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Phono cartridge suggestions sought
Hey Drama, You have some of my favorite speakers, the Totems are super revealing as long as things up stream are very good as well. Having said that I would highly consider a Dynavector 20X2, I know its expensive but rather than fiddle around with... 
Top vintage receivers vs. modern high-end equipment
(very high-end but 40 years ago)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not even close, if you want to buy a vintage receiver (most people dont even know what that is) Pioneer and Marantz made mid-fi equipment at best. If you want to go vintage Hi-Fi you have to look at t... 
JBL 4319 Monitor, looking for SS Integrated Amplifier
If you want to have instruments in your listening room instead of boxes playing really nice music.....look at picking up a AYON Triton tube amp. These are indeed expensive, but I have seen the early 1st gen amps going for around 4K on AG and Ebay,... 
McIntosh MPC500 vs Inakustik 3500P
If your system is all McIntosh then its obvious which one, otherwise, McIntosh makes power amplifiers not power conditioners! McIntosh has not been around for decades and decades because of their "power conditioner technology"!!!Your WelcomeMatt M 
Best tonearm under $2k
Very good advice Chakster, well said! To answer the OP's question...I would have to say without looking at cartridges at all, my $2,000 would go to a SME 309, Period! Matt M 
What’s really hurting the audio hobby?
Throughout the many decades of being a avid audio fan. The passion came from MUSIC and the knowledge came from family and friends. Stereo stores did little to excite any passions that were not already there, very rarely did audio salesman offer up... 
Why the fascination with subwoofers?
Those of you who think adding a sub woofer is just adding bass to a system are missing the point. A truly great sub woofer adds feeling and will not take over the system, it will just add what the mains are not delivering, and when this happens co... 
Turntable for My McIntosh C2600
I agree totally with goheelz, do you have a large record collection? Buying a turntable for around $1000 with a cartridge leaves limited but good choices. Rega RP3 w/elys ($1145) would be my choice. You could check out a Pro-Ject Classic 25th anni... 
McIntosh mc275
"Would not recommend this amp!" Dude you sound like a child! A on off switch? You dont have to get on here and bash the MAC 275 amp, it has a history that goes back to before you were born and no one is listening. On what grounds do you "NOT recom... 
Sennhieser 650's
Cardas (imho) imparts there own sonic signature in a very powerful way. I like cables that don't do this in fact they do the opposite. Matt M   
To all that has a Theta Miles CD player
Its a dino....look to get a Aurender music player to replace it...youll be glad you did. 
I give up on new vinyl
Read this thread that started a while back to better understand this issue....https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/new-vinyl-2Matt  
Bluseound Node 2i
" Reviewed as network transport and also as network player"One thing is for sure, we still are all struggling with these inconsistent terms ie...Transport...Player!??! I mean really, the Node 2 is a compact network audio Streamer, it does not play... 
Aurender vs. Roon
Seriously tho, Audio Doc, If I already have a Aurender and external DAC connected via USB 2.0 using the Conductor app How can I incorporate ROON? Also, If my main listening taste is Classical music is ROON even worth pursuing?Matt M 
Aurender vs. Roon
Audio Doctor, I dont know anything about ROON really, I just wanted you to tell me ...Thanks :-)Matt M