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What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
ghost, i'm never offended by (and always welcome) reasoned dissent--it keeps me from getting too full of myself...fully agree with you on danny kirwan, who dropped off the map precipitously (booze/lsd, i think)-- for me the albums he played on wer... 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
fleetwood mac, "future games" and "bare trees"--for my money the best iteration of the bandpolvo, "today's active lifestyle"--unique, challenging, ultimately rewarding 
Best Jazz pianist
vijay iyer for me 
Looking for a used AUDIOPHILE AV Receiver
almost certainly, avrs depreciate in value more and quicker than any other component--you'll routinely see former totl units listed on craigslist or wherever for a fraction of their multi-grand orignal srp. i think buying used is the smart way to ... 
Has anyone considered rebuying a speaker you once owned??
von schweikert vr1--never should have sold 'em, now getting hard to find 
List of artists that have never lost quality throughout entire career
i've never been a massive tom petty fan, though he's had a ton of great singles, but i gotta say that (unlike say, dylan, or the stones) his output has been impressively consistent throughout a 40-year career + he still does it live 
Whats playing on your system today?
kevn kinney, macdougall blues--his drivin n cryin has always registered as a bit too desperate-for-arena-rock-success, but this is something of a folky masterpiece.guided by voices, do the collapse--this was their ric ocasek-produced foray into hi... 
Speaker to mount in a bookcase - up to $2000 (somewhat long)
the rega rs1 are always solid for your situation, but the best  speaker i've heard within your budget for an actual bookshelf would be the paradigm signature 
Brightest but shortest artistic bursts in the sky
moby grape's third album, '69, is arguably as good as the debut; the only skip spence song on the album, seeing, is amazing. i would also submit that twilley's solo debut, twilley, cuts the (unquestionably great) two albums w/phil seymour.as for b... 
On mid-fi do you hear much difference between Tidal and Spotify
everyone should take this test before weighing in on the spotify vs. tidal issue:http://www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2015/06/02/411473508/how-well-can-you-hear-audio-qualityi'm embarrassed to admit that i only chose the lossless file on 4 out of... 
Budget Upgrade for 2.1 bookshelf system
your speakers are slightly harder to drive, so you'd be well served with an amp that can handle more challenging loads. spearit is listing a nad d7020 for $599--it has an inboard dac for your computer and more juice than the d3020. no affiliation.  
Spotify expected to launch umcomoressed streaming
from what i read it's merely gauging demand/testing at this point--they have no definitive rollout plans and the president expressed some concern about whether potential users would accept the delay/latency attributable to the higher bandwidth. it... 
Looking for a used AUDIOPHILE AV Receiver
as per akg, the arcam sounds vg, and you can find "em within your budget, but there is alot of anecdotal scut about their reliability; likewise nad which sound fine when they actually work. i'd opt for anthem, which is significantly better made th... 
In ear headphones $150 or less
go on the head fi site, particualrly the chinese iem thread, and you'll ge tmore recommendations and information than youy can absorb in a lifertiem. the current raves at the $150 mark are the lz a4 and the magaosi k3, but there are literally a th... 
New in 2017
maxenwid, two of my favorites--will look forward to both. ty