgrading your preamp/streamer if it were me as the Primaluna is a very good power amp. Or you could swi... 
Amp for Focal Diablo Utopia Colour Evo
Agreed that tube amps do well with Focal as do many class A ss amps. My limited experience with ss A/B amps has not been good meaning the tweeter is harsh and I find myself looking for ways to pull back the tweeter. This is not good because when y... 
Amp for Focal Diablo Utopia Colour Evo
I use PASS XA100.5 with my Focals the class A amplification really smooths out that Beryllium Tweeter.Enjoy the Focals they are a fantastic speaker when driven with the right electronics but can be ruthlessly revealing when they are not. Chuck  
Herron VTPH-2A ... tube dying?
I use NOS Telefunkens in my VTPH-2a not a cheap option but better than any new issue tubes you can buy.Chuck 
Conrad johnson preamp GATvs et7-s2
The GAT is superior.  
What CD players will accept an I2S connection with the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC ?
https://geerfab.com/audio/system-requirements/  From any of the Sony Universal Players mentioned on this site into the DBOB into the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. 
Which subwoofer?
https://www.svsound.com/Very good quality and reputation also offer a lengthy trial period along with free shipping TO and FRO. Chuck  
Restored Vintage SS Amps for Sale?
https://www.musictechnology.com/contact-usHighly respected repair rebuild shop.Chuck :) 
Underwood Hifi / Underwood Wally...
I have not bought from him but I have talked to him a couple of times and he always returned my calls answered my questions and came across as a knowledgeable straight up person.  
Looking for an amp that punches way about its weight and I can grow with
You may want to peruse US Audio Mart as well Audiogon. https://www.usaudiomart.com/ 
Looking for an amp that punches way about its weight and I can grow with
I would suggest Pass as well however your budget may get you an X250 and perhaps stretch to an X250.5 a 250.8 is out of the question for $3K. Pass Labs service and support is excellent.Chuck    
Herron VTPH-2A discontinued
A shame as it is a fantastic phono stage. I currently own one and plan on keeping it.  
eBay / PayPal: Beware - enough is never enough.
My account is around 20 years old with 100% feedback and it used to be fun to transact on ebay but not anymore. I haven't had many transactions lately but decided to start selling again as I would like to clear out some things. But this new policy... 
eBay / PayPal: Beware - enough is never enough.
I am done with ebay as they want me to link my bank account with my ebay account. NOT HAPPENING done with them. Sold a camera on ebay recently and they won't release the funds until I link my bank account and ship the item.