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Best Jazz pianist
today, vijay iyer 
1980s Nakamichi Separates Advice needed
if you look at ebay sales, the pa7 and ca7 still command lofty prices ($800-1000 each)--those pass designs have a lot of fans. you can get quite a bit of potentially less problematic, more modern gear for that, which would be my inclination as well.  
Killing Joke anyone???
a logical progression from kj are the comsat angels, whose first three classic records (miracle, sleep no more, fiction) are for some mysterious reason not widely available--more melodic and not as frenetic as kj, but equally angsty--think of a jo... 
Killing Joke anyone???
in a parallel universe hi-end audio stores would use killing joke or fugazi for test cds instead of the inevitable diana krall or patricia barber 
Best Budget CD/SACD Player?
imo, the best values are in pre-bluray universal dvd players such as sony es, integra (8.3/10.5) pioneer elite (79/59)--you can find 'em for as little as a hundo and they're very serviceable as transports, esp. since you're getting a dac  
Favorite Dylan?
song for song highway 61 may be his best, but blonde on blonde is, to me, the best sounding, best sung record he's done. i'm not as big a big fan of his post-john wesley harding stuff (and always thought blood on the tracks was a tad overrated), b... 
Entering the world of audio, help with first setup- speakers to pair with Peachtree 220SE
strolling through the classifieds here i saw a pair of dynaudio focus 260 and also some dunlavy iii, both excellent.   no relation to the sellers. 
Best Music Streaming Hardware Options
for streaming most here will recommend the bluesound node 2, which is around $500, sounds vg and is very user-friendly--you can also find the node n100 for around $300. the cheaper solution would be the chromecast audio ($35) + a modest dac like t... 
Quincy Jones Interview
"It is very poor form to print negative remarks about the current President."wow  
What Bookshelf / Stand Mounted Speakers To Pair With Vintage Electronics?
i always thought that vintage receivers play best with speakers of the same era, so i'd look for a/d/s (710, 810, etc.); ar is also a good rec 
Killing Joke anyone???
i never thought of the nirvana connection either, but it is spot-on (allmusic actually cites kj as influencing nirvana, as well as helmet, ministry and soundgarden). the most frequently-cited influence on nirvana is the wipers, who were sort of an... 
Killing Joke anyone???
sorry you disapprove, psag. did you have anything to offer? 
Killing Joke anyone???
i played the hell out of their first two records when i was younger and they were as you say, very visceral. their later stuff sounded kind of polished and disco to me and didn't get repeat listens, but that early stuff is excellent. 
Anyone hear Robert Plant's new release, Carry Fire?
i just loaded up truth decay, which i hadn't heard in ages--vg disc, actually--boomerang and quicksand are great songs. actually my fave tbone is the ep, trap door, which has five excellent originals + a killer cover of "diamonds are a girls best ... 
Anyone hear Robert Plant's new release, Carry Fire?
tbone's (self titled) record, "t-bone burnett," recorded live in the studio, is one of the best-sounding records i've heard. as for daniel lanois, i generally agree with bdp--he tends to cover everything with a brooding murk that often ill-suits a...