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Aurender N20 Music Server Comments and Observations
I should get mine at the end of this week.  Weather permitting that is...  Replacing my N10. 
Living room system: class A or AB amps?
I have Utopia Scala Evos and use mine similar to the way you will(music, TVs, and movies).   If you have the dollars I would go with Gryphon(you can adjust the bias) or Naim.   Both are great with Focals in my opinion.   Good luck!   
Upgrading power cable to AQ Niagara 5000?
I second the Hurricane for the Niagara 5000.   Provided a really deep soundstage in my system as well as added a little warmth. 
Uptone EtherRegen
I found mine hardened and made things harsh for a few days, but then it settled in.   Sounds great now and am very happy with the purchase.  I’m still surprised how something like this can make such an impact on sound. 
Aurender N20 Music Server Comments and Observations
I meant the W20 SE above. 
Aurender N20 Music Server Comments and Observations
Thanks for the comments, hgeifman!   I currently have the N10, myself, and was curious if the extra cost of the N20 would be worth it.  Sounds like it probably is. 
cost no object integrated amps
Yes, it’s pretty expensive here.  I believe it’s $40k.   My issue is a lack of space so I may have to go and listen to one at some point.  Thx 
cost no object integrated amps
Thieliste,Interesting on the Humboldt.   I heard the Stern connected to a gryphon colosseum on Vivid GiyaS and thought the sound was incredible.  Actually preferred the audionet to the Gryphon pre.    What speakers did you hear the Humboldt on?Thanks 
cost no object integrated amps
I have Focal Evos and had the gryphon diablo 300.  Great amp but found it to be a bit aggressive for my taste.  Ended up with Octave separates which I absolutely love.  I heard the Vitus Sia-030 on YG speakers and thought it sounded fantastic!  If... 
Update on Audiogon Member Almarg
Very sorry to hear this.   Wishing the best for his family during this difficult time.  Like many Al helped me out as well.  Great guy. 
Amps for Focal Maestros
I have have Scala Evos and use Octave gear- HP 700 SE pre / RE320 amp with super black box(a must).  Very happy with it and chose this over the gryphon diablo 300 I had before. Happy hunting! 
Looking for a speaker cable with a relaxed sound.
I have Focal Scala Evos and use Wireworld Eclipse 8 with Platinum Eclipse 8 interconnects.  I agree with the others that they are laid back and I think they match well with Focal.   I’ve tried Nordost Tyre 2, Clarity, Tara Labs One, Clarus Crimson... 
Best Amplifier or Integrated for Focal Diablo Evo
I upgraded from the Sopra 3 to the Scala EVO last year and at that time bought a Octave v80se with the super black box.  I also owned the Diablo 300 at the same time so I was able to compare the two.  At the end of the day I stuck with the Octave ... 
Best Amplifier or Integrated for Focal Diablo Evo
I had the Diablo 300 with my Sopra 3s and thought it sounded very good.  I never noticed it being dark but the Focal tweeters can be a bit hot anyway sometimes.I now own Octave gear with the super black box.   I personally feel it is more to my li... 
Gryphon Diablo 300 Has Arrived: First Impressions.
thieliste,Have you been able to listen to the Mephisto yet?   Out of curiosity, what about the antileon made you prefer that over the other Gryphons you listened to?   I’m interested to hear how the sound changes as you move up their line.thanks