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Best speaker/system piano concerts
Without going into wordy sonic descriptors I would go with Focals you pick the model based on budget along with Pass Labs amplification preferable something in the XA series.  Chuck  
Any real sonic improvement using 2 or 3 belts on VPI tables?
I use two on my classic and according to my rpm gauge I get slightly better speed control. 
how to connect power for amps
The 14 gauge AWG power cord is designed to handle the rated 15 amps for which the unit was designed. I would suggest you calculate what your load requirements are per Kalali's recomendation and go from there. If you research a few threads on Audio... 
how to connect power for amps
I use a Hammond Hospital Grade Power Strip and it works very well and is very affordable.http://www.hammondmfg.com/1584h.htm 
Replacing generic RECEPTACLES
These are very good as well I use them in my system. Chuckhttp://voodoocable.net/product/voodoo-ubbell-audio-grade-ac-outlet/ 
Inexpensive Tube Integrated Amp (Hybrid) To Use With Coincident Speakers
You might look into a used Cary SLI-80 or elusive disc has a good price on a Cayan Tube Integrated and is well reviewed by Stereophile. http://www.elusivedisc.com/Cayin-A-50T-MKII-Tube-Integrated-Amp/productinfo/CAYA50TMK2/Here is a Prolouge from ... 
Preamp under $2,000 used
There are a couple of conrad johnson pre-amps currently listed on this site. No affiliation with either seller. CJ is a premier manufacturer of tubed pre-amps and support their products very well.  Chuck   
Phono stage
I recommend the Herron VTPH-2 ! I am using NOS Tele's in mine and it sounds fantastic. Also great support. Chuck  
First time tube integrated buy
I would consider a Cary SLI-80 very well built with excellent support by an American Manufacturer. Owned one for several years before going to Pass Mono-Blocs. Chuck  
Best phono cartridge under $350
Looking for amp advice (punk, rock & reggae edition)
If you really want to make those Focals sing I would seriously look into a Pass INT30A but it is a bit beynd your budget (around $3500 used). I used one for awhile driving my 1008Be's before moving on to a pair of Pass xa100.5's and it is excellen... 
Pass x250.8 vs Hegel h4se vs Ayre VX-R
I would also recommend Pass. I have a pair of xa100.5's and they are truly excellent sounding amplifiers and a great company.Chuck  
Looking for amp advice (punk, rock & reggae edition)
I have on the Cary and it does a nice job but not the Cayin but it is a Stereophile recommended component and fits your budget. Both units are tubed so you would have to deal with the heat and maintenance associated with them. http://www.elusivedi... 
Looking for amp advice (punk, rock & reggae edition)
Within your budget you might want to try a used Cary SLI-80 or if you prefer new Cayin might be a good option. Elusive disc is very good to work with and they sell Cayin.Chuck 
Ideas on amp for Thiel
I would recommend Pass either the X series or XA series your chaoice based on budget. I wouldn't go any smaller than the X250.x or the xa100,xChuck