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Class D Technology
I am going to chime in here in favor of current class D amps, with a big thumbs up! I have been in the tube amp camp (both SET and others) for 20+ years, and now I am happy as can be with my Red Dragon S500 amp. No, it's not like a tube amp, but i... 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
@Romazicon..... I would love to know your impressions as well! I also run a pair of the Omega Super Alnico monitors. 
SET amps (almarro vs decware)
I agree with Evank above. I hardly ever have to rebias my A318b. I run it at a lower bias (.170) to get a slightly warmer, more laid back perspective (also very easy on the tubes) to a higher bias (.190 or slightly higher) to get more power and mo... 
Transcendent "The Masterpiece" Preamp feedback?
Thanks for the snippet of your experience with the Masterpiece, Jay. I am not too worried about the complexity of the build, but thats good to know. Can you give us an idea of how the Masterpiece sounds? I don't know how the GG sounds since I neve... 
Is the Almarro 318B For Me?Any Others?
I agree with that PF review as well.... just note that was a stock Almarro amp. I am happy to report that my modded A318b has none of the shortcomings described. It excels in the soundstage and imaging arenas, while keeping the intoxicating tonali... 
Is the Almarro 318B For Me?Any Others?
To Swamps point, yes, they do run hot! I am using a maple butcher block cutting board under the amp. I cut a hole into the middle of it, and installed a quiet computer fan in it so that it blows cooler air up into the amp, and keeps the amp runnin... 
Is the Almarro 318B For Me?Any Others?
I am running the Almarro A318B in my current setup, and having had a ton of other amps (SET, SS, Tube PP), this one really sings and really gets out of the way of the music as much or more than the others! While it was decent out of the box and ce... 
Where to get Arizona Capacitor's Green Cactus Caps
Running subwoofer off Dodd preamp
Swamp is correct. I have run my ML sub off of the second set of outputs of my Dodd preamp, and I also ran it off my amplifier. I prefer to run the ML off the amp. 
Recommed a medium sized monitors that can go loud
Try Omega's Super Alnico monitors. Fantastic single driver, efficient speakers that will make you forget your floor standers. Louis has a generous 30 day audition policy. In my 600+ sq ft. room, they certainly play loud enough for me (92+db) 
Looking for really fine cables at really low price
I am going down the same road with the WE16ga speaker cable and the Belden 8402 / Switchcraft ICs. If nothing else, should be a fun experiment. I really like my current Zu Events and MAC ICs (Palladium and Mystics), but I have an open mind!2 quest... 
JBL LSR305 Studio Monitor: Opinions?
Most of them have 1/4" phono plug inputs as well, but they are easily adapted to RCA. You can also use an RCA to XLR adapter I suppose. An RCA input would be convenient for sure, but this shouldn't be a showstopper... 
JBL LSR305 Studio Monitor: Opinions?
I use the LSR308s (305s bigger brother) in a secondary system. They are really excellent, and make me easily forget my main system due to their musicality, bass extension, soundstage, midrange, etc. They sound much bigger than they actually are, a... 
Software recommendations
Audirvana sounds very nice, and is rock solid. I'm running 1.2.10. 
What a Songstress Julie London
Hey Foster, while I enjoy Julie very much, which are her "best" must have albums? Any recommendations?