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Pilium Audio solution
Pilium products don’t get much attention here go over to WBF (whatsbestforum) and look around.  
This website has become S-L-O-W
Must be location / country related , expat here living in Vietnam I have no issues what so ever .  
Softest, smoothest sounding capacitors you've tried?
Mundorf SGO, Jantzen Superior Z in those values I’ve used I thought where smooth later I bypassed them with the Dueland 0.01 silver bypass cap that elevated both of them.  In those values some can be very large as you know. teck  
Vibration control on power versus signal
I have updated my rubber bands to the correct size for the job and they do work and taking this a step further I took normal newspaper like rubber bands and put two between the neg and positive leads on the speaker side thinking it would reduce th... 
Accuphase Amplifiers - members opinions on their class A- A75 amp and the a/b P-7300 amp
I have not heard the above amps you mention , I do have the accuphase a65 driving dynaudio s25 in a 6m x 10m room with similar speaker sensitivity and no problem hitting 100 db. Love the sound of class a. Knowing the accuphase sound I would say b... 
Ayre QX-5 vs Lumin vs dCS Bartok
To the QX5 Twenty fans do you prefer the sound with the word clock on or off .  
Grounding cable gauge size
How’s it sounding now ozzy, noise floor down 2 or 3 db, better bass with more air and definition.   teck  
Grounding cable gauge size
Agree with ozzy the boxes should be treated like any component regarding footers and proper shelf.  
Grounding cable gauge size
Well done bugredmachine, looking forward to your review once hooked up for a few days.   
One or two dedicated AC wire ?
I run 2 separate dedicated lines from a sub panel , the one line for my digital equipment uses Accustic Revive 10 g solid core in wall wire the other line uses 8 g solid core for my amp. Both have Furutech GTX R NCF duplexes. I’ve always run sepa... 
Grounding cable gauge size
I found  plugging in the ground wire from grounding box to a power conditioner is better.  
Russian tube supply issues
I believe this was the plan all along. Africa, South America, Central America, and all of Asia will agree to trade in non-US currencies. Europe and Canada will fall in line after that happens. America will be isolated.    I’ve been living in SE A... 
Berkeley CA audiophile is desperate need of help
Update , have you managed to get things working .   
Grounding cable gauge size
I’ve followed the Entreq website of listed ingredients along with installing of an electrical outlet on my grounding box that serves my dac and server. The only difference is that I’ve plugged the grounding box into my conditioner vs the wall outl... 
Grounding cable gauge size
I also added a outlet on the grounding box that grounds dac and server , using a 14 g pure silver wire attached to furutech ncf plugs into the house outlet like Entreq does and it certainly adds a more 3D space.