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Cd disc changers.
i really like the integra cdc spinner, which is very reliable and good sounding--i have a couple lying around  
Luxman Tuner to buy
go to fmtunerinfo.com, which has a whole page on luxman tuners and is ground zero for tuner reviews. 
Why No McIntosh Recommendations?
my own take is that broadly speaking, you can get better sounding gear for less (you can also do worse). however, they have unmatchable aesthetics and resale value and i regard 'em as a good investment. 
Vintage flagship japanese amps, late 70's early 80's, some questions...
i own, or have owned at various times, monsters like the kenwood kr9060, the pioneer sx1250 and a yamaha cr2020 and i gotta say that the harman hk730 sounded better than any of them; the lower-powered hk430 may have been even better. as i understa... 
I need help trying to decide which bookshelf speakers to purchase
of the ones on your list, i was very impressed with the paradigm prestige + the dynaudio contour, though i don't know how they'd play with your nad (the dynaudio do need quite a bit of power). per jrpnde, however, i'd look seriously at psb, which ... 
R.I.P. Roky Erickson.
there's an excellent roky tribute album called "where the pyramid meets the eye", which features zz top, rem as well as less celebrated acts. what's surprising is how broad his range was as a writer--he could pen a really pretty, conventional love... 
ADS L1290 Speakers
cspiegs--i'm not surprised. the dsp a1 seems to have a good power supply but it's an avr and has alot of electronic circuitry and junk in the box--your sansui is likely a lot cleaner signal 
Used vs New vs Vintage vs Floorstanding vs Bookshelf vs ..... OMG!
without knowing your budget or your other gear it's hard to make specific recommendations, but from the standpoint of  the value, reliability (and probably quality) is in used, more modern speakers--you can  find excellent stuff for 20%-50% of srp  
ADS L1290 Speakers
the 1290s are rated at 90db and i never found them to be power-hungry--i ran mine with a 60w arcam integrated and a 70w rotel amp and they sounded very good (which isn't to say they wouldn't sound better with more power, but they are quite efficient) 
Best earphone for the value
per jaybe, earphone technology is evolving at warp speed, and (mostly chinese) manufacturers are cranking out incredibly cheap models which far surpass mainstream models from just a few years ago. the headfi website is ground zero for all things h... 
In-wall speakers vs. bookshelves plus subwoofer for Stereo/HT setup
don't do inwalls. get the regas, or if you can afford 'em paradigm signature. 
Can anyone hear the difference when you add REL subwoofers when playing two channel
i added a q150 to my revel f30s, which extend pretty low, but needed some more fullness and dynamism, esp. in the midbass region. i found the rel very easy to integrate and a significant improvement. 
There are actually 2 seperate hobbies here.
i'd like to say i'm 95% music, but that would be delusional--in fact i vaccilate between 50%-80% music, since i'm always at least thinking about the gear 
if i was just starting out and didn't already own a warehouse full of gear i would forego cd/vinyl/dvd and just stream from tidal or spotify--you can do this as cheaply as adding a google chromecast audio device for $25 (or get a bluesound node fo... 
Used 5ch Amp (Classe, Krell, Rotel)
+1 auxinput--i don't understand the overt hostility to the poster. fwiw, i owned an arcam avr450 and thought its preamp section sounded very good. for a 5ch amp, since you didn't like parasound i'd look at ati, which is very clean sounding and exc...