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Anyone running a tube preamp with a Pass XA25?
Absolutely.... My Pass XA25 is fed by an Aric Audio Special 6SN7 linestage. Stellar match! 
Aric Audio's Motherlode II line-stage keep me up all last night
@jake18aa - congrats, you hit the Motherlode :)! Seriously though, congrats on your Aric preamp, and I couldn’t agree with you more! I have an upgraded, kicked up Aric Special 6SN7 preamp that gets pretty close to the Motherlode II, and it’s an en... 
Aric Audio Systems Unlimited Preamp
I will have to agree with other posters here regarding the Aric Audio preamps. I have a Special 6SN7 line stage (for 6 mos. now) which has been upgraded to 85-90% of the Motherload II preamp, and it is pure music in my system. Great soundstage, mi... 
What tube pre-amps pair well with Pass amps?
+1 @jake18aaI felt the same when I matched up my Pass XA25 with an Aric Audio preamp! This combination makes a wonderfully musical, holographic, and natural presentation of the music that I find extremely satisfying! 
What other hobby...
What tube pre-amps pair well with Pass amps?
@mesch I got these details from Aric: the upgraded "Special" has: "Miflex PIO capacitors, all film cap power supply, heavy choke filtering, damper plates for the 6SN7s and features the Vishay resistors as well, but it has the standard iron-core tr... 
What tube pre-amps pair well with Pass amps?
+2 for the Aric Audio preamps! @laaudionut, @mesch Since we are on the topic of the Pass Labs XA25, I am now running a souped up Aric Audio Special 6SN7 preamp with mine, replacing the already excellent Backert Labs Rhumba preamp, which I used for... 
Need preamp recommendation
@riffwraith - Congrats on the Backert preamp! You will love it!  Keep us posted on how it plays for you, and your thoughts about it! 
Manufacturers with Excellent customer service
3 votes from me:Louis Chochos - Omega SpeakersAric Kimball - Aric AudioVlad Bazelkov - Audio MirrorTop notch individuals who care about their customers first and foremost, with tremendous products! 
Need preamp recommendation
I will provide two recommendations based on my own personal experience:Backert Rhumba - if you are looking for a very fast, neutral sound, with a holographic soundstage, super low output impedanceAric Audio Special 6SN7 - if you want a fuller, mor... 
DAC choices -- help me cross the line
@pastorbob, we can take the tube rolling conversation offline, since I don't want to hijack this @arafiq thread, but I seem to end up going back to a pair of Philips Miniwatt SQ E188CC tubes from Holland.I had the pleasure of hearing Teajay's syst... 
DAC choices -- help me cross the line
I enjoy my Audio Mirror Tubadour III very much! It replaced the decent Metrum Onyx, with no regrets.A vairiable to keep in mind with the Tubadour, SE version or not, is the ability to tailor the sound using a pair of any flavor in the 6DJ8/6922/73... 
Where would you place Symposium Rollerblocks for best results on digital equipment?
Honestly, let your ears be your guide here and experiment! Keep what sounds best to you. You will get differing opinions here I'm sure, but only your ears matter! 
Supratek Owners Thread
Another interesting thread re: 6SN7s here as well:https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/shootout-of-nos-6sn7-tubes?utm_campaign=website&utm_sourc... 
Supratek Owners Thread
@rh67 looking forward to your impressions of the XA25 with the Chardonnay preamp! Please keep us posted. What preamp are you using now?