oppo 105d straightup

Anybody find the your oppo playback just fine without dismantaling it for modding...changing it's character.

Listening to this thing and it sound's descent to me...Yes I know it's not the best and most expensive...I have had a lot of players and am not new to this game...Just curious to hear what other's have found?

yes I know there some that will pipe in and bestow the benefits of modding...not interested...want to hear from people that aren't on the modding bandwagon.
I prefer CD playback through my Rega DAC -just find it more musical.
The Oppo is a wee bit "in your face".
The Oppo is a little better with SACD (XLR output) but here I don't have a choice.
I'm not knocking Oppo. It is a great value.
I'll probably trade it in when they bring out a true 4K machine.
As a universal player it is great. If you want truly exceptional 2 channel, adding a nice DAC is probably cheaper and much better for resale than having a modded 105. Something like a modwright definitely is a step up but you will never get most of your "investment" back.

My 105 beats my bifrost and emotiva. I think I would be able to beat it with 2 channel for about $500-750 used. None of the mods will be able to do that for the price.

I'm happy.
Oppo 105 very good for the money- long break in and best using XLR outs for CD/SACD playback
It's all about the level of sonics you demand. Part of it is your system, a big part is your own ear and ability to hear what's lacking. And part of it is an acceptance of what you have, even though you know there's better out there. I have an EAR Acute CD player. Like you, I think it's decent and sounds just fine. I would rather have a DCS Puccini or a Linn CD12. I just don't feel like buying them right now.
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Haven't got xlr's yet...(my modwright kwi-200 is not balanced) but will end up with them...eventually.

Right you are chayro...I know there is loads out there that's better...im just not going to spend thousands getting there anymore...those day's are done.

I know what im hearing (semi pro jazz blues guitarist) and am content and can live with whats happening for now...

Hi Digsmithd, can I suggest you try this as it wont cost anything, and it’s usually for the better, by removing the ModWright's preamp section out of the equation.

Feed the output of the Oppo 105 direct into the ModWright's HT bypass rca's (Also function as Preamp Inputs)
And then use the volume control of the Oppo's remote as your volume control, this removes a lot of unnecessary preamp electronic from the signal path.

A little more info on how it's done if your not up to it from ModWright.

"Right button is HT/BP (Home Theater Bypass – Also acts as preamp input). When this button is pressed, input display will read ‘bp’ for ‘bypass’ and volume display will read ‘--‘ This will bypass the preamp section of the Integrated Amp and feed whatever source is connected to HT/BP RCA inputs, straight to the amplifier, with NO ATTENUATION OR VOLUME CONTROL. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THE HT/BP INPUT ONLY BE CONNECTED TO A SEPARATE PREAMP OR A PREAMP/PROCESSOR FOR HOME THEATER USE.
· Right control knob rotates freely. Turning knob in clock-wise rotation will increase volume from mute = ‘- -‘, numerically from 01 – 99. Remote control may also be used to adjust volume. Volume level is only displayed on digital display.
· Left digital display will indicate inputs as: CD, L1, L2, L3, (P1, P2 if phono option installed), (D1, D2 if DAC option installed) and ‘bp’ when HT/BP button is depressed. In fault mode, left digitital display will read ‘00’ and right display will read ‘P5’."

Cheers George
I'm using a server and Antelope DAC for CD and high-res storage, but needed a universal player that just does the job. The 105 serves that purpose. Second that "use the XLR's" comment.
You've heard some good answers...namely: for the price it does a good - very good job versus your system's level of sophistication. As for single box CD players you will probably have to add at least 2X-3X its price for a better stand-alone unit. On the other hand you can take that extra $$$$ and put it into one of the latest great value stand-alone dacs and use the 105 simply as a transport (which is what I have it for) and the overall sound quality vs. $$$$ spent is now excellent while all its other [numerous] abilities are icing on the cake; just keep in mind the added cable can tend to throw this equation off a bit, depending...
Also very significant: their warranty, customer service, and reliability are all very very good: an important point.
Gotta comment on Cdrc's blast at the ModWright modifications. I know the OP doesn't want to modify the 105 and that's fine. But the Modwright tubed output and separate tubed power supply takes this good machine to a different and much better sounding level. Too, dealing with Modwright has been a pleasure. My Oppo developed a problem -- an Oppo problem, not ModWright's -- that required a new faceplate and ModWright handled the whole thing painlessly. I couldn't be more pleased with the Oppo/ModWright experience.
Some very interesting answers guys...thanks so much.

Will have to say that dealing with dan has always been a painless experience...when it comes to have to deal with customer service...modwright will treat you right...as well as oppo from modwrights high admiration of that company.
I assume we are talking about CD and network music playback. I had the '95 and I found it competent as a CD player and sonically adequate on the network (But DLNA sucks). I did preferred my Squeezebox Touch / DAC setup for network and my old Simaudio Moon Nova for CD. Consequently I eschewed the 105 for a 103 when I upgraded.

Edit - I would add that I would probably put my money into a good DAC and use a 103 as input through the digital coax than get a modded unit. This takes into consideration the fast developments in video technology. You will always be able to use a good DAC. Old video equipment is to the landfill.
How about buying a Berkeley Alpha Dac for Cd? They're getting cheap.
Late to the question, but I am pretty happy with the 2 channel audio performance of my 105D without mods. I'm using it mostly as a dac fed by macmini / audirvana+ / Schitt Wyrd/ AQ Carbon USBs playing redbook and all formats of high rez including native DSD. The rest of my system(i.e. posted as "Silence of the Lamms") is fairly high end, though certainly not as expensive or trendy as many systems here.

After hearing the Oppo compared to many dacs up to $4k, the only one that I wish I could add to the system is the Schitt Audio Yggdrasil at $2300.

My understanding is that the Oppo is not truly balanced and thus the XLR outs shouldn't be offering any improvement vs. the RCA analog outs. Granted, the inputs of your linestage might make a difference. In my rig, which includes fully balanced linestage and balanced monoblock amps with balanced input, there is no difference between Oppo outputs XLR vs. RCA. YMMV. Cheers,
My Oppo has many, many hours on it. I had not tried XLR connections until I read this thread. I have since purchased some moderately priced Audio Art XLR inter-connects here and the difference is nothing short of stunning. I can't believe I waited so long to try this. Better sound across the board and with the volume nob much lower than before. Great Tip 68pete.
Had the 105D for two days now and finding it sounds rather abrupt for lack of a better term. Leading and trailing edges are sharp, would like things rounded out a bit more (whether or not rounding makes the player more or less "accurate").
It's not terrible but am hoping a break in period will improve the sound.
Meant to get some XLR's before I ordered, better get on that before the 30 days is up.
Give it a few hundred hours on repeat with breakin tracks, and it will change for the better, for sure. Cheers,

Sounds like i have a system very similar to yours. I have an EVS moded Oppo, which in my opinion sounds great, and i run xlr in to my KWI-200. It sounded ok but seemed to be a bit rough in the highs until i bought some new power cords from Triode Wire Labs.
I never put much faith in power cords but a digital American on the Oppo and a Digital High Current American on the Modwright KWI200 made a really be difference. More musical and quieter background and, more important, smoothed out the highs.
Im using some older shunyata's right now...they work...always believed in the cable make,s a difference.

I had burned my player in approx. 430 hr's before it really started dialing in...I know this sound's nut's...I think it still is changing a little...fwiw I don't miss my sim near as much as I thought I would.
I had shunyata black mambas before i switched. Im not trying to sell anything because everyone has their own personal perferences but i was pleasantly surprised by the Triode cords.

I think they have a free trial period which is outlined on their website.
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