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Budget DAC/Preamp with Remote?
just saw a peachtree novapre for $599 at upscale audio.  
Looking for suggestions (Martin Logan Source)
it looks like amazon lists them singly, so you could buy another single speaker. alternatively you could use it as a center to match with a pair of other mls or try listing your single speaker on ebay and see if anyone else needs one. 
NAD Preamp
i'd opt for a parasound 2100 or p5--nice gear which will match your amp 
So I'm looking to rebuild the home theater system
curiousjim, a lot of the newer avrs have wifi and bluetooth built in--if it doesn't you can add a google chromecast audio ($25), which is extremely simple and works very well 
So I'm looking to rebuild the home theater system
i don't doubt that arcam/anthem are much better for critical music listening, but if you're avr is just for movies the difference between the mass-market fare may not be cost-effective for you. personally, i'd go to accessories4less, which has gre... 
Best vintage amps (late 70s / early 80s) under $3k?
personally, i wouldn't drop $3k on a vintage amp, which as you note will require refurbishment/repair and (arguably) can't compete with modern designs, but if i had to i would go along with roxy and get a macintosh, which has collector status and ... 
Vintage speakers or look a like
ads 1290 or 810 
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
terry reid is best known for turning down the vocalist slot in both led zep and deep purple in order to pursue his solo dream. not a good career move, but "bang bang" and "terry reid" are great records if you can find them. 
OPPO or Something Else?
personally, i was disappointed with the 103 as a CDP, though it's great for video and streaming. the 205 was much better, though per mahler123 instead of paying a premium for a used oppo i would look at something like the cambridge 840 or a univer... 
Add On For Streaming
i'd go with the bluesound 
Using an LG V30 smartphone as a source component
the v30 is an outstanding source, however you need to get it into external or high impedance mode for its virtues to shine--you can do this by first plugging it into a 3.5mm M to F plug or a 3.5mm impedance adapter plug (which costs around ten buc... 
Amplifier for home stereo dedicated to lossless quality music
per kalali, i'd see if the internal dac in the yamaha is better than the one in your chromecastĀ  (you can get an optical to mini converter for around two bucks)--i'd suspect the yamaha's is better but am just speculating.  
Danny Kirwan has passed away
agreed. "then play on" is still blues-derived, tho you can hear them veering into sort of cosmic folk/psychedelia. to me, the next one, "kiln house" is the real transition from the peter green straight blues to their eventual AOR/pop guise--kirwan... 
what can reasonably be expected of a seller?
from my experience, with a few exceptions (i.e. a goodwill store or a widow selling her late husband's gear) the "untested" label is code for the equipment being faulty in some way. any seller who's too busy to test equipment before sale logically... 
Ruku device
your oppo can already stream netflix and most other popular apps (other than amazon), and your samsung should do likewise--i'm not sure why you need the roku.