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Whats on your turntable tonight?
@tgilb, @slaw, i really liked ukelele songs, and i think the "into the wild" soundtrack is hugely underrated (though watching that kid tear up the $15k check makes me want to strangle him). "earthling", was a miss for me--like you say vedder's muc... 
Should Audiogon forum dealers be held to a different standard?
audiogon is a curious hybrid of commercial site and anything-goes user forum, and it's a fair question of whether a dealer should be allowed to, in essence, advertise to free, especially since a non-dealer has to pay to sell its gear. i personally... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
lucy show, mania--something of an overlooked gem which has held up a lot better than most 80's new wave elliott easton, change no change--solo record from the cars' lefthanded guitarist is much better than you'd expect, with big production values... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
i was referring the the third album (released under dt's name alone, although i think i hear phil seymour in spots). as for the weird sound, it seems like he was channeling roy orbison (as opposed to the more primal elvis/everly bros. vibe of the ... 
Old guy needs recommendation request for old CD players / DAC
the jvc is a great unit with a very tubelike sound--i'm kicking myself for selling mine. i'd surmise the mydac will be much more resolving and detailed; whether it sounds "better" is of course purely subjective.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
i gotta say that this definitely where the cool kids hang...hadn't heard of covet or kilbey kennedy before (tho i know steve kilbey from the church); both excellent. my picks de jour: dwight twilley, "twilley" (curiously unavailable on cd or spo... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
slaw--exposure is a lot more accessible than you'd expect--he's got daryl hall and peter gabriel singing on it and most of the songs are structured  pretty conventionally. sorry about your test--hopefully you'll crusie by with no ill effects.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
midway still--i won't try--previously unknown to me, these guys sound exactly like the lemonheads. which, since i like the lemonheads, is a good thing. ed kuepper--electrical storm--dark, brooding and tuneful as hell matthew sweet--sunshine lies... 
Good but cheap bluetooth speakers
i got my wife some edifier 1280 for her office--they're cheap and sound pretty good  
Integrated tube amp with phono pre - need recco
at your price range/criteria there's a muzishare x7 that gets good reviews, but i haven't heard it myself  
A perfect song? What are your choices?
death and the maiden, the verlaines my mother looked like marilyn monroe, tommy keene set you free this time, the byrds back of a car, big star expecting to fly, neil young        
Looking for advice re: amps for Dynaudio Contour 20i
+1 pass labs  
Energy speakers
per the above, the veritas speakers from the late 90s/early 00s were seriously good--from what little i've heard the recent iterations not so much. for your budget i'd look at used proac, dynaudio, focal...  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
i always thought the records were underrated as a guitar band, and i prefer their (marginally) harder edged second  record (plus i can't listen to "teenarama" without cringing). on my queue, in the same vein: richard x. heyman, cornerstone myra... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
bslon, for a man of your impeccable taste grand funk and starship kinda throw me for a loop. gotta listen to the live butterfly, though.