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I'm at the pearly gates and they tell me I can only bring in one jazz cd
It would be easy to say Miles Davis ...Kinda Blue, that record really did it for me. BUT if I can only bring one then i’m bringing ....Back at the chicken shack by The Incredible Jimmy Smith! or Billy Cobham... Spectrum, dam I cant decide!!     ... 
ADCOM HC/E II cartridge mothballed 25 years ago.
ADCOM was never known for great sounding phono cartridges, thats not their forte'. Time to get a real cartridge for that DUAL :-) Ortofon, Grado, Audio Technica, come to my mind real quick.     Matt M  
Update needed
The REGA Turntable can be elevated by upgrades through GROOVETRACER.com, highly recommended. The Dynavector 10X5 is a incredibly good sounding cartridge and new versions go for $750! The fact that you have this 10X5 mounted on a REGA tonearm shows... 
How to choose a cartridge?
I think its important to get a cartridge that works well with the tone arm it will be mounted to. What are people using with that arm?? This is a good place to start.   Matt M  
Headphones Newbie; Senheisser HD 800s or Focal MG Clear
Go with the Senheisser's, they have been making mainly headphones for decades. Focal makes speakers...big expensive ones too.     Matt M  
Turn off or leave on?
On once a day and off once a day is the best way to go over the long run. :-)     Matt M  
SS with meters
MM phono preamp upgrade for $1000?
Musical Surroundings Phonomena ll+ or a NOVA lll. http://www.musicalsurroundings.com/products/musical-surroundings-nova-3-phono-stage           Matt M  
I want to move from Rega Planar 6 help me to pick a new turntable
"I'd never own another Music Hall. Poor quality and Roy is a jackass."   I had to deal with Roy Hall back in 1999 when I owned some EPOS ES22 speakers your right he is a self absorbed meglomaniac!     Matt M  
I want to move from Rega Planar 6 help me to pick a new turntable
Touche’! Audiotroy hit it right on the head. The Phono pre amp is the gateway to great vinyl sound. Based on your current set of components I would put money into a bettter cartridge (Dynavector 10X5) and phonostage (Musicial Surroundings Nova). U... 
Moderation/Censorship Poll and surely more...
I think its horrible how this site censors the forums, we live in a country where FREE SPEECH is allowed! Who cares what people are talking about on the audio forum....really audiogon get over yourselves!   Matt M  
McIntosh MX model list
I would give Audio Classics a call and speak with someone about the differences of the MX processor preamps as there are many. I do know the MX119 is old and uses composite cables unlike the newer models that utilize HDMI.     Matt M  
NAD 1700– which output to Connect Subwoofer
Buy a REL and connect with Spkon cable direct to your amps outputs!   Best way to hook a sub up anyway.   Matt M  
Power Conditioner question
Ya if you want to throw a blanket over your whole system then go for it! And cables with boxes on them are not the final word in dynamics and detail. The day I switched from MIT’s to Nordost SPM my system went from speakers playing beautiful music... 
Rate my system/advise
I would change the Amp/amps to McIntosh or Audio Research for a big jump in sound quality. Love the Nordost. The NAD is holding this system back. Dump the Mac bridge McIntosh makes amplifiers, the rest is eye candy.     Matt M