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Best bookshelf speakers
from your list, with your criteria i like the canton, which have a giant bass for a small speaker--a buddy of mine got a pair on accessories4less for $499 and is very happy. I wasn't awed by the wharfedale and haven't heard the dali. in approximat... 
pioneer sx 780 receiver
i picked up a 780 for $10 at a garage sale and was shocked at how good it sounded--it was significantly better than most of the vintage hk, yamaha and marantz i've cycled thru. since it was sitting unused i ended up passing it along to a buddy (a ... 
A/D/S Fans: help me find a center channel
i would stay in the ads family--the L570 is often available around $100/pair on ebay and is terrific at that price--you can use one as a center and have a spare. 
Musical Sound Quality of AV Surround receiver vs. pure Stereo
aux, you may very well be correct--could be gain or could be the inboard amps not be being up to snuff--his speakers may be relatively hard to drive. an integrated with ht bypass is defintely a good fix, but not necessarily the cheapest. 
Musical Sound Quality of AV Surround receiver vs. pure Stereo
if you're otherwise happy with your system i would simply add a two channel amp through the front preouts of your avr--this should give you better quality amplification for stereo listening. something like parasound would be a good match. 
Do people really just not get it that their items are not selling...
i generally agree with minorl--most of the buyers here (as opposed to say, ebay or craigslist) are audiophiles and not flippers or bargain hunters, and it usually does come down to  finding that one buyer who's looking for what you're selling. tha... 
'Complete' modern system for $1000
out of curiosity i took a closer look at the emotiva pt-100, which seems to check all your boxes in terms of connectivity/remote and would obviously pair well with the airmotivs, which i like. seems like a good solution for little $$ 
'Complete' modern system for $1000
i believe a number of powered speakers such as swan and edifier have remote volume controls--haven't heard the edifier but was impressed with the swan 
'Complete' modern system for $1000
if you don't need a remote, i'd look at a  preamp/dac like  the maverick tubemagic d1 preamp/dac  or cambridge dacmagic plus (both have preouts for a sub); emotiva also makes a dac/preamp with a remote + powered speakers--audioengine and swans c... 
Naim "based" preamps - yay or nay?
gravyrobber, if you do get one of those pres let us know how it sounds...curious 
Blue Node 2 ... ???
excelent stremer--i find the inboard dac to be very good sounding 
Naim "based" preamps - yay or nay?
i know nothing of these specific preamps, and would certainly solicit more opinions, but i've taken a flyer on a number of these cheap chinese clones (dacs, passive pre, headphone amp) and have been surprised at how close they get to their exponen... 
Which band IS really America's Greatest (rock & roll band)?
per djones51, i'll go with ccr, byrds and velvet underground, mainly because they influenced most of the other great bands listed (tom petty, rem, television, etc.). that said, my favorites were the more alt-leaning 80s guitar bands like husker du... 
Spotify or Pandora
there's no question that under optimal listening conditions, through good equipment, tidal sounds  better than spotify. however, in the less than optimal conditions i do the majority of my listening (gym/car/noisy office), the difference isn't as ... 
Is there any USB DAC with this set of input / output connectors?
taqke a look at the cambridge dacmagic plus