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Whats playing on your system today?
Fania All StarsDang auto correct... 
Whats playing on your system today?
“Latin Soul Rock”  Fabian All Stars 
Do electrolytic caps need burn in?
Thanks, Ralph!If new caps in a PSU, will the temporary inefficiency manifest as possibly less responsiveness to peak demands by music at higher listening volumes? In other ways? 
Aurender N10
Have you reset your router? Sometimes that’ll be the fix. 
Add streamer with quality sound to system for Tidal and portable drive
I am very happy with my Node 2 sound quality. It seems to lose connection via WiFi, which doesn’t occur with wired LAN connection. May just be my home network. It is a keeper for streaming internet radio (eventually adding Spotify). It is also my ... 
High pass filter need
I’m selling a couple of passive high pass filters. Marchand manufactured.  
One DAC/integrated you could be happy with forever?
Playback Designs IPS-3 
My 6922 Tubes Are Too Bright!
Phillips SQ Miniwatt E88CC, to me, always had a warmish character without being dark, and had silky sweet highs. I’m so glad I kept a couple of lightly used pairs in my stash, with ModWright now installing his 6922 analog output stage in my Oppo U... 
Jazz for aficionados
“Quiet” Kenny Dorham... 
Jazz for aficionados
As I listen to “Quiet Kenny” I just want to mention him as one of the great trumpeters of his or any time. This session showcases him accompanied only by piano, bass and drums. Don’t often hear that. Kenny had a beautiful  tone and styling.  
Could you recommend a nice used USB DAC?
...and he morphs into gordon  skanking when you play roots through the Wavelength  
Better CDP or network player?
If you enjoy handling physical media- which I did - and have the space to keep your TT (and outboard phono stage if you have one), lps and cds, stay the course. I ripped my music on to a hard drive in the past year and sold off media and front end... 
Why is Oppo stopping products.
FWIW, I have been using my Oppo 205 as a Roon player for a couple of weeks now without a single hiccup. I output into a Naim 5si integrated. Great sound. The 205’s universal format disc capability is a nice backup feature, as I saved about 700 of ... 
DIY Power cables: quality wire?
I use unshielded Acrolink 6N-P4030. The current 7N-P4030 II has a copper foil shield. Nice wire. 
Is USB audio dying?
My player/DAC/int amp (Naim) accepts Ethernet input  by patch cable from music server (with only server directly connected to router), and it is a most convenient connection. Even Supra CAT8 is inexpensive compared to all but generic USB. Sound qu...