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Whats playing on your system today?
nutty, i just looked on amazon and ebay for the badfinger book and it's being sold used for crazy prices ($150 and up)---i suppose that'll only make you want to read it more. maybe you can find it in your library? 
Is using streaming services worthy of an audiophile?
although you can get into the old analog v. digital debate, it's very difficult to argue against the superior sound quality of hirez streaming. that said, i do feel that true audiophiles, which i define as reactionary old men like most of us, will... 
Whats playing on your system today?
if you can find it, read "without you: the tragic story of badfinger", which is one of the best (and certainly the saddest) band bio you'll ever come across. as written, the guys (esp. resident genius pete ham) come across as sweet souls in a mild... 
The best books on music
the late scott miller (game theory) wrote a book of music criticism called music: what happened, basically his favorite songs of the past several decades. very intelligently written and the best of its type i've read. 
Best preamp (used or new) under $350???
i'd second the zpre; you can also find rotel 1070 or 970 at that range 
Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Google Play vs. Tidal: Which is Best
depends on how you listen and what your setup is--if you have top flight equipment in a living room system, get tidal. if (like me) you wanna listen toyour mobile thru headphones on the go, spotify is the bomb. 
what speakers to buy
revels aren't very directional and work very well in open configurations 
Soundtracks and Film scores, your favourites
i don't think anyone mentioned "trainspotting" or "the harder they come/" 
Pioneer HPM-40 Vintage Speakers
i've owned both the 40s and the 100s; neither are highly-resolving audiophile pieces but are a lot of fun--big (if sorta overbright) sounding, cool aesthetics, and good for a mancave vintage system. $75-100 for the 40s sounds about right. 
What's the weak link in my system?
the obvious upgrade would be to add a quality dac for your digital sources. i like your amp/pre and speakers. 
CD changer
the best multidiscs i've owned were rotel (rc1055). the integra cdc 3.4, 3.3 etc. are also quite serviceable (and take 6 discs) and very, very inexpensive on ebay 
Best speakers for Pioneer SX-1250 receiver
i like the ads recommendation above--try the 1290, 1590, etc. alternatively, acoustic research of the same vintage 
Whats playing on your system today?
lets active, "badger"--transcendentally gorgeous sad love song. mitch easter's nasal yowl isn't the greatest, but it fits the song + his end solo just burns.  
Best Drum Solos
bdp:agree with you on jim capaldi and doug clifford--thanks for the validation. i raised grant hart because a non-punk friend of mine, who's a great pro-caliber drummer pointed out that hart's tempo and technique were very hard to replicate--he wa... 
Best Drum Solos
bdp et al:your opinion on:1. jim capaldi (traffic)2. grant hart (husker du)3. doug clifford (credence)