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Amplifier for home stereo dedicated to lossless quality music
per kalali, i'd see if the internal dac in the yamaha is better than the one in your chromecast  (you can get an optical to mini converter for around two bucks)--i'd suspect the yamaha's is better but am just speculating.  
Onkyo A-9555
you can also try a  reset to the factory default:  while holding down the [PURE DIRECT] button, press the [LOUDNESS] button, and then release both buttons. The input selector indicators light up for one second, and then the A-9755/A-9555 enters... 
Danny Kirwan has passed away
agreed. "then play on" is still blues-derived, tho you can hear them veering into sort of cosmic folk/psychedelia. to me, the next one, "kiln house" is the real transition from the peter green straight blues to their eventual AOR/pop guise--kirwan... 
what can reasonably be expected of a seller?
from my experience, with a few exceptions (i.e. a goodwill store or a widow selling her late husband's gear) the "untested" label is code for the equipment being faulty in some way. any seller who's too busy to test equipment before sale logically... 
Ruku device
your oppo can already stream netflix and most other popular apps (other than amazon), and your samsung should do likewise--i'm not sure why you need the roku. 
Danny Kirwan has passed away
having vaguely remembered reports of drug or health problems, i actually thought he passed years ago. in any event, he was an understated genius--for my money his iterations of fleetwood mac were by far the strongest, with then play on, kiln house... 
Opinions needed on some Klipsch for 2 channel
i really liked the quartets, which had plenty of bass, are inexpensive and will match well with your pioneer 
LG V30 - Impressions?
If it's 50 o or below itll stay in normal mode which isnt adequate. However you can carry around a little 3.5mm m to f adapter plug or cable which if you plug in first will put the phone in external mode, which is excellent. You can also get an im... 
LG V30 - Impressions?
erik, i got my v30 about two weeks ago to replace my htc m10, which was a vg player. the lg is eons better so long as it's playing in external or high impedance mode (it automatically senses when your headphones are >50 ohm; otherwise you can u... 
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
i also don't get the praise for foo fighters, whose music has devolved to generic, soulless arena rock. i gotta say, however, that the eponymous first album, which grohl played by himself, is a tight, ragged little masterpiece--he had a bunch of g... 
"Bookshelf" speakers designed to be placed near the wall behind them?
i've frequently reccomended the rega rs1 (current model is the rx1, i think), which is absolutely impervious to placement and a great value. the step up from there would be the paradigm signature, which worked really well near-wall. 
The new Synergistic Research BLUE fuses ....
this bo does have a bit of don quixote in him. while candidly i can't follow  most of what he carries on about, he does register as a cordial and sincere fellow, so more power to him. 
What Matters and What is Nonsense
interesting analysis. personally, i'd ascribe more importance to amp/preamp and to recording format, but i also agree with much of the rest. 
Robert & Alison-Raising Sand
i was never blown away by the sonics, though i'm usually a big fan of tbone's productions, but i think the performances are great and that it's easily the best post-zep thing plant has done. the gene clark covers are absolutely killer. 
Looks like Tidal is doomed!
there's been a series of credible stories about tidal fudging its subscriber numbers and skewing royalty payments towards its artist/owners, none of which bode well. i can see tidal getting acquired by a giant wishing to expand its streaming platf...