Success w. large speakers & moderately sized rooms

Firstly, I apologize in advance for those who I've already made aware of my upcoming situation in previous threads. However, I feel this specific topic may benefit a large number of Audiogon members. I am going to be installing a pair of large, full-range speakers (Focal Nova Utopia Be) in a moderately sized listening space (20 x 13). Why am I taking on such a risk provided the multitude of sonic complications associated with such a decision? Firstly, the Nova's are speakers I've dreamt of owning for several years and an excellent opportunity became availabe to acquire a pair locally. Secondly, I have a fairly powerful amp (McIntosh MC402) that should be adept at controlling the Nova's 13" woofer. Lastly, my room is treated with GIK acoustic panels and ASC Tube Traps to reduce any possible doubling over of the low frequencies. Based on the information presented above and those with similar experiences with large speakers in medium rooms, will I be able to obtain long-term happinnes with the Nova's? Thanks in advance.
8 x 13 x 20 seems ideal shape. I would not worry about the room being too small at all!
Good Luck
I think they will work well if you can get them far out into the room (away from walls and corners). These speakers have a huge bass hump (resonance) not unlike the Wilson WP series. If you cannot get them out into the room then I fear you will loose most of the clarity of the lower midrange to the overwhelming resonant bass.
Thanks for the replys. My current speakers are about 3' feet from the side walls and 5.5' feet from the rear walls. Hopefully it will be just a matter of minimizing room interactions to get the most from this speakers.
I have Revel F52's in a room that size and they are sublime. The key is sound absorb panels behind and to the reflection point on the side. Tweek toe in until they lock for you

Revel F52's do not have a bass hump.

However, Adamg, I think you will be delighted with the sound of your new speakers if you can place them as you describe. This is what I would call well out into the room.
Thanks again for the replies. I feel like my speaker placement and room treatments will allow me to experience what the Nova's are capable of. Its just slightly terrifying to make a significant financial contribution for speakers without knowing if you will be overwhelmed with muddied bass overhang. However, as I mentioned earlier, I couldn't conceivably pass them up.