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MQA Declares Bankruptcy
Needless to say the digital Audio world has always had its ebbs and flows, and will continue to do so.     Matt M  
Brooklyn Turntable Setup
Not sure why whoever sold you the turntable and cartridge, should be able to set it up properly...no?  
Is the Darlington MP-7 an upgrade over a MS Nova Phonomena?
The Phono pre amp is "The gateway" to fabulous vinyl sound. I used the MS Nova for several months and it really shines with $500 cartridges and $1500-$2000 turntables. But when you jump up to the next level ...like spending 5K (JA Michell Gyro SE ... 
Sound quality of new vinyl recordings.
"My system will expose bad recordings."    Dont buy new records then, there are a few exceptions from companies like RTi or Mofi that still know how to press a quality record. Check out Hotstampers.com or find old original used records from esta... 
Totem Model 1 vs Totem Arro
This is one of the best speakers sold over the last 35 years or more. The Totem Model 1 Signatures sound as good as the Dynaudio special 40’s ($4500) for half the price! These Totem speakers have a beautiful Dynaudio main driver with a lovely 3 in... 
Used Bryston 7b-SST or Emotive XPA-DR1
Go with the Bryston. Great product great company.  
Audiophile sound quality from a more "mainstream" company?
I dont like buying audio products from companies that probably will not be around long and have no customer service nor do they back their products very well. Stick with companies that have been in the business for decades and have a real track re... 
Tube Preamp --> Solid State Amp
Tube Pre amp with solid state amp is a great combo when your using speakers that require extra power to really open up.  
Need Help Optimizing PC Audio
Yes you are on the right track, a DAC is whats needed. Getting rid of the electrical (HDMI) connection to the receiver is critical for better SQ. Sending a optical cable from the PC disconnects ALL noise. Finding a DAC with optical input and HDMI ... 
Distortion using OPPO 103 w Streaming and CD's, but not with DVD playback
Ummm I say check your speakers.  
Aurender N200
You cant even believe the difference! Must be heard to be understood. The Bluesound is a beginners streamer, Aurender makes the most beautiful sounding streamers and is a incredibly good place to start if you want a first class digital front end. ... 
Mofi Studiodeck with Mastertracker v Sota Comet v
MOFI makes vinyl accessories, SOTA makes turntables, thats what they do AND REGA makes excellent tone arms! Go with the SOTA.   Matt M  
Best combo for sound and picture quality in a Blu-ray player?
Good luck , they dont make these disc spinning machines anymore really. I would look at Marantz they may have a universal player. Oppo was the best with thier BDP105 but they quit making them. Now everything is streaming. YUK.     Matt M  
Ampzilla 2000 v2 and Mcintosh MC402
Too bad you didn't pick the MAC, amplifiers are what McIntosh does best out of all the stuff they make. And no amp, I repeat NO amp stays out of the service center like a MAC, Ive had my MC352 since 2007 and its never had a problem ever.  
What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?
I sold my beautiful Mirage M3's, they were very good sounding.       Matt M