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Need input regarding integrated amp
peachtree decco has all the features you're looking for. 
Thoughts on B&K Reference 7270 Series II - 7 channel Amplifier
bill, i actually contacted ati for service on my b&k--i was told ati actually bought out b&k's inventory upon their folding, and that it was something of a chaotic mess. they didn't have a lot of parts and weren't able to help me. i have f... 
Jimmy Page, It's time to call your lawyers?
their outright ripoffs notwithstanding, i actually agree with the verdict in the spirit case--those descending notes are just too generic 
Thoughts on B&K Reference 7270 Series II - 7 channel Amplifier
b&k made good gear (i still use their monblocks), but they're out of business, which devalues it--personally i wouldn't pay more than a grand 
Using two small bookshelf speakers as a center channel
if you're considering running two speakers off a single channel of your denon, don't do it--your receiver isn't so designed. a number of manufacturers make slim center channels which should fit your needs--check out the following:/item/cantcd1502w... 
Top Ten Rock Vocalists
dragunski, we have similar tastes--bob mosley in particular is a hugely under recognized white soul singer. i'd throw steve marriott on the list as well. 
Down to 2 preamps
i believe the avm 60 is the de-amplified version of the 1120 avr (which appears to have almost identical specs to the 720), so the difference would be whether the inboard amps on the 720 are better than the bat/b&k). the conventional wisdom is... 
Jimmy Page, It's time to call your lawyers?
this gvf does have undeniable skill, but the whole exercise reminds me of the "steel dragon" tribute band from the mark wahlberg movie. zep are notoriously the biggest song thieves in the business, so they should be flattered rather than outraged.... 
Yamaha A-S801 - horrible experience
it's all trade offs, just like cars--with the yami you get a ton of features like 100w, inboard usb dac, etc., while the rega and arcam have nicer builds but more modest specs. personally, i think the yami sounds good and is good value at $650, bu... 
Revel Salon 1 still worth it? Possible a small room?
i'm a big revel fan and considered the salon, but ultimately passed--they're great for what they are but (like you note) too big, esp. considering they definitely need a sub. they're also a very demanding load and need a ton of power. 
Is there a quality website that lists upcoming releases of music
i likewise find allmusic.com to be the most comprehensive and generally reliable source of info on new releases in all genres 
Bottle Rockets- Great unknown Band- Still Exist???
great band--their song "my dog" is an all-time classic 
My first PSB Speaker Purchase. Need some help.
i agree with phil--i have the synchrony 2B in my kitchen and they're excellent. note that the synchrony were a higher model line than the imagine before they were discontinued (i haven't heard the current iteration of the imagine). i do think $350... 
Integrated amplifier search
a good friend of mine has the nad d7050, which i think you can get for around $500--i've had bad luck with nad in the past, but this unit was pretty impressive. and small. 
How Are Rotel Preamps?
bright. sometimes unnaturally so.