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Phono Stage Recommendation $3000
I also suggest the Herron VTPH-2.  I have NOS Telefunkens in mine and it sounds wonderful. Plus Keith will let you try it in your system for 30 days only had to pay shipping if I decided to return it; obviously I didn't.Chuck  
Why not a Pass XP10 or 20 ? 
AR ES-1 Transport Bolt Needed
Hi Have you tried this person? 
Herron Audio VTPH-2A Question
Yes it would I use a Benz Micro Wood SL with a VPI Classic One Table. Keith will let you audition the VTPH-2 for like 30 days just have to pay shipping to and fro if you return it.Chuck 
Herron Audio VTPH-2A Question
I own the Herron and have not heard the Manley.  The Herron is very neutral sounding and accurate. I would not describe it as harsh or warm. I listen primarily to Classical and Female Jazz vocals. Also I use NOS Telefunkens in my VTPH-2 and felt i... 
Conrad Johnson--Best used Model
Been one my whole life ! 1) I moved away from cj separates to downsize to a Cary Integrated which was fine for awhile but I kept having issues with power tubes. I decided to try some Pass components and that is where I am today. Also speaker chang... 
Conrad Johnson--Best used Model
GO PACKERS! (Shareholder) From the cj older house sound the 17 and 16 are both very nice the 16 a bit more detailed. Experienced both pre-amps driving cj tube and ss amps.  I now use pass xa100.5's mated with a pass xp-20 and it is a very good mat... 
Do they make a quiet great sounding phono pre amp??
I also use the Herron VTPH-2 and I am very pleased with it; very quiet and resolute. 
Herron VTPH-2 12ax7 Recommendations?
Great Choice!  I use Telefunckens in my VTPH-2.Chuck  
SS Amp for Avalons
Pass XA series very nice indeed. 
Amp for Focal Electra 1008Be
Reno Hi-Fi offers a trial period just pay shipping to and fro if you don't keep the item .... 
Amp for Focal Electra 1008Be
Home Grown audio DNA interconnects and X-32 Speaker cables. Bad service form Pass?  They always respond very quickly to any of my questions although never needed them for service.Chuck  
Amp for Focal Electra 1008Be
I have the same speakers and they sound great with Pass amplifiers. I personally drive mine with a pair of xa100.5's along with a Pass Xp-20 pre-amp. They are not bright when driven with the proper electronics but can be if not.Chuck  
Herron VTPH-2
I had experience using NOS tubes in a tubed amplifier which greatly improved that particular amplifier. So I consulted with Keith and he recommended I try Telefunkens.Chuck  
Herron VTPH-2
I replaced the stock Ei tubes with NOS Telefunkens and felt they improved the unit with regards to inner detail and transparency. Excellent phono stage. Chuck