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New Dynaudio Heritage Special..?..!
Sorry to hear that daros71 
New Dynaudio Heritage Special..?..!
Most all speaker perform at there best has far as possible away from both front and side walls, my dynaudio S 25,s are 8.5 ft from the front and 6 ft from the sides leaving 7 ft apart in a 19x33x10.3 room.I would imagine the heritage in my opinion... 
Caps Jantzen Standard--z vs ClarityCap ESA
I agree with the assessment on the superior cap and while I can’t comment on the Miflex I found the Jantzen silver to have a clearer midrange and added the missing highs that the superior lacks while at a price point and same size for the closed q... 
What is everyone using for dedicated AC lines???
I use Accustic Revive inwall cable which uses solid core 10 g wire for my digital front end and 8 g solid core for my amp. 
What To Replace A Pair Of Lamm Ml2 Monoblocks With? Need More Power
No problem with pointing out the speakers I purchased after they were clearly able to work optimally in the room. Vandersteen 5a's.The op last post 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
You must be joking wc, you stick to your thread on one website has you’ve mentioned previously you don’t do other websites.I visit multiple websites for informative post and what’s for sale regularly.You obviously don’t understand the meaning of d... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
What are you talking about WC, there’s a pair of constellation Hercules listed here on audiogon, if you take 5 minutes and search google you’ll find the dartzel 468 listed as well, have you even bothered checking out the other audio sites before m... 
Stealth Audio loudspeaker cables - time to replace after almost 10 years?
I’d love to hear Tara Muse speaker cables on my system , I’m sure there outstanding ebm.envious for sure 
Amps for Dynaudio ?
It’s not the power but the quality of the power, my dynaudio s25 are driven by Accuphase  A65 . 60 glorious watts of pure class a doubling down to 1 ohm. I’ve hit 240 watts in my 6 meter x 10 meter room on more then one occasion. Accuphase doesn’t... 
Streaming Sound Quality - Want the very best sound quality? Network Acoustics ENO...
While I have not heard the ENO I’m using 3 Accustics Revive LAN Isolater from FMC to switch, switch to server and server to dac. Both are passive devises that have a big impact on cleaning up the sound of digital. 
For a few dollars more
It was a 44 magnum. 
Solid Silver Ethernet Cable?
If your system’ some replies above aren’t. Is resolving enough you will definitely here an audible difference in Ethernet cable or any other cable in the chain .Everything matters in high end audio’ audiophile with 6 & 7 figure system don’t us... 
Whats the sonic difference between the Shunyata Sigma HC and the Sigma NR power cords
Both whatsbestforum and audioaficionado have great threads on this topic under the Shunyata forum, check them out.Both sites have informative educational threads and post without the petty fighting and bs audiogon has fallen to. 
WHat did Audiophiles hear during Tape deck era?
We used to label are tapes ( Maxell XL 90,s, TDK SA 90,s) LoonyTunes 1,2,3 or RoadTrip 1,2,3 ect for the obvious reason, long trip in the 4x4 to are favorite hunting or fishing expidition.We,d record them from lp or cd because they sounded a lot b... 
Need thoughts on how to Best Max SQ when Streaming?
LPS linear power supply. Google is your buddy’ use it wisely young grasshopper