Oppo Gone - Now What?

Blue Ray players may be "a dime a dozen"...but not so with high quality music players.  Assuming that all of the Oppo 205 inventory is gone in the next 3-4 weeks, what would you buy for under $2000 to play those music discs that you still own?
Good question. As the owner of a 103, I'm looking forward to reading the responses, because at some point I'll be facing that dilemma.

A Cambridge Audio CXHD(same MediaTek platform) for multi purpose or a quality dedicated CD player id music only.  I had a CA 751BD before my Oppo 105 and it was a great sounding player.  I only switched because of a great used deal on C-list and to take advantage of the 105's Dac feature.


No doubt, Oppo 205 is one hell of a player and great value. I placed my order for 205 yesterday.  
I dont think anyone has offered a device like Oppo that has the ability for HDMI input (for my AppleTV), LAN network streaming, paid streaming services: ie Tidal, at a price under $2,000.  The only other manuf. out there that I have been looking at that fills these needs for me is the Krell Universal DAC.  

Hey, if anyone has any suggestions let me know.  Been alwost thinking about going overkill and getting the Mcintosh MX-122.
What price level and player does everything the Oppo does at the same quality or better?
My Modwright 205 was just delivered today so I am a happy camper.
I don't see anything else that offers anything close to the value the 205 gives. Panasonic has a new upscale player with analogue outs/better DAC /advanced audio processing coming out in the Fall, but it doesn't look anything near the build quality of the 205. =(

Take a look at the Cocktail Audio x35. It is a player, ripper, network server, does Roon, MQA. Has the same DACs as the Oppo and will play and rip vinyl as well. It also has an internal 100wpc amp that I don't use because my Maggie's need more. It is a great sounding device that rivals my 203 which has moved on into my theater room. Im using the x35 as a line stage and feeding directly into my amp. 
@lalitk  Congratulations on jumping on board with the 205.

The Thread's Opening Question is a good one.

I picked up the 205 (I was in the pre-release group) and returned it after a two week evaluation. I have the 105. Had the 95. Had the 83SE. 

Not sure if I have much use for the 205 or another brand equivalent. Need to think through this. Any thoughts on why it may make sense to pick one up? Thanks.
I think I think I’m going to be looking for a 205 now to replace my 95, anyone knows where a good deal either used or new? Thanks!
The $200 Sony X800 has impressive heft (8.5 lbs) and build quality (rigid steel shielded sub chassis) with 4K video and audio quality on par with the 203 according to reviews. Plays SACD and DVD-Audio. No analog outputs though, so SACD/DVD Audio/Bluray Audio output is only via HDMI. Also has coax S/PDIF out for Redbook to an external DAC. Great performing, relatively inexpensive alternative to Oppo for use with HT processors.

My my Mcintosh, Opera Turandot and my NAIM. Yur righ, Blue Ray players are a dime a dozen!!! I have a used Samsung for my HT rig. Peace✌🏻️


Any thoughts on why it may make sense to pick one up?

It depends solely on your setup....I picked up 205 for 4K UHD / SACD playback and to use its internal DAC with my SONOS Connect. 

I have a fairly large library of blu rays and 4K upscaler in 203 and 205 is simply outstanding compare to any other player.  

I don’t think there is another player that can do it all, and do it exceedingly well at $1299 price point. 
Well, it’s not quite gone, so get one now if you’re so inclined. That aside, both Arcam and Cambridge make DVD players with aspirations to high-end audio quality.  Maybe the better question is - What is Lexicon going to do?
McIntosh, Luxman and Esoteric...
The Yamaha 1060 is truly not even on the same planet as the Oppo, ANY Oppo basically...lol
I had one and sold it pdq, was an open box ebay buy or I would have just returned it to the seller.
Very cold and sterile on audio.
There are now just 5 OPPO 205 listed on ebay ranging from 2700 to 3300, ouch!
>>Assuming that all of the Oppo 205 inventory is gone in the next 3-4 weeks,

As of now, 4:49 pm EDT on 4-5-2018, they are already gone.

Sorry to see Oppo go away.
@lalitk   Thank you. I'm not sure, given my needs. The tougher issue is forecasting future needs. At this point, I will let it play out. 

The market is usually good at responding and is way smarter than me. I remember the fury / flurry as plasma went softly (yet speedily) into the night. : )
Wow... I guess there was a run on 205s throughout the country... or they depleted the inventory in anticipation of the announcement. 

Revised question:  now that the oppo 205 is no longer available, what is the best CD Player under $2k?
Wow, inventory evaporated quickly! I ordered a 205 from the Oppo website just yesterday. Got tracking info an hour ago. Couldn’t pass up its versatility at $1299 and hold on to one last piece of source gear that plays all types of shiny discs at high quality. Even gives me a reason to keep my 25 or so SACDs.
If you didn’t order the 205 yesterday or today before noon. it’s too late. Sorry! Now if you still want one, you’ll have to pay more and much more just in a few more days. OPPO 205 is the only one on the market with 4K HDR, DAC with SABRE ES9038PRO, RCA and XLR analog outputs, multi channel SACDs, jitter reduction, headphone amplifier, and MQA support and is under $1,300. Why did OPPO Digital decide to close its business? I think we all know, but we’re not allowed to discuss about it.
Why are you not allowed to discuss? Let me in on the secret
I’m surprised that oppo had only a few 205’s on hand. I would think they had 100’s. Why not make more. I was going to order one and didn’t think they had so few to begin with. Maybe I’ll sell the one I have now for 6 months  for 10,000.00.
The PS Audio directstream transport will read your cd, put it to memory in bit perfect, and play from the memory. You can get a used one for your price range
Cocktail Audio x35 looks a great option but the DAC chips at 9018 not 9038 pro which are present in oppo

9038 seem to be better DACs and are present in audiophile DAC's

Do you notice any difference.

