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how to connect power for amps
The 14 gauge AWG power cord is designed to handle the rated 15 amps for which the unit was designed. I would suggest you calculate what your load requirements are per Kalali's recomendation and go from there. If you research a few threads on Audio... 
how to connect power for amps
I use a Hammond Hospital Grade Power Strip and it works very well and is very affordable. 
Replacing generic RECEPTACLES
These are very good as well I use them in my system. Chuck 
Inexpensive Tube Integrated Amp (Hybrid) To Use With Coincident Speakers
You might look into a used Cary SLI-80 or elusive disc has a good price on a Cayan Tube Integrated and is well reviewed by Stereophile. is a Prolouge from ... 
Preamp under $2,000 used
There are a couple of conrad johnson pre-amps currently listed on this site. No affiliation with either seller. CJ is a premier manufacturer of tubed pre-amps and support their products very well.  Chuck   
Phono stage
I recommend the Herron VTPH-2 ! I am using NOS Tele's in mine and it sounds fantastic. Also great support. Chuck  
First time tube integrated buy
I would consider a Cary SLI-80 very well built with excellent support by an American Manufacturer. Owned one for several years before going to Pass Mono-Blocs. Chuck  
Best phono cartridge under $350
Looking for amp advice (punk, rock & reggae edition)
If you really want to make those Focals sing I would seriously look into a Pass INT30A but it is a bit beynd your budget (around $3500 used). I used one for awhile driving my 1008Be's before moving on to a pair of Pass xa100.5's and it is excellen... 
Pass x250.8 vs Hegel h4se vs Ayre VX-R
I would also recommend Pass. I have a pair of xa100.5's and they are truly excellent sounding amplifiers and a great company.Chuck  
Looking for amp advice (punk, rock & reggae edition)
I have on the Cary and it does a nice job but not the Cayin but it is a Stereophile recommended component and fits your budget. Both units are tubed so you would have to deal with the heat and maintenance associated with them. http://www.elusivedi... 
Looking for amp advice (punk, rock & reggae edition)
Within your budget you might want to try a used Cary SLI-80 or if you prefer new Cayin might be a good option. Elusive disc is very good to work with and they sell Cayin.Chuck 
Ideas on amp for Thiel
I would recommend Pass either the X series or XA series your chaoice based on budget. I wouldn't go any smaller than the X250.x or the xa100,xChuck  
First Tube Amp
If you wanted to stick to an integrated you could try a Cary SLI-80 or 300SEi both are excellent.  With either amp you can tube roll if you like.CHuck  
McIntosh MA5200 hum
As a diagnostic tool only I would try a cheater plug on the amp to see if the hum disappears. If it does then it sounds like you have a ground fault issue and perhaps running a dedicated circuit to your system may help.Chuck