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Chicago area guys have a Audio Garage Sale this Spring?
gear and beer (pretty good slogan, actually)--what could be better?i'll likely be unloading some vintage stuff like hk and acoustic research and more recent integra, energy et. al.we'd definitely enjoy more sellers, so do contact norb 
Chicago area guys have a Audio Garage Sale this Spring?
bill--i've spoken to nkonor and we've started to plan this out--if you pm him or me we'd greatly appreciate the help 
Need Advice on a Low End CD Player Giant Killer
i agree with jl35 on the 103--it's very impressive for video and streaming, but i'm disappointed in it as a 2ch cdp--for cds i've actually had better results with an integra dps 8.3 and pioneer elite dv59avi, tho neither does bluray. 
Center to match Kef Q90
i had a q95c, which was far superior to the 100 or 90 
Monitor Audio PLC350 Center Channel Stand
sanus makes a center channel stand which looks pretty nice and which you can get on amazonĀ  for $100 or so--there's some lower price alternatives there as well. i wouldn't pay $800 for a stand either. 
Chicago area guys have a Audio Garage Sale this Spring?
nkonor, how would we contact you? i'm not sure i can send a pm on this system 
Chicago area guys have a Audio Garage Sale this Spring?
i'd be interested as well 
Yamaha A-S701
i had the predecessor, the as700 and it was a very solid piece which should be a considerable upgrade over their 90s gear. the as700 was slightly bright but revealing and very clean sounding 
Amp selection for someone on a modest budget...
parasound has lots of high-current juice and works really well with revel--look for an hca100 or the like. 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
nutty, you're right about chris stapleton--the guy's gotta lotta soul. his more trad stuff is generic but he's a real way with a stripped down ballad. this is a country record for people who don't like country  
$1000-$2000 Floor-standing speakers for larger room w/NAD 326bee
i believe both the psb and monitor are ported in the rear, so very close placement to a wall is a consideration--without seeing your room i'd guess you'll be fine with placement of 2', though you might have to experiment with plugging the ports (t... 
50 of the best hi-fi albums for audiophiles
imo a very good, broad-minded list, with some interesting obscurities like nils frahm and mbongwana star.. we could all, of course, make our own lists, but it's always nice to get new input 
$1000-$2000 Floor-standing speakers for larger room w/NAD 326bee
psb works particularly well with nad--you should be able to find something used in their imagine line within your budget 
Whats playing on your system today?
nutty, i just looked on amazon and ebay for the badfinger book and it's being sold used for crazy prices ($150 and up)---i suppose that'll only make you want to read it more. maybe you can find it in your library? 
Is using streaming services worthy of an audiophile?
although you can get into the old analog v. digital debate, it's very difficult to argue against the superior sound quality of hirez streaming. that said, i do feel that true audiophiles, which i define as reactionary old men like most of us, will...