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Playback Edelweiss in the house
sm121055, What did you think of the Dream DAC?  Thanks   
DAVE w/ or w/out M Scaler?
Wellschlager,   For me I didn’t find that it aucked the life out of the room but I did find that the music just sounded off and unnatural.  Hard to put my finger on it.  I really tried to like it too since I had bought the m-scaler new.   At the e... 
Aurender N20
I moved from the N10 to the N20 and couldn’t be happier.  IMO a big upgrade-better dynamics and quieter background.  I also switched back and forth between the usb, BNC, and AES multiple times.  At the end of the day the BNC  and AES were almost i... 
Playback Edelweiss in the house
Verdantaudio,  Thanks for the update and look forward to hearing your thoughts.  
Lyngdorf MP-50 Alternative
Yeah I’d go with a good pre with HT bypass if funds permit.   I don’t think you will regret it.  Good luck!  
Lyngdorf MP-50 Alternative
I have the MP50 and as a pre it’s not bad.  The Octave HP700 has more soundstage depth, detail and a lower noice floor.   However once I add in my chord Dave and compare that to the MP50 with its internal DAC there is no comparison.   The Octave/D... 
Lyngdorf MP-50 Alternative
The lyngdorf is certainly no slouch, but I find the octave to be more transparent and have better soundstage depth.    Octave is a bit more neutral sounding than some tube pre and amps but it is a bit warmer than the Lyngdorf as well.  
Lyngdorf MP-50 Alternative
Couldn’t agree more with audiom3.   I have a Lyngdorf MP50 that I use in conjunction with an octave audio pre with HT bypass and octave monoblocs.   Then I use Krall TAS 5 channel for the center and surrounds.   Lyngdorf for the movies/Xbox and oc... 
Recommended Power Amps For Focal Sopra 2 Towers. $10K Budget. GO
I owned the Sopra 3s and absolutely loved them with the Octave v80se integrated with the super black box.  Matched well with the focal beryllium tweeter.  
Is AES/EBU or SPDIF connection preferred by Aurender N10, N20 owners?
I have an Aurender N20 connected to a Chord Dave and have a WIreworld Platinum 8 AES/EBU and SPDIF BNC(1.5 meters on both)as well as Wireworlds newest USB cable(2 meter).   Honestly I find the AES/EBU and the BNC to be incredibly close sonically. ... 
Puritan PMS 156 vs. Audioquest Niagara 3000
I agree with twoleftears.   I’d try and get a home trial as systems are so different.   In my system I tried the Niagara 5000 and the PSM156 and I preferred the Niagara.   The PSM made things too bright.      I ended up with a stromtank 1000 whic... 
Black Blackground for Monoblocks
I have the super black box on both of the amps, but still hear a reduction in dynamics when plugged in the Stromtank.   I'd love to upgrade to a S2500 or even a larger Stromtank, but don't have the room or the funds at the moment.   Definitely on ... 
Black Blackground for Monoblocks
I’m a bit pressed for space, but I do like that idea!  Thanks   
Audio Research VSi75 - End of Tube Life? KT120 vs KT150?
Funny…today I’ve been comparing the KT120 to KT150 tubes in Octave MRE220s.  Overall I heard the exact same thing you described other than the bleached sound on the 150s.  I’d call it more neutral sounding.  Definitely not as warm as the 120s.  In... 
Amp for Focal Diablo Utopia Colour Evo
Chuck is absolutely correct in that the Focal tweeters can be ruthlessly revealing with the wrong equipment.I use an Octave Audio HP700 pre/RE320 amp with super black box with my Focal Scala Utopia Evos. In my opinion tube amps sound great with fo...