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Price increases are insane
I just snagged my dream speakers, KEF Blade2. The only way I could swing that (barely) is because KEF just released their Meta versions, requiring (apparently) dealers to upgrade themselves to acquire.  My point is: timing & luck were my frie... 
What is this term 'analytical' ?
What does sterile sound like? What does character sound like? What does connecting emotionally sound like?   
What is this term 'analytical' ?
Good thoughtful answers. Seems like it means what I might think of as bright, or top heavy. Now if someone would tell me what 'musical' means, and how it's different... Who knows the brilliant Mingus (I think) quote? All together now: 'talking ... 
Orchard Audio Starkrimson Stereo Ultra
I sold my regular non-ultra amp a few months back. Owned for about 6 months. Smooth sounding. I reckon the Ultra have more of everything. Go for it.  
Amps for KEF Blade 2
Well I have a big update re my two week old Blade2: just sold my NAD C298 and bought the Sanders Magtech beast amp. Had the Mag 3 days now. Just ordered a better power cable; my current options here aren't heavy duty enough for it I reckon. But i... 
KEF Meta Reference 1's? anyboy heard them?
Ref 1 are primo, I owned a pair 5 yrs ago. Needed cash back, sold them a few months into it. Always regretted it. They're small but thunder with the right amp.   
Dirac live 3 on NAD doesn't work
How were you ’told’ you would get a pro license? By whom? Just go the Dirac site & create an account. Download their separate program also, that's how you calibrate the mic and take the numerous measurements.  Dirac is embedded within some N... 
KEF Meta Reference 1's? anyboy heard them?
Who's anyboy?   
Dirac live 3 on NAD doesn't work
I'm using Dirac 3, full $100 paid version, on my rig, ergo the NAD C658. Works great. Not sure I'm sold on what it does to the sound but I can tweak that later, I'm fairly new to it.  Also, you have to create your own Dirac account, it's not 'inc... 
dust protection for turntables
Bought mine from Upscale Audio, custom cut for the Marantz TT I bought at same time.   
Led Zeppelin 11
Mmmm poultry. Who's hungry?   
Favorite religious song
'Like a Ship' by the Rev. something can't recall name but backed by church choir. Knocks you right out.   
Audiophiles on Audiogon.
Who's Ken Rockwell?   
most beautiful (looking) speakers
Amps for KEF Blade 2
I have had the Blade2 for two days. Using my NAD C298 amp and it's going swimmingly.