I think it is commonly suggested that these decoding chips.... 9018, 9038, etc represent computing power that ultimately shows up in very good resolution and musicality but only if everything else in the signal control is well done:  transformers, capacitors, rf shielding, clock etc.  

Therefore, a well implemented 9018 or 9028 can exceed the performance of a poorly implemented 9038... as evidence... it is often stated that ess chips are generally brighter than those of other chip makers...which I suspect is implementation and a desire to maximize the absolute resolution capability of the ess chip. 

I suspect that oppo was careful to make sure that the 203 and 205 sounded the way they wanted them to sound.  It would not not be surprising if someone like Rega, or Naim, or Parasound, to name just a few, liscenced aspects of the oppo intellectual property if there appears to be enough demand going forward. 

In in the mean time, the question remains... would you buy a Rega, Marantz, Music Hall, Vincent, Nad, etc CD player to replace your current player/oppo if it died..or would you go cd transport + dac to give you a better overall option and if so.... what would you choose?
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As of this morning, Magnolia Room on Hammond Dr had about 80 BDP-205's in their warehouse. I just bought one and they are not price gouging. Still retail price $1,299.

Hurry if you want one. They had over 200 when the word got out. Going fast!
Hammond Dr, Atlanta, Ga. that is.....sorry didn't say that in original post.
do you mean the Magnolia Room inside of a BestBuy?
That is all my search brings up and they do not have any stock of Oppo at the shop but you CAN order one by phone from them.
I just ordered one and they are now down to 32 remaining
No price gouging and still $1299.
There is OPPO, and then you have the “all others.”  OPPO Blu-ray players are simply in a league of their own. I’ve owned the BDP 95, 105D and now have the 205. If you can get one under 2k at this late date grab it. Nothing compares at any price in the AUDIO domain. Doing video easy enough. But we’re going to miss the Audio performance. 

Next best at a reasonable cost would be Cambridge Audio player, or so I’m told. 
Arcam udp411 is also a very good all rounder, maybe a little softer than OPPO but worthy.
However its $1995 so.....

Still a few udp205 left out there yet, I suggest you buy now...lol
@ skelton,

just ordered one through them, after seeing your post...
Thanks a bunch, you're a lifesaver.

I think their stock will be sold out before the day is out......
FYI. Happened to be at my local Best Buy for appliance reasons. Walked over to their Magnolia unit and asked if they had the 203/5 in stock....and they do. Regular retail pricing.
Looks like the demand for the 205 has Oppo thinking about doing another production run...so, they are taking names to see if it is justified.  Here is the link...delivery would likely be July/August

Good deal Oppo!

And that is why I have been urging people to NOT pay a penny over normal base price!
I ordered mine through Magnolia and kudos to them for charging just the 1299 plus tax!
Please ignore all the racketeers on eBay!
It makes sense for them to do this from all of the concern and demand. They already have one more shipment of 203s coming this summer, the factory hasn't been completely shuttered, and they have a ready audience for the product. One last hurrah. 

All the best,
Bummed at Oppo leaving, but honestly, the lack of streaming apps on the 205 is a deal breaker for me.  My 105 is perfect!.... and the idea of teaching my wife yet ANOTHER new way of navigating to Netflix is a discussion i'm not ready for!!   Yes I know I can plug a streaming device into the 205, but that's yet another remote configuration.  Too complicated!   I'd rather plug the streaming device into my TV or AV pre/pro to reduce the number of boxes involved, rather than pass through the 205 for the better sound.  
since a lot of the streaming apps are now part of the cable or satellite services, its probably less of an issue for many people.

If you want to order a 205 from Magnolia Best Buy while they still have a few available (and I'm told they will ship for free), here is the contact info:  Jim  seven seven zero three nine one four seven three two

I have no affiliation with Jim or BB...consider this a public service announcement!!

As the world moves to streaming, the 205 will probably be one of the last generation of great CD players; most likely a few years down the road you will be using a CD transport connected to your DAC/Streamer to play discs, when you aren't streaming from a service or from your own library.

Or, we will all be back to vinyl???
I would have to disagree on free shipping I am afraid, they charged me $49 to ship mine.....
Possible good news for all those who missed getting a UDP-205 before they were all gone.  Oppo is looking into doing one last production run of the 205 with availability sometime this summer.  Go to the Oppo website and click on the 205 and it will allow you to sign up for updates and give Oppo an estimate of the customer interest.  Like many of you, it sickens me to see a company that produces the quality of Oppo products getting out of the business.  There simply isn't much else out there that even comes close